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Reviewed: 01/18/03 | Updated: 01/18/03

Good game. Crazy attack dog.

Dead to Rights is a shooter made by Namco in which you assume the role of Jack Slate. Jack Slate is a Cop with a bad attitude and a crazy attack dog. Suddenly Jack finds his father shot and wants some answers. He uses everything at his disposal to take out his enemies and get to the bottom of this matter. In this review I will tell you if this game is just a mindless shooter or the complete action/shooter experience.

Gameplay 9/10
Nearly every level has a mini-game. From controlling a stripper while Jack sneaks by to lifting weights for a pack of cigarettes, most are simple and quite fun but some are way to frustrating. There are lots of different weapons including a flame thrower on one level which is basically a cheat because it lights everyone on fire. The hand to hand combat is pretty cool too because there are a bunch of combinations you can do. It also has the bullet-time mode that was featured in Max Payne. There isn`t much stealth to it but you can creep from a wall or hide behind a crate for cover. Also your dog comes along with you and he does various jobs like sniffing out bombs or attacking enemies for you and bringing you their guns. Most of the puzzles are easily solvable, they don`t add much to the gaming experience. Overall though Dead to Rights offers some pretty solid gameplay.

Graphics 5/10
The Graphics are subpar in most instances although there are a couple of nice cut-scenes. The blood that is left after someone is killed looks terrible. The physics are also bad, your feet will go right through someone's body when they are on the ground. The bodies disappear after a couple of seconds also. With all this and a very uncooperative camera it deserves a low graphics score.

Sound 7/10
Most of the sound is fairly dramatic but it seems in a lot of places that the music just does not fit in. Although the voice overs are great and the gun sound effects fit in nicely. You will here some of your enemies talk from time to time also which is a bonus. Certainly not a breakthrough in sound but it gets the Job done.

Controls 9/10
The controls work well with the Gamecube controller. Its easy to lock on with the R button because its easy to hold down. A works as a shooting button and B for your attack dog. The D-pad for changing weapons and the Y button is for actions like getting against a wall. L is used for crouching. You can move freely with the Joy Stick. Most games have good controls on GameCube because of such a comfortable controller design.

Overall 8/10
I would recommend renting this game because its fairly short and offers very little replay value. Its only about 8-9 hours long although+ once you beat it there are harder difficulties and you can play the mini games any time you want. Still thought give it a rent and if you like it, buy it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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