Review by andrew10388

"An alright game"

Let me start off by saying that in this game there is non-stop killing, no real strategy, you just go through the levels and kill all of the guys doing what you have got to do on your way to find out who killed your dad. Read on to see why I gave Dead To Rights a 7 out of 10

Graphics/ 7/10
The graphics in this game can be pretty good at sometimes, then be some of the worst graphics on Game cube at other times. I thought that the graphics were pretty nice except some little things and details of the guys. That is why I gave the graphics a 7 out of 10.

Sound/ 5/10
Nothing to special on the sound. Its not good, but it is not bad either. Sometimes the sound will get kind of boring after listening to basically the same thing throughout the entire game. That is why I gave the sound a 5 out of 10.

Game play/ 7/10
The game play in this game is very repetitive. Throughout all of the levels, all you are basically doing is killing like 50 dudes, which gets real boring after awhile. Some things that I like were when you got to pick locks, defuse bombs, and the fact that you could use Shadow, your dog, as a weapon. In this game you will be either shooting, or fighting some one throughout the entire game. One thing I also didn't like was the story line, he did all of this just to find out who killed his dad, I could make up a better story. Overall the game play is so so, there are some challenging parts in the game that will take you awhile to figure out and beat, but not that hard. That is why I gave the game play a 7 out of 10

Replay value/ 5/10
This game is very short, you could beat it within 10 hours if you tried. I couldn't really see a reason to play it over again, seeing how you don't get ranked on your mission or anything. I think that once you beat this game that you either sell it or play is occasionally if you are bored. That is why I gave the replay value a 5 out of 10.

My final thoughts on this game are that it is not really a challenging game, but I wouldn't say that it is the easiest game in the world either. I think that if you like non-stop shooting and fighting then you will definitely like this game. I would first rent this game to see how you like it or if you beat it during the time you have to rent it. If you like a lot of shooting, then get this, you won't be disappointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/25/03, Updated 02/25/03

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