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"Play XBOX's thriller on the Cube!"

The ''Only for Xbox'' game finally comes to the cube. So in decisiveness the game is immediately rented in an attempt to find the thrilling aspect of such a worthy praise. Only to find a lack of care for the game. Maestro! Pro's then Con's.

Pro: Beautiful CGI, the ''cant believe my eyes'' type. They only put this type of CGI in Resident Evil. Finger movements, facial expressions are definitely a plus and another fun aspect is the clear definition of environments. They say the most critical point of a story is the begginning and the CGI definitely adds an excellent intro.

Pro: Story. Only piece of game compelling the player to move forward. We want to see the success of our main character Officer Slate. Of course, the game has that ''what once started as a minor investigation, turned into'' archetypal pattern. However, the story does progress and does work effectively. There are a few minor patches in sentimentality of characters within the game. Most of them who are murdered or killed honestly strike no sentimentality and arouse no spark of care. Honestly, the game will cry for the dog before they would another character.

Midway: Gameplay. The meat of the game and felt only half of the ass. At first exciting, only led to frustrating. Many of the moves fell into utter disuse, like the world famous Max Payne slow down dive. Then there were the camera issues, reminding me of Mario 64, wrong place wrong time. The redeeming features of the game are the attack dog and using human shields. Man, human shields rule. Without those features the gameplay would have become a con.

Con: Graphics. Maybe a little too much put into CGI, they forgot to beef up the rest of the game. The graphics are a reminder of the old ''painted face'' of 64 games. Hands folded into the same position, and yes detail looking like they had been done in paint and then pasted onto the characters. The graphics werent the brightest feature of the game. Frankly, Namco could have done better, but they didnt.

Con: Music!! What the hell is that noise? Music? No that's just some random background noise. The music was awe inspiring and drawing. The music was just there, no real motive or creation. There werent any songs worth looking for later. Its hard to imagine what happened with the music score, Namco is definitely capable just look at Tales of Phantasia.

Con: Under whelming gun fire. The shotgun was obviously the most powerful sounding of all the weapons. Other than, the rest is very underdone. Whenever a chain gun is fired, its expected that half of the neighborhood will wake up and people cover ears. No, pit pit pit. For the last love, the gun noises were completely under whelming. They werent the great fire forces that should be expected out of an action game.

Overall 6/10 meaning the game lacked so much it doesnt recieve a passing percentage. But the game is above a 50 which means the game is definitely worth renting, and I highly recommend that you do. All I can leave is that the game could have been better, but was not. Namco obviously tried, but were unsuccessful.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 03/23/03, Updated 03/23/03

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