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"Get your trigger finger ready, your definately going to need it."

The one time Xbox exclusive has made its way to the Gamecube. The game is basically a straight port with one major enhancement. You can change the difficulty level. The Xbox version had an incredibly challenging difficulty level, Namco has listened to gamers pleas and added three difficulty levels: Rookie, Medium, Super Cop. This addition alone puts the Gamecube version ahead of the Xbox version.

I will be totally honest with you, Dead to Rights isn't very good looking. The textures are bland and un colorful, the blood stains look terrible, and the characters had a very N64 quality too them. Characters faces are always static and there mouths do not move when they talk. The cutscenes on the other hand are actually pretty good, its just a shame that there aren't more of them. Its amazing that this game was once an Xbox exclusive simply because its so ugly.

Nothing to get you too excited here. The guns have a nice firing sound to them and its cool to hear bullet casings hit the floor. The voice acting is just ok, Jack Slate is the best voice over and even he sounds kind of cheesy. The music is what hurts this game, so many of the levels songs are terrible and make you want to continually fire your weapon just to drown out the music.

Jack Slate is quite easy to control. Dead to Rights uses the same R-button lock on targeting as Metroid Prime and Zelda Wind Waker and it works well. Switching between targets is really easy and doesn't require alot of skill(the game is not easy though). In addition to your guns, Jack can pull off some sick looking disarms and all you have to do is hit X next to your opponent and boom there on the ground with a broken neck and your holding there M11 silenced machine gun. But the methods of killing don't stop there. Jack Slate can also kick and punch his way through levels, but don't get too excited as the fighting mechanics are shallow and make you yearn for your next chance to use duel .45's.

Jack Slate is a cop in Grant City the worst place on earth. Lets just say that its the classic ''Good cop got framed'' scenario. We've seen it all before but Dead to Rights employs a few twists that separate this game from the rest(cough*Max Payne*cough).

Dead to Rights is only going to take you 5-7 hours your first time. There is enough to get you to play a few more hours, but after around 10 hours the game loses its appeal.

To buy or rent?
I got mine for $22 brand new. If you can get it for under $30 than I would recommend picking it up if you like action games. If you didn't like Max Payne then your not going to like Dead to Rights.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/30/03, Updated 05/30/03

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