Review by Xander to Faith

"Dead Boring..."

I never expected much from this game and I was glad I kept my expectations low because this game is just another bland action game. Plus now the game has been toned down from the X-Box a bit so no matter what mode you play it is a relatively easy game. Luckily I purchased the game for $10.

Graphics: 5
Bland and boring all around. Everything from the character models to the background looks like it was lifted from a budget title (which now it is but originally it was overpriced at $50). The game really isn't much to look at, it's just average.

Sound: 8
Now the sound is actually pretty good when compared to everything else. The voice acting is done relatively well with only a few people that sound bad. Jack himself actually has quite a few things to say throughout the levels and most of the time they are never the same. The gunshots are also well done with noticeable differences between each kind of gun. The only hindrance with the sound is the lack of background music. In levels like the prison where you wander around from place to place without many fights, it is annoying not to hear anything besides Jack running. The sound is overall very strong for a game like this.

Control: 5
The control is another aspect that is merely average. Everything works fine, aside from one major hindrance. The movement of Jack is at times spastic and hard to control. In the heat of battle it can pose some problems and a few times it got me killed. Overall the control is average and what I would expect from a game like this.

Story: 5
You are rouge cop Jack Wade working to avenge your father's death while taking down crime within the corrupt city. This story is the story of almost every action game before it and there aren't any surprises at all. If you've had to sit down through the pain of a Steven Segal movie, you've probably seen the plot of this game.

Life Span: 8
The game itself is relatively long, but it isn't due to the difficulty as much as it is to the amount of levels. There are about 20 levels and each level can take from 30 minutes to an hour to complete. There are also extras for completing the game, but the game is so repetitive and boring that you probably won't finish the game.

Overall this game is an average action game that gamers with low attention spans will love and everyone else will loathe.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/19/03, Updated 06/19/03

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