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Reviewed: 07/02/03 | Updated: 07/02/03

A quick, but good game..

Dead to Rights was originally released by Namco for the X-box, but was re-made for the Playstation 2 and GameCube. In the game you are Jack Slate, a cop who one night finds his father dead and wants some answers.

Graphics 6/10
The in game graphics are not this games strong point. The areas are poorly detailed, and look like they were just thrown together quickly. The cut scenes, however, are very beautiful, but still a little blotchy at some points.

Sounds 8/10
At most points the sound fits in well with the game. As you enter different environments, the sound changes accordingly. The voice overs are done well, also. Sometimes as you enter a room full of unsuspecting guards, you can hear them chatting about, not knowing what's coming at them. Nothing really special about the sounds, but it fits.

Gameplay 9/10
This is where the game strives. There's nothing better than going into a room and having 30 guards shooting at you, while you dodge their shots, take one of them as a shield and start shooting right back at them. The game has a variety of weapons that can be used throughout the game. In some areas you have to be careful of which weapons you use, because some vehicles cannot be destroyed by a simple handgun requiring you to conserve your ammo with that rocket launcher you just picked up. Also there is great hand to hand combat when you have no weapons. Jack can also steal a guards gun by using different attacks towards the guard. Jacks dog can also be used to attack a guard from a far distance away, which is a nice feature to add. There are also mini-games built into the levels. From as simple as lifting more weight at a gym than someone else, or defusing a bomb it adds a bunch to the game. All in all, the gameplay really enjoyable and really gives this game everything.

Controls 8/10
All the controls run well, and are pretty easy to catch onto. You simply press R to lock onto an enemy and A to fire. The D pad is used to switch weapons, and Y is used to lean up against walls, crouch, etc.

Overall 7/10
Dead to Rights is an average shooter that wont take you long to beat. I'd say this game is good for a rental because you should be able to finish it within 5-6 hours.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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