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"With better games on the Cube, this is only worth a rent."

I had high hopes for this game. I thought blowing up things that you threw at the enemies would be awesome. I thought diving in slow motion would be awesome. And while everything was awesome at first, it wears off.

They are pretty good, but not very detailed. The stages are all very much alike and drab- a few tables, some chairs, and that's about it. Particle effects like blood splatting on the wall or canisters blowing up look nice. The people's faces don't look to hot, but the character animation is fluid. The cut-scenes are top notch. The stages are just too small and there just isn't enough detail to give the graphics any better than an 8.

Pretty much a rip off of Max Payne. Your dad is killed. You go out with all your rage to seek vengeance. Pretty uninspired and not told very well.

Very good. It is easy to control your character and easy to kill. You'll never be looking for which button to strangle some guy.

Upon your first impression of the game, your view will differ greatly from mine. It starts off awesome. You will be breaking guys necks while taking their guns. Then you'll grab some guy for cover while splattering all his friend's brains on the wall. You'll do a dive in slow motion, then you'll get bored. It is awesome for the first hour or so, but it quickly wears off. You never do anything different but shoot, shoot, take human cover, shoot...and so on. I don't even know why they put the ''back to the wall'' move because it seems the enemy can spot you even before you turn the wall.

The game takes about 8 hours to beat. After that, you will probably have know reason to ever come back. There is no alternat way to do things, there is no multi player, there is nothing besides the game. It will be fun the first time through, but there is nothing to warrant a second time/

Overall---7 RENT!!!
I can't deny that it is a fun game. You will most likely have fun playing it, but it is nothing too great. There are many more games on the Cube that easily beat it. Rent it. Do not buy it...I repeat, do not buy it. You'll have a fun day playing it, but that is all. I still am feeling the pain from purchasing this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/13/03, Updated 07/13/03

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