Review by Phil Anselmo

Reviewed: 07/21/03 | Updated: 07/21/03


When I first heard of this game, my first reaction was ''Oh great, another game about some hard-assed rebel who's trying to fight for some cause.''. So 2 months or so after the release, I decided to just give it a shot. I was only partially wrong. This game DOES try to give players the impression that Jack Slate is supposed to be some badass cop who's not afraid to kill, and always seems to know the best one-liner to say once victory shines it's light on him. That really starts to get lame after awhile, yet doesn't make the game horrible.

Graphics. The graphics in thise game aren't too shabby, but there's also nothing to be impressed about. This is ideal for people who're satisfied with a game as long as it doesn't have horrible graphics.

Controls The controls in this game are very easy to learn. In fact, you learn all the controls after the first 10 minutes or so of the game.

Fun Factor It seems to have a sort of hide, seek, shoot cycle about the game. Every now and then you get to go into slow-motion (just like a few other games...) and take out a few baddies to keep yourself alive. If you aren't bothered by that, then you'll have fun with this one. There are a few minigames in here, but they aren't too much fun. These minigames include pressing a certain button constantly until a guage fills up, or pressing a certain button at the right time. Did Namco really think these minigames would be the least bit fun? It doesn't seem that way.

Replay Value. This game has about as much replay value as StarFox Adventures. Play it once, then either sell it, or do what I do. Store it, then wait a few months, then pick it back up. Trust me, you still have fun with these games if you do this.

All in all, I consider Dead to Rights to have mediocre gameplay, better than mediocre graphics, and somewhat low replay value. I still had loads of fun with it while I could, so I give this game an above-average score. It's pretty fun, but it does have it's flaws. I highly suggest you look around for a copy at a fair price. The most I'd pay for this game is about $35.

and P.S. Games are always ruined when the player uses a guide.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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