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"Short And Easy But Still Great Fun"

I bought Dead To Rights not knowing what it was about at all and now I love the game. Its hard to see why this is so underated it has so many good things about it and yes like every game it has some bad things also, 8 is a very honest score for this game if I were to change it though I would go for 9 or 10.

Second to only a few on the Gamecube the graphics on this really are great from the character expressions to the backround enviroments. There are some really great cut scenes with some ace voice acting (I will come to that later) and not many Gamecube games beat it in terms of graphics it really is that good. There are obviously sokme bad parts about it and the characters mouths dont move when they speak which can look a bit Zero Wing on the Sega Genesis but other than that minor flaw graphics are impressive

The games serious let down is the sound, it gets annoying and I usually turn the sound down on some levels that have the same tune over and over again, I think that there are about 5/6 different tunes to levels and those are repeated for most of the levels. Like I mentioned before that voice acting is great on pretty much all the characters with the exception of some of the I'll say ''bad guys'' who sound like deformed robots out of Terminator films, you arent buying this for the sound and this is a major flaw.

You can choose between Rookie(Easy) Normal(Normal) Super Cop(Hard) Rookie is way too easy and you wont have a hard time with normal either but once you get to super cop it picks up a bit. The game is fairly easy in general and has some nice mini games. But you wont struggle completing it and it is so very very easy to pick up and play, your not gonna be stuck on it for ages and it will be fairly simple to beat it in less than 5 hours.

I will try not to give too much away here but you are a cop called Jack Slade, you investigate a case to find your Dad has been killed and against orders find out whos behind it, this leads to constant changes in the storyline,getting put in jail even though your a cop and a body count to which Sylvester Stallone couldnt match in Rambo. The storyline is second to none in this type of game and it will get you trying to find out what happens next, this is one of the games main strong points.

So so very very easy to pick up and play. Im not exactly a gaming god and I found this very easy to control. You can lock on to enemies, shoot them even set your dog on them, dive in slow motion, have your back against walls all in all its pretty good stuff and an easy control system to master, the first level is all about getting used to it but I doubt you will even need that to do it, for so many things to do the makers of the game have made it so surprisingly easy to operate and for this I am grateful.

Not many people talk about this game but I cant see why. Whats wrong with it? Is the sound really THAT bad? Well personnaly I like this game because its fairly addictive once you get going on the harder difficulties and I like the storyline (which is very good beleive me). It isnt exactly a hard game and its not a game that will be talked about for years to come but give it a chance and it will prove what it can do.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 10/08/03

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