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"A good game, but nothing spectacular"

When I was thinking about buying this game last March, few of the reviews really gave it what I feel is an accurate description of what you get. With that in mind I present my review.

Jack Slate is a good cop who has been pushed too far, now it is time for him to push back. While seeking revenge for his father’s murder, Jack is framed for murder by the same men who killed his father. Now with his dog Shadow, Jack is on a mission to clean up Grant City and clear his name. In the process of clearing his name after being charged with murder, he kills at least 400+ bad guys, but we will overlook that.

Features very nice graphics for the GameCube. I liked it. The world of Grant City is pretty realistic. They put a lot of effort into it and you can tell. They could have worked on the texture more, but you’ll be too busy to notice while fighting for your life. Of course nobody’s mouth moves when they talk.

I usually listen to a CD while playing games because of the music for games like this. The sound effects are really nice for gunshots. The voice acting is nothing spectacular either. It makes a nice sound in slow motion when you go back to full speed and the shells hit the floor.

The game play is this games strongest feature, and you can’t have good game play without good controls. You press the R button to cycle through targets. You can perform disarms with X. One of the most fun features is the “bullet time” mode. Press Y and dive. Hold Y and go into slow motion and take out multiple bad guys while minimizing damage to your self. This comes in handy when 10 guys get ready to jump you. Usage of the C pad to look around is very useful. Also target a bad guy, press B and Shadow will take him out and bring back his gun for you.

Not only is this an awesome third-person shooter, it also has a very nice hand-to-hand combat mode. The mini games can be frustrating, but the way that they are inserted in the story mode makes them necessary and fun. From picking locks to helping a striper strip, the mini games are certainly a change of pace. There is a trick to defeating most of the bosses. The last one is very cool. There aren’t a lot of background objects to interact with, but the ones you can interact with are pretty neat. You can shoot fire extinguishers causing them to blow up and take out any bad guys near it. You can also pick them up to throw at your enemies and shoot them, but don’t be too close when you do.

Replay Value-8
After you beat it, try to beat it again in a harder mode. I have had it for about 6 months and I still find myself playing it. The game has lots of different areas so everyone can find a part of the game that they want to play again. The bosses are fun to play again except a couple of them.

Buy or Rent?
If you can find a good deal on it I suggest that you go ahead and pick it up. You won’t be sorry. If you rent it and don’t finish the story mode, you will be craving more. I paid 40 bucks for mine and I don’t regret it. It took me a week to beat, so the replay value really makes the game stronger. Did you like Max Payne? If you did than you will like this. If you didn’t than you will probably feel like you are playing the same game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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