Review by NF_Kodiak

"Typical cop game, but fun"

I picked this game up for 10 bucks at a Future Shop and it was worth every penny. This game is heavy on action and violence but manages to mix things up with mini games, different moves, your K9 partner, etc.

It starts off with you responding to a call about disgruntled construction workers. This is the typical "What starts off small ends up big" plot type. The intro area is a great tutorial that introduces you to all the controls and attacks. The moves that jack Slate (groan) has in his disposable are many and very helpful. When unarmed, you can disarm people of their weapon, which results is a great attack that you can slow down and change the camera angle. my favorite is Sunny Side Up, where he flips the opponent into the air, grabs his rifle and shoots him while he is still in the air, then rolls out before he lands. While armed, Jack can grab onto someone and use them as a human shield, which is great for two reasons: 1) There is one less bad guy 2) Everyone (except those behind you) hit him instead of you. When your done with him and he survives the gunfight, he can dispose of him with a shot to the head. Glorious! There is a dive move where you jump, but you can do it in a "bullet time" mode where you move slow and react and shoot fast. The action game's flavour of the month. Ah well. Littered around certain areas are canisters that you can throw at enemies and then shoot to waste several enemies. Cheesy to find an explosive canister in a graveyard, but still fun. Also, since Jack is a K9 cop, he has a dog named Shadow. Shadow is a great weapon. When you sic him on someone, you get to watch the guy get mauled, and then Shadow brings you his weapon. Once you learn how to use these moves and get used to them, the game is a frenzy of action. Run out of ammo in the middle of a gunfight? Disarm the nearest goon in a bloody fashion, then grab his friend as a shield to waste everyone else while leaving yourself unharmed. It works and it makes the game fun and satisfying.

It's not all action, however. The game manages to mix things up with mini games. A few result to button mashing but some, like bomb disarming or lock picking, require timing and skill. More to the point, the games aren't long enough to be drawn out and annoying, and they also aren't bad. They add to the game without taking over or boring the player. Also, the game kicks it up a notch every now and then with unique objectives. One chapter is done in a rail shooter fashion. You fly around in a chopper shooting at baddies, that results in a car chase. Great stuff there. Another is inside a burning building that forces you to move and think fast. This game rarely gets boring because when you think you've fallen into a rut, it throws something out from left field.

The graphics are pretty good, the FMVs are great. The voice acting is pretty good, although Jack pops out the usual Hollywood cop banter, although a few one liners are pretty good. Nothing that will make you laugh out loud. The music....well, the music might as well be non-existent. I never really notice it. Sometimes thats a good thing, sometimes it's bad.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/17/04

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