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"One of the best Third Person Shooters out there."

When people think of shooting games, they think of things like Halo or Goldeneye when you ARE the shooter. In games like this, you're more like... the camera behind the shooter. That's only the view, of course.

Story: 9/10
A lot of shooting games are all about the action. Usually, the "action" is better in First Person Shooters, not Third Person Shooters. But it's not to say that this doesn't have good action.

The thing that a lot of shooting games leave out is the story. It's fun and all too play a game, but it's kind of boring if you don't know why you're going into a street and shooting up a bunch of thugs.

Anyway, in this game, you're a cop, named Jack Slate. In the first level, you're at a construction site, where you learn how to play the game. It's just a tutorial level. The construction workers are shooting at you for some reason. In the end, you see a man on the ground, shot dead in a pool of blood. It turns out that this man is Jack's father. He runs off, shoots up a bunch of people, and tries to find a business man that he thinks hired the construction workers. In his office, though, that man is tied up, and there's a weird guy with a gold gun, who knocks you out. Then the cops find you and wake you up, and Jack gets sent to death row. The end is pretty much hunting that weird guy in the office, even though the last "Boss" is someone else that you'd not expect it to be. I won't spoil.

Gameplay: 10/10
This game's very fun to play. If you don't know, what a third person shooter is, the camera's a bit behind the character that you're controlling.

The problem with a lot of third person shooters is the camera angles are sometimes screwed up. The angles are fine here; you can spin around the camera a little if you want to.

It's easy to shoot, too. In a few third person shooters, you have to actually take a cursor and put it on your enemies, which can be tedious. In this game, if you're looking near an enemy can you just press a button to lock onto them, and if there are a lot of enemies, you can scroll in between the two. Shooting, reloading, changing weapons, stuff like that, it's pretty simple, just press the right button.

A thing that's fun in this game is Shadow. Shadow's your cop dog. Even after you're not a cop anymore because you went crazy and killed a bunch of people, Shadow stays with you, 'cuz he's cool like that. Plus you save him in prison, so he probably likes you. What Shadow can do for you is charge at an enemy, kill them (Automatic kill), and take their weapon to you. It's really helpful to pick off individual enemies. But if they're too far away, it won't work. Also, Shadow can only do this once every ten seconds or so.

Another thing that you can do is pick up a gas can and throw it at a pack of enemies and shoot it. It'll blow up and take out the pack. The downside is that you're a big target while throwing it, and if you time it wrong, it's just wasted time and most likely wasted health too.

Graphics: 7/10
The graphics aren't bad in this game, but they're far from perfect. There are a few things that you might notice, but they're not major things. The only thing that might screw you over is that Jack's face is really bright compared to the surrounding environment. The good thing is that most of the time you're only looking at his back anyway. Besides that, it's fine.

Sound: 8/10
Like in many shooter games, there isn't "Music" in this game. Just background stuff that you won't notice. The sound effects are fine, nothing special here either. Just shooting sounds.

Talking is good, too, but sometimes you talk a little bit longer then the cutscene so it might look a little awkward. However this is rare and it doesn't really matter.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/21/05

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