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    FAQ/Walkthrough by DBrandtner

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 07/04/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    For Playstation(r)2 console
    Game Guide created by Dylan Brandtner (winger1@comcast.net)
    Version History
    Version 1.1
    Started (6/20/02)
    Finished (6/26/02)
    Version 1.2
    Started (6/27/02)
    Finished (6/27/02)
    Version 1.3
    Started (6/28/02)
    Finished (7/1/02)
    Version 1.4
    Started (7/4/02)
    Finished (7/4/02)
    I.  Introduction, General Tips, and Strategy
          IA.   Game Advancement 
          IB.   General Tips and Strategy 
    II.  The Cars
          IIA.  Intro and General Info
          IIB.  Car List
    III. The Tracks
          IIIA. Intro and General Info
          IIIB. Track List
    IV.  The Championships
          IVA.  Intro and General Info
          IVB.  Championship List
    V.   Special
          VA.   Face off Mode
          VB.   Survival Mode
          VC.   Free Run/ Free Run Twin (2 player)
    VI.  Credits, Contact, and Copyright
    I. Introduction, General Tips, and Strategy
    Having trouble with Burnout, well you've come to the right place. This may 
    include semi-spoilers, but it is mostly just a guide to give help to 
    frustrated gamers.  There's not too many ways to "cheat" in this game, except 
    for the few cheat codes. Don't cheat though, it's way more fun to win, and 
    don't get frustrated and give up, because this game is very rewarding and 
    full of non-stop, high paced action.  It's a game that requires excellent 
    hand eye coordination, and lightning reflexes. This game is based on avoiding 
    accidents while driving like a lunatic. It's all about finding an opening and 
    getting through it. The winner is usually the one with the least accidents. 
    IA. Game Advancement
    You begin with three tracks and five cars.  New tracks and new special 
    features are unlocked in championship mode. New cars are unlocked in face-off 
    mode in Special.
    IB. General Tips and Strategy
    1)Drive on the line
      Almost all straightaways, even head on, can be easily driven through by 
    staying on one of the lines or off to the side.  However, you have to watch 
    out for cars changing lanes, because in this game, cars change lanes VERY 
    2)Drive in areas no one else can.
      Crossed off areas, the shoulder, or an empty left turn lane. 
    3)Find which view you like. 
      I prefer inside view because you can see farther in front of you and your 
    view is not obstructed by your own car.  However, opponents' cars can easily 
    block the whole view. 
    4)Don't drive directly behind opponents.
      This will block off the entire view and a quick swerve by your enemy may 
    put you right into a car. Especially stay away from the third place car, it 
    will get in the most accidents. 
    5)Your opponents' difficulties are arranged by position, not by car. 
      The first place starter will be the best racer, regardless of the car.
    6)Getting boost (AKA "burn," but I call it boost)
      Boost is rewarded for 5 actions:
       -Near miss(getting very close to other cars without even tapping them)
       -Sliding (sliding through a turn without hitting, or even tapping any cars 
    walls, etc.)	
       -Driving in on coming traffic lane (the longer you drive in it the more 
    boost you receive) 
       -A Burnout (using your entire boost meter without getting in a single 
    accident; this fills the meter half full)
       -Completing a lap with NO accidents (you get lots of boost for this)
     Hint: Don't try getting boost by doing near misses on purpose, it's not 
    worth it. 
    7)Using boost
      Try to use boost on easy straightaways or after you were slowed down by 
    hitting a wall. It's not worth using boost if you're going to get in an 
    accident.  Once you get in an accident, you will loose ALL of your boost.  
    Also, as soon as you push the boost button once, your boost meter will 
    continue to go down for a few more seconds, even if you are not using it by 
    holding it down. BOOST IS NOT THE KEY TO WINNING. It's overrated.   
    8)Driving in head on traffic
      When driving in head on traffic, you must be even more careful for cars 
    changing lanes.  The cars on both sides will also do their best to swerve out 
    of the way, but they don't swerve very far, and they usually try this too 
    late. This can become dangerous if you have an opponent if front of you, 
    because if he is on a different line than you are, the other cars will most 
    likely swerve INTO you to get out of your opponents way.
    9)Your opponents' accidents  
    When an opponent in front of you get in an accident, there is almost always a 
    way out, but if it's totally blocked up, DO NOT SLOW DOWN, just try to hit 
    your opponent at full speed.  You might as well get an awesome crash out of 
    it.  If he caused the accident, you will likely be restarted ahead of him.
    10)Neck and Neck
      You might and blocking an opening to make your opponent crash by giving him 
    only one way out, but do not sideswipe your opponents, it will only slow you 
    down and it rarely works out for the best.
    11)The lead
       NO lead is a safe lead in this game. It seems that trailing opponents get 
    an extra boost as well.  Your opponents will RARELY be more than 4 or 5 
    seconds behind so never get too comfortable. One crash and you could be in 
    last place.
      You must make all the checkpoints to get a place.  If you miss a 
    checkpoint, you will receive last place, no matter what place you were in. 
    Your opponents have no checkpoint restraints. Never give up on a checkpoint. 
    If you can even see it, (even if you only have 2 or 3 seconds left) go for 
    it. If you have enough speed to roll through it (even after 0 seconds and the 
    Game Over comes up) you will be allowed to continue.
    13)Hitting walls can be worse
      Sometimes its better to get in an accident than to swerve directly into a 
    wall, or get spun out.  This will waste A LOT of time and you wont be able to 
    be restarted and moved farther up the track.
    14)Don't try to imitate your opponents
       Your opponents have strange ways of navigating traffic a times, filled 
    with abrupt swerves and stupid choices. Follow your own path.
       Most 90-degree (or more) turns should be made using a brake slide.  This 
    takes a good amount of practice but it is sometimes faster than a regular 
    turn, it looks way cooler, and it gives you boost. For a tight turn apply 
    brakes before turning then, push the direction hard and quickly get back on 
    gas (You might try having your thumb suspended over both buttons so you can 
    switch faster).  For a wide turn, hit the brake when you start the turn, and 
    hold it a little longer so you slide farther. After you're about three-
    quarters through the turn, get back on the gas and regain control. In 
    general, when holding the brake, you have little control of the car, the gas 
    button will give you control back. If your sliding too far you don't need to 
    turn back first, you need to hit the gas and then turn back. Also, to gain 
    more control of your car during turns, tap the gas button repeatedly to gain 
    better control.   
    16)Driving straight through intersections 
       Aim for where the crossing cars are, not where they are going. This can be 
    very difficult, but try to think clearly in that split second.
       Traffic will ALWAYS be the same on each individual lap every time you do 
    the race. In other words, traffic changes by lap but not by race. If the 
    track is turned backwards or mixed into a Marathon, the traffic will be 
    completely different. Slight differences will occur depending on timing, 
    because traffic is moving. The farther you are behind, the less traffic there 
    will be. The farther you are ahead the more dangers you will encounter.
    II. The Cars
    IIA. Intro and General Info
    The cars are one of the two biggest features of the game (the other being the 
    tracks of course).  The cars' looks have nothing to do with performance, so 
    only worry about that if your just looking to go for a drive. The cars' color 
    is also just for fun.  The general ratings on the car range from Easy (slow 
    with tight handling) to Hard (fast with slick handling). Another category - 
    Special- is reserved for the Bus and Tow Truck.  These vehicles have an extra 
    special quality of being able to hit cars without restarting the car.  
    However, they are not good cars to race with.  The 2 special cars and the 
    Roadster and Saloon GT must be unlocked in Face Off Mode. Different cars are 
    better for different tracks, however, in my opinion, when in doubt or when 
    frustrated, choose the muscle.  It is the best overall car after you get the 
    feel for its slick handling. If that's too tuff for you, take the roadster 
    for a spin. 
    IIB. Car List
    This is a list of the cars, their ratings in different categories, along with 
    a brief description and other information. Rankings for acceleration, 
    handling, and wall sliding* are from 1-5 (5 being the best). Speed is in 
    miles per hour (mph) and time is in seconds (s).
    *Wall sliding is a ranking of how well a car can slide against walls without 
    losing speed. (It might sound like a stupid category but it's important). 
    Acceleration: 2.5
    Handling: 5
    Wall Sliding*(see above if you don't know what this is):4
    0-60mph: 3.3s
    0-100mph: 9.7s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 130mph/141mph
    This is a pretty good car, especially for beginners.  Even though the 
    acceleration is the lowest of the non-special vehicles, it's not at all slow, 
    but don't expect to win speed courses with it.
    Sports Coupe (Medium)
    Acceleration: 3 
    Handling: 3.5
    Wall Sliding: 3.5
    0-60mph: 2.8s
    0-100mph: 7.9s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 134mph/141mph
    This is a very good middle ground car. Its about halfway in most areas, but 
    much more slippery than the Supermini.
    Saloon (Medium)
    Acceleration: 2.5 
    Handling: 3
    Wall Sliding: 3.5
    0-60mph: 3.0s
    0-100mph: 7.3s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 131mph/141mph
    This car's braking is unresponsive and the handling is overly stiff.  It also 
    refuses to slide through turns.  However, if you don't like to slide through 
    turns, and would rather make a gradual turn and hit the wall, this car would 
    be your choice because the wall sliding is pretty decent, and the road grip 
    is excellent. For those who hate slippery handling, this luxury car would be 
    your choice.  
    Muscle (Hard)
    Acceleration: 5
    Handling: 3
    Wall Sliding: 3
    0-60mph: 2.2s
    0-100mph: 5.6s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 135mph/149mph
    Don't be afraid of the "hard" rating, its not so bad.  The braking is very 
    responsive and even though the handling is very slippery, it can be 
    controlled with practice.  This is a VERY FAST car and IMO is the best car in 
    the game.
    Pickup (Hard)
    Acceleration: 3.5
    Handling: 4.5
    Wall Sliding: 3.5
    0-60mph: 3.2s
    0-100mph: 7.3s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 130mph/141mph
    Surprisingly excellent handling, with easily controlled sliding, this car is 
    quite a pickup.  Its high suspension gives it a small advantage in the rough 
    terrain.  However, the top speed is surprisingly low for a hard rated car, 
    giving it a speed disadvantage on straightaways.
    Roadster** (Medium)
    Acceleration: 3.5 
    Handling: 3.5
    Wall Sliding: 4.5
    0-60mph: 2.9s
    0-100mph: 7.3s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 133mph/141mph
    The best of the Medium cars, the Roadster has excellent wall sliding but is a 
    tad slippery. This is a really great car.
    Saloon GT** (Hard)
    Acceleration: 4
    Handling: 4
    Wall Sliding: 1.5
    0-60mph: 3.0s
    0-100mph: 7.6s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 135mph/149mph
    This is quite an improvement from the regular Saloon, and the stiff handling 
    became much more responsive as did the braking.  Its top speed is tied for 
    the best, but avoid excessive wall contact at all costs, because it will 
    nearly STOP your car sometimes.
    Tow Truck** (Special)
    Acceleration: 0
    Handling: 2.5
    Wall Sliding: 3
    0-60mph: 4.9s
    0-100mph: 13.0s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 134mph/143mph
    The special cars are not for racing, only for fun.  This Truck is very slow 
    (I had to go below the limit to rate this one's acceleration) but it can plow 
    into cars (sometimes head on) and it will not always be counted as a crash, 
    it will just slow you down.  You can also crush your opponents but this will 
    likely give you an accident as well. 
    Bus** (Special)
    Acceleration: 1 
    Handling: 2
    Wall Sliding: 3
    0-60mph: 4.5s
    0-100mph: 11.3s
    Highest Recorded Speed without boost/with boost: 125mph/141mph
    Same as the tow truck, but it's a little faster and a little harder to turn.  
    I think this is much better than the tow truck overall (even though its top 
    speed is lower).
    ** These cars are locked and must be opened in Face Off Mode.
    III. The Tracks 
    IIIA. Intro and General Info
    There are only five unique tracks in the game (the stared* ones).  The rest 
    of them are either nighttime versions and/or backwards versions of the 
    others.  The marathons are mostly combinations of other tracks. In these 
    drive-throughs for the five unique tracks, I will attempt to highlight all of 
    the somewhat difficult turns, curves, etc. I will assume you are in a fairly 
    decent position when I talk about traffic obstacles. Straight away driving 
    and turning is explained in the first section of this guide. Difficulty 
    ratings are in this order: Very Easy, Easy, Easy-Medium, Medium, Medium-Hard, 
    Hard, Very Hard. Length is based on the same idea. Although I have only done 
    drive-throughs on the five original tracks, I have listed, rated, and 
    described the rest of them. 
    Note: When I say "your lane" I mean the right lane (AKA the correct lane to 
    drive in).  When is say "carefully" or "be careful", I don't necessarily mean 
    slowly, I just mean that you have to watch out, because there is a high risk 
    for accidents.  
    IIIB. Track List
    Difficulty: Very Easy
    Length: Long
    Time of day: Daytime
    This is the longest non-marathon course in the game so get comfortable; lap 
    times may almost three minutes. It's pretty easy though, and has very few 
    dangerous turns.  Its mostly a speed course so unless you're a beginner, grab 
    a quick car.
    You enter the course with a gradual right to merge into highway traffic. The 
    long stretch ahead is mostly straight and the large number of lanes give you 
    room to move about freely, just don't go too wild. This long stretch is all 
    about speed. Located in this portion of highway is the only somewhat secret 
    area in the game that I have found. It is a large gas station area with its 
    entrance on the right side near the beginning. It's no big deal really. When 
    you see the green arrows ahead, get over to the right, you'll need to exit 
    the highway. The right lane of this curvy road leading to the city is usually 
    clear. As soon as you reach, the city drive on the right and make the first 
    turn (on lap two you might have to zip through two buses.  Then, cut into the 
    center lane with solid lines on both sides. NO ONE EVER DRIVES IN IT.  Your 
    first 90 degree right turn awaits so get ready. The best method is usually to 
    cut into the far right and squeeze over the curb on the right side. Then back 
    into the center lane again.  The next left turn is usually the most difficult 
    in the track. So look for an opening and take it slow (it's the hardest on 
    lap 2). For the next right turn, hit the curb again and then continue up the 
    exit on your right.  The next part is another long stretch with two lanes 
    both direction.  You can cut over the dirt barrier and try to get boost 
    (watch out for cars changing lanes, drive on the side not the middle) or play 
    it safe and stay on the right.  Just watch out on the small hills near the 
    end, they obstruct your vision.  You will then go on to a 2 lane highway with 
    traffic in both directions. I suggest driving the middle line.  Careful not 
    to be tricked here on lap three, because the seemingly open right lane will 
    quickly be filled by a passing white van. Another exit will then lead you to 
    a difficult, yet not dangerous, turnaround. If you have a fast car, lay off 
    the gas before the turn (DON'T BRAKE, or you will slide into the wall) and 
    just give it a few long taps until you hit straight away again. Then follow 
    that around the turn to the finish line. On lap 3 on this last part, two 
    large trucks will likely block the path after the large circle turn. 
    Carefully go behind them and head into the middle lane to their left until 
    you pass them.   
    Harbor Town*
    Difficulty: Medium
    Length: Medium-Long
    Time of Day: Daytime
    This course has a lot of turns and very few straightaways.  You will likely 
    need to do a lot of wall sliding. 
    Drive through:
    You enter the 2 lane road with a sharp right. On laps two and three, make 
    this first turn either very close or very wide because a car will likely be 
    in the oncoming lane. Immediately two the right, is a small raised area on 
    the dirt, so if you're looking for some air, go ahead, but the jump is pretty 
    small. Use a Supermini to get the most air.  The first portion is abandoned 
    on lap one but on laps 2 and three, slide your car along the large dirt areas 
    for the wider turns (one on the right, then one on the left, and one on the 
    left after the small tunnel).  The first car is near the bridge on lap one.  
    Go over the bridge (watch out near the end because cars will abruptly turn 
    onto the bridge into the oncoming lane) and then try to stay in the right 
    lane for this extended curving portion, because the turns are often blind. A 
    small straightaway leads to the levels most dangerous turn to the right onto 
    a large suspension bridge.  You can slow down and make it the right way, or 
    what I usually do is slam the brakes on the turn, slide over, and head into 
    oncoming traffic. After the bridge, a tunnel will appear with right turn into 
    some hills. In this part with the hills, the left lane is open. A wide right 
    will follow, which can either be slid through or you could go over the dirt. 
    More curves will follow, in which you MUST stay in the right lane at all 
    times to avoid collisions. When you see the upcoming left, squeeze along the 
    right wall (you don't need to hit it) past the line of traffic and make the 
    left turn over into the right lane. Carefully make the right at the top of 
    the hill (hitting the wall too hard could result in quite an accident over 
    the small cliff) and then the gradual left. This will lead to an EXTENED 
    right in which you need to go fairly slow to stay in your lane(there is no 
    clear division between the different lane direction so you must remember 
    there is only 2 lanes going your way). Then hop up onto the median and make 
    the left at the intersection (This turn always seems to come up on me quick 
    and I end up hitting the wall, you might try turning a bit earlier than you 
    think you should.  Try using the parked car to judge the turn, not the 
    opposite wall). Stay to the right as you head up the road and then make an 
    easy left (watch for passing traffic) and onto the brick road. The first of 
    the two upcoming 90-degree turns will require more early braking to avoid 
    hitting the opposite wall, because you will have built up more speed than you 
    think you did. Slide around the next one and your home free.  
    River City*
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Length: Medium
    Time of Day: Daytime
    This is a course with many intersections and a lot of traffic. Timing and 
    luck come into play more than ever. However, may find it easer than the curvy 
    tracks of Harbor Town. I suggest a good all around car, because this race has 
    it all.
    Drive through:
    You first have to merge onto the crowded freeway traffic. You might want to 
    head right over to the oncoming lane because your lane will soon be filled by 
    a huge accident in two out of three times. Then you will reach a tunnel, 
    filled with small curves. I suggest heading onto the stripped area for as 
    long as you can.  Then you will head onto a long city straightaway, with 
    three dangerous intersections to cross.  At then end, there will be a 
    circular road that you have to turn left on.  Careful not to slide to far on 
    this one or you will hit the center circle. Don't go around the circle, it 
    just wastes time.  Then cut in between the parked cars and make a tight right 
    turn.  Then head past the intersection and into the stadium area.  This turn 
    can be made very fast if done correctly.  As soon as you see the large gray 
    pavement area to your right, slam on the brakes and turn right hard. After 
    you've done the 180, get back on the gas and keep going. If you start to 
    slide too far, hit the gas earlier. There are also three covered areas on the 
    edge of this stadium area you can go through if you want. At the next 
    intersection with parked cars, drive on the sidewalk to the right and make 
    the turn fairly wide. This turn is pretty dangerous so be careful. Then drive 
    through this straightaway until you have to make a left.  This left has many 
    dangers. First, watch for oncoming traffic, and when you see an opening make 
    a very wide turn. It's easy to hit the oncoming white car, especially on lap 
    one. The following bricked portion is very dangerous because of the small 
    intersections with little room to maneuver. The left turn in this portion 
    should be made with a wide turn because of oncoming traffic. 
    Hillside Pass*
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Length: Medium
    Time of Day: Daytime
    This course has a lot of turning, and only a few straightaways, but the lack 
    of dangerous turns and insane intersections makes it pretty easy.  Despite 
    lack of straightaways, I still recommend a pretty fast car.
    You start by merging onto a long highway with two lanes. This long curvy 
    highway has large dirt/grassy areas on the sides, which are much safer to 
    drive on during the wider turns, and they won't slow you down too much.  Take 
    a right onto the confusing covered dirt area with walled off sides. It might 
    take a few runs until you're used to this part.  Then turn wide right and 
    stay on the left side for this small straightaway. After the left turn and 
    the small dirt section, CAREFULLY make this left, but make it so wide that 
    you almost go straight.  As soon as the wall on your right ends, cut onto the 
    large grass section and down.  Do the same for the next one and use the same 
    cutting across idea for the last one.  Then, stay to the RIGHT in the tunnel, 
    not in the center, and make the easy tight right onto the long 2 part raised 
    highway section.  During this section, don't be afraid to slide onto the dirt 
    sections on your right when passing or making wide turns and don't be afraid 
    to slide into the other lanes as well, just be careful. Make the right into 
    the tunnel and pick one of the walls to stay on (I like the left), and then 
    your all done. 
    Twilight Harbor (Harbor Town Backwards)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Medium-Long
    Time of Day: Sunset
    The darkness makes this a lot harder than Harbor Town, and the curves seem 
    even harder than before. I suggest a good all around car again or maybe even 
    the Supermini.
    Gridlock USA*
    Difficulty: Easy-Medium
    Length: Very Short
    Time of Day: Daytime
    This course is mostly about speed with a lot of not too hard intersections, 
    but it has way more turning than interstate. Choose a fairly quick car that 
    has decent handling. Speed is more important than handling though. I like the 
    Saloon GT. 
    Note: For this track, all lefts should be made from the far left of your 
    lanes, into the far left of your lanes. Also, if possible, you should try to 
    cut off the traffic in your lanes on these turns instead of trying to go in 
    between them.
    First, make a tight right into your lanes.  Then a dangerous left can be made 
    either into the middle lane or into the far right sidewalk area (watch out 
    for the lamp pole). Another left follows (watch for oncoming) and the a long 
    easy straightaway. Then a gradual left, without braking (watch out for the 
    several passing cars in many different directions). Then cross the small 
    intersection (watch out here on lap three, I always seem to hit a greenish 
    gray Supermini that is very hard to see). Then make a right onto the crossed 
    off middle lane. You can save a lot of time on the next turn if you follow my 
    method. Let off the gas but do not brake. Move as far to your left as you can 
    without hitting the two parked cars, then make a very gradual left and 
    gradual right onto the dirt straightaway. Make the left at the end (watch out 
    for the blue Supermini on lap 1) and then cut between the two taxis and make 
    the left. Then, head through the intersection (this intersection may be very 
    hard on laps 2 and 3, don't be afraid to swerve over to the oncoming side if 
    necessary). Then another left and a long straightaway. Then two gradual, yet 
    dangerous, rights. Then head into the middle lane for the final straightaway 
    with two dangerous intersections.  You may have to slow down (or speed up) 
    for these intersections to avoid passing traffic (especially on lap three). 
    Then make the left onto the finish line dirt section.      
    Euro-Marathon (Mixture of Harbor Town and River City Backwards)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Very Long
    Time of Day: Late Evening
    This is quite a bit longer than all the other tracks.  A good all around car 
    is needed again, but lean more towards better handling.
    Rush Hour (Interstate Backwards)
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Length: Long
    Time of Day: Cloudy Evening
    This is almost completely head on traffic racing.  The large five lane 
    highway portion is now all head on.  Still not too many turns though, and 
    almost continuous boost regeneration.  I had boost for almost a whole lap 
    once. As with Interstate, aim for speed.
    Euro-Marathon EX (Euro-Marathon Backwards)
    Difficulty: Hard 
    Length: Very Long
    Time of Day: Nighttime
    It's a little darker than the original, but going the other way is only a 
    little harder, and that is just because it's harder to go backwards on Harbor 
    Town than it is to go backwards on River City. Good handling is again 
    Cliffhanger (Hillside Pass Backwards)
    Difficulty: Medium-Hard
    Length: Medium
    Time of Day: Late Evening
    This is much harder than Hillside, but definitely not impossible.  Speed is 
    still important, but handling is more important than it was with Hillside 
    Midnight Run (River City Backwards)
    Difficulty: Very Hard
    Length: Medium
    Time of Day: Nighttime
    I found this race to be extremely difficult.  The combination of darkness and 
    the wet ground makes this seemingly impossible.  Just keep trying it and get 
    some good handling that wont slide too much. Try not to use slide braking as 
    much either.
    Night Shift (Gridlock USA Backwards)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Short
    Time of Day: Nighttime
    The second of the wet ground courses, Night Shift is not as difficult as 
    Midnight Run.  However, it is still quite difficult, and try to avoid slide 
    braking. The emphasis should be on speed when choosing your car.
    Country Chaos (Hillside Pass Backwards)
    Difficulty: Medium
    Length: Medium
    Time of Day: Semi-Cloudy Evening
    This course seems a little easier than its counterpart Cliffhanger, yet your 
    opponents seem to perform much better.  It seems way harder in Championship 
    mode, but the track itself is a little easier.
    Sunset River (River City Forwards)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Medium
    Time of Day: Sunset
    The difficulty is raised by the darkness and more difficult new traffic. LOTS 
    OF LANE CHANGERS. In general, follow River City tactics.
    USA Marathon (Gridlock USA Backwards, Interstate, and Hillside pass)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Extremely Long
    Time of Day: Cloudy Evening
    This is an unbelievably long race with several different aspects.  Suggesting 
    a car for this race would be nearly impossible, but the muscle (as usual) 
    seems to work the best.
    USA Marathon EX (USA Marathon Backwards)
    Difficulty: Hard
    Length: Extremely Long
    Time of Day: Nighttime
    This has the same aspects as the original (just in the opposite direction) 
    and it is not much harder. The Gridlock part is easier, but the other parts 
    are a bit harder. So it's about the same.  The darkness adds only a little 
    difficulty, mostly on the large interstate highway portion. Again, I'd go 
    with the muscle.
    IV. The Championships
    IVA. Intro and General Info
    This is by far the most important portion of the game as far as game 
    advancement is concerned. With championship mode, you will be able to open 
    more tracks, more championships, and more special options (like face off mode 
    which allows you to open more cars). The championships get consistently more 
    difficult as they go on. There are six championships, with one to three 
    tracks.  You also receive three tokens, which are similar to lives.  If you 
    fail to receive your required position for a track, you must use a token.  
    Once all tokens are used, you must restart the championship. The tracks are 
    explained in "The Tracks" portion of this guide so they will not be included 
    in this portion.
    IVB. Championship List
    Journeyman's Grand Prix
    Tracks:                   Required Position:
    1)Interstate                   3rd
    2)Harbor Town                  3rd 
    3)River City                   2nd
    New Championship- Big Run Grand Prix
    New Face off- Face off 1
    New Courses- Hillside Pass, Twilight Harbor, Gridlock USA
    New Special Modes- None
    Big Run Grand Prix
    Tracks:                   Required Position:
    1)Hillside Pass                3rd
    2)Twilight Harbor              2nd
    3)Gridlock USA                 1st
    New Championship- Euro Marathon
    New Face off- Face off 2
    New Courses- Euro Marathon, Rush Hour
    New Special Modes- None
    Euro Marathon
    Tracks:                   Required Position:
    1) Euro Marathon               1st
    New Championship- Savage Streets Grand Prix
    New Face off- None
    New Courses- Euro Marathon EX, Cliffhanger, Midnight Run, Night Shift
    New Special Mode- Survival
    Savage Streets Grand Prix
    Tracks:                   Required Position:
    1)Night Shift                  2nd
    2)Cliffhanger                  2nd
    3)Midnight Run                 1st
    New Championship- Twilight Grand Prix
    New Face off- Face off 3
    New Courses- Country Chaos, Sunset River
    New Special Modes- None
    Twilight Grand Prix
    Tracks:                   Required Position:
    1)Rush Hour                    1st 
    2)Country Chaos                1st
    3)Sunset River                 1st
    New Championship- USA Marathon
    New Face off- Face off 4
    New Courses- USA Marathon
    New Special Modes- None
    USA Marathon
    Tracks:                   Required Position:
    1)USA Marathon                 1st
    New Championship- None
    New Face off- None
    New Courses- USA Marathon EX
    New Special Modes- Free Run, Free Run Twin, Credits 
    V. Special
    There are seven different selections in Special. Crash Replays and Music 
    player are not locked at the start of the game. However, face off mode, 
    survival, free run and free run twin, and the credits, all must be unlocked 
    in championship mode.
    VA. Face off Mode
    This is where you can unlock new cars by beating them in a one on one race. 
    Each face off is unlocked in championship mode. The face offs are as follows:
    Face off 1
    Course: Twilight Harbor
    Opponent: Roadster
    Face off 2
    Course: Rush Hour
    Opponent: Tow Truck
    Face off 3
    Course: Night Shift
    Opponent: Saloon GT
    Face off 4
    Course: Midnight Run
    Opponent: Bus
    VB. Survival Mode
    This is quite a difficult mode of play. You race by yourself, with your main 
    objective being the avoidance of accidents, or a single accident for that 
    matter. One accident means a game over so be careful. There is no reward for 
    beating all of the survival tracks (thanks to tetsujin007), but don't you 
    want to beat the whole game? 
    General Tips and Strategy
    1) DO NOT drive slowly, because checkpoint times seem to be even harder to 
    get than usual. Boost also seems harder to get.
    2) Use a fast car with good handling.  The Saloon GT is probably the best 
    choice for all tracks.
    3) The bus and tow trucks are not a good choice, despite their ability to hit 
    cars without an accident. They often will not even make the first  few 
    4) Be the most careful at intersections.  You may even consider stopping at 
    the more dangerous ones and quickly looking both ways.
    5) Do your fast and insane driving at the start of the race if you must, 
    because if you have to rush for the last few checkpoints and you make a 
    mistake, you will be very angry about getting a game over that close to the 
    end of the race. 
    6) Trial and error testing is the best way. You just have to figure out the 
    traffic and you may consider using the tips I gave you in "The Tracks" 
    portions of this guide.
    7) This is the hardest portion of the game, so don't get frustrated.  I have 
    only heard of one person (tetsujin007) who has survived all the tracks.
    8) Traffic may vary by race, but some things will stay the same. Its very 
    hard to predict, unlike single race mode.
    Reader's submission concerning Survival Mode:
    "...Survival mode, its like the ultimate test of all or just like in real life 
    you only have 1 life - racing through as fast as you can without a crash! Lol
    The EX marathons are hard but by no means impossible, once you work out and 
    are familiar with the tracks you just have to be extra wary on the 2nd and 
    final laps, say 1st lap there weren't any cars at the cross section, 2nd and 
    3rd they will most probably be crossing so just be aware and do slow down cos 
    once you crash and its over! One particular track was Euro Marathon, I spent 
    2 hours trying to complete it but finally fatigue settled in and the more I 
    raced the more determined I got but also the more nerve wrecking it become so 
    I lost concenatration at times and had accidents on small things so I finally 
    stopped playing and had a rest. Next day I completed the track within my 2nd 
    go, - there, the morale is to have enough rest before you drive! LOL :p 
    Anyways, back to my main point, - after doing all tracks and survival, its 
    over, there are no additional cars or tracks to unveal, you get a great 
    satisfaction of completing the game fully, I have used no cheats, its not fun 
    Submitted by tetsujin007 on 7/3/02
    VC. Free Run/ Free Run Twin (2 player)
    This allows you to race through any track without any traffic. I find this 
    mode to be very boring and only useful for learning the twists and turns of a 
    track. That is all I have to say.
    V. Credits, Contact, and Copyright
    -Thanks to Acclaim and Criterion Software for a sweet racing game.
    -Thanks to gamefaqs.com and cheathappens.com for great websites.
    -Thanks to Sony for making the PS2 and making it all possible.
    -Thanks to my brothers who helped me with the 0-60,0-100, and highest speeds 
    for all the cars.
    -Thanks to tetsujin007 for the email submission.
    Email me at Winger1@comcast.net with any questions, comments, suggestions, 
    Copyright 2002 Dylan Brandtner  

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