Review by dratsab

"Good rent, bad buy"

Story: N/A
This is a normal racing game, and has no real story.

Graphics: 8
Graphics aren't bad, I love how cool the crashes look. The only real problem with the graphics is that in two player they seem to be reduced quite a lot, along with the frame rate.
+Nice looking crashes
-Horrible in two player

Sound: 8
I can't remember much about the sound, except that the crashes sounded nice and usually each car had its own horn sound.
+Nice crash sounds
-Nothing awesome

Gameplay: 5
The game has some pretty cool features, like traffic helps determine the outcome of the race. Though, after crashing a lot you will be annoyed. The worst thing about this game has to be the checkpoints, it takes the fun out of having cool crashes. The other terrible thing is two player, the frame rate drops and the graphics are reduced (not to mention the checkpoints are annoying as ever).
+Traffic is cool, and crashes are fun
-Checkpoints take the fun out of all the modes

Replayability: 1
The game is not worth replaying, I really see no reason why you would want to ever play this again after a week. Unless you are a hard core fan, this game will only hold your excitement for about a week (length of a rental). It would have been cool to see some cool two player modes such as a VS survival, where you and a friend try to knock each other in to traffic. Oh well, maybe Burnout 2 will be better (and I hope they remove all those annoying checkpoints).
+Some secrets such as cars and tracks, also a mode can be unlocked
-Two player would be fun, but the frame rate drop and checkpoints make it bad

Rent or Buy: Rent
This game is definitely worth a rental. The reason I gave this game a five is because after a rental's time, this game will be already played out. However, I have seen some people who enjoyed the game a lot, and said that they never regretted buying the game. So, if you are a big fan of racing games than you might want to buy this game, but I recommend that you rent it first. If you can get this game on discount than you also may want to pick it up, but I will be waiting to see if Burnout 2 has fixed all the mistakes that were made in this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 05/27/02, Updated 05/27/02

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