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"A title that will give you some excitement...then stop"

Burnout was released as a racing game, but was also said to have the most realistic crashes, as well as crash physics. I won't argue with that as the crashes are very well done, its the gameplay that falters terribly...

Story: N/A
Racing games don't have stories....(except for a few exceptions) so I can't score this section

Graphics: 25/30
The graphics for the single player mode are very, very well done! The environments seems clean and overall very taken care of. The cars themselves look wonderful too, they are highly detailed and don't seem out of place when placed next to the wonderful environment. The crash graphics are also very, very nice, except when glass shatters. When the crash video is replayed, the glass shattering seems very unrealistic, and seems like the developers did not spend as much time detailing this one aspect.
All in all, the graphics are wonderful, this game really showcases some of the Gamecubes power.

Sound: 17/20
I dont really remember much about the sound, except that the crash sounds were very well done....I guess there must not be a problem with the sound if I never really noticed any problems...

Gameplay: 20/30
Urgh, this is where the problems come into play...the racing itself is fun, but the crashes are NOT. Every single time you crash you are forced to watch a replay video, showing the crash...very annoying after a while. To make matters worse, the game is run on a timer, and as the crash video is playing, the timer continues to go down! Now, I really, really don't like timers in racing games...they seem to halt the freedom aspect, and make you just want to hurry to the finish without taking a look at anything...just hurry hurry hurry...
One neat part of the game though, is if your in heavy traffic (coming at you!) your horn actually works...I found that if I honked the horn a lot, cars would actually swerve out of the way! A very nice little extra!

Replayability: 1/20
The game is not worth replaying, once through and you'll be sick of it, nearly guaranteed...there may be many races, but they are all on a small assortment of tracks, just with different conditions (backwards, weather, mirror, ect). Add to the fact that there are only a handful of cars...and you've got a game thats a rental...


My final words/tilt:

Burnout is NOT a game that you would want to buy, just rent it, beat it, and never want to see it again....the crash videos shown after EVERY crash really take away from the gameplay, and make this a tedious effort to play though...



Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/07/02, Updated 06/07/02

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