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Reviewed: 07/12/02 | Updated: 07/12/02

More then meets the eye.

Ok, I will admit, when I first got this game it was somewhat of a disappointment. This is by far no where near the power that Cruisin' USA held when it came out for the N64, which is what I expected.

Graphics 9/10

I will admit, the detail is amazing. Your vehicle, while not appropriately named, is built to scale of numerous cars. There are very few models for wrecks, and I was real disappointed when the fuel truck didn't blow up, but wrecking isn't all this game is about. Admire the detail of the cars, your body is so chromed out you can see the reflection of passing cars in your bumper. The vertigo effect when you hit boost is especially pleasing to the eye.

Gameplay 8/10

Single player, there is no equal in racing. You will often find yourself wrestling with the other 3 cars for position. I was rather upset that you could only race up to 3 cars, but once you get onto the road traffic makes up for it. Hairpin turns and traffic jams will almost always great you out the door.

Control 10/10

Unless Nintendo designs an automobile control suite with all the trimmings, you wont find anything better. High speed cornering requires a little practice, but you get the hang of it. A few games and you will be swinging your back end out like no body's business. The manual is nice, unfortunately unless you play with a manual transmission, you are in trouble, the automatic lacks the power of the ol' clutch in shift.

Replay 6/10

Not a lot of replay value here. The tracks are long and repetitive, not a lot of cars, even when you unlock them, and the 2 player split screen is horrible. If you do get this game, plan on being rather popular and having a lot of race tourneys out of your house, because once you beat championship mode the game loses its luster. Trying to drive in 2 player mode with anything bigger then the Muscle car is ill advised, as from 3rd person view you cannot see due to the timer, and control is horrible in 1st person mode. Of course it MIGHT be workable on a wide screen, but not on my rinky dink 30 inch screen.

Overall 7/10

Lets face it, the game has its flaws, every game does. After playing it I myself was planning on sabotaging it and taking it back for a refund. That is I was until my friend said ''quit messing around and unlock some stuff''. Once you get in the flow its quite addictive, a great 2 player game if you can get passed its few flaws.

In conclusion its a great street racing game that will have you on the edge of your seats until the finish line.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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