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Reviewed: 07/29/02 | Updated: 07/29/02

Whee!!! I'm gonna CRASH!!!

Yay! Don't get my, hmm, childish synopsis and first word of the review wrong. This is the one genre I despise. Boring, repetitive, and lacking of any story line. So why give Burnout such a good review? One, because of the crisp, clean graphics, the way the cars slide, and the neato crashes. Two, because the word ''Acclaim'' is fun to say, and I like the title.

Gameplay: 7/10
Why do I always start out with gameplay? Because gameplay is definitive, the core of a game. You can have all the graphics in the world, a stunning array of characters, and wonderful sounds that rival Beethoven, but if you lack good gameplay, then you get ''Bomberman''. Burnout provides a fun driving experience that takes a while to get old. But it will, hey, it's a driving game. The most interesting part of the game is wreaking havoc on your fellow drivers, and drifting. Yes, drifting. It's just cool to see your car slide through crowded intersections and slam into a minivan, spraying glass and car bits everywhere. But even that gets dull and repetitive. One of the bad aspects is that you never get to see the result of your insanity, as even the neutral traffic gets reset. For a lack of better words, this game is no ''Driver 2''.

Graphics: 11/10
Oh, sorry, went overboard on the praise there. But the graphics are so darn nice. If not the apparent lack of things to do, this game would have gotten a 10 because of the graphics alone. But you can see every detail of the car, its very nice.

Sound: 9/10
But what's sound anyway, since I usually get yelled at for having ''...that stupid TV too loud!!!'' Anyway, the sound ain't bad, you can hear stuff crashing, but it's usually relatively the same, so there's nothing special here.

Controls: 7/10
Allow me to get something straight in my mind: just because a car is labeled ''hard'' does not make it hard to handle. In this game, it means it's gonna be ''hard'' for other cars to catch up with you, as it is fast. If a car is labeled ''easy'', it means it's ''easy'' to get behind. Seriously, though, the controls are pretty much the same throughout the thing, except that the CPU's are faster than you and when you get the speed boost, apparently they will eventually catch up. But that should go in gameplay. The controls are a bit iffy. But you get used to them.

Rent. Enough said. This is a racing game, with about 6 cars to choose from, and a few secret cars, which lack much variety. So not a whole lot to do.

Overall: 7/10
I guess that about sums it up. It's a game worth giving a shot, if you are a fan of racing games or are just bored to tears with ''Super Smash Bros. Melee''. Would I pay $50 for it? Not a chance. Would I rent it again? Probably not. Would I give it a seven? Apparently.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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