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"Give Burnout a try"

Introduction: Burnout, one of Nintendo GameCubes release titles, but one of the best, or maybe a little rushed. Graphics arn't everything in a game you know.

Gameplay: Plays very well indeed, although at some points it can get a little frustrating. The enemy A.I. isn't all up too scratch as very often you'll find they will crash around three times per lap. Even more frustrating are the times they crash sideways while blocking the entire road waiting for you too smash into them. In overall, a good game when it avoids this problem. 7/10

Graphics: wow! Hey great graphics you know, it is acctually an improoved version of the Playstation 2's game, however, since theres going too be a sequil it's best too go for that. From what I've seen, their much improoved. If you do get this game though, you wont be dissapointed, as its one of the best on the Gamecube, with only a few exeptions. 7/10

Multiplayer: Usually not a big issue for me, multiplayer, but this one is too die for. Its a shame its only a maximum of 2 players, but its great fun. Ramming a mate into oncomming traffic gives great joy! You could even have a test and see who lasts longest before crashing. Great Fun. 9/10

Storyline: Being a racing game, no-one expects a storyline. It does however have a weak story line of racing for the other guys car, but if storylines a main part of you faveroute games, best avoid most racing games altogether. 1/10

Lastability: Not long, once you master the game and unlock all the secret cars and modes, Burnout probably won't come out of its box very often. Getting the biggest crashes and fastest times will make you come back though. You will probably squeeze around 10 hours out of this one. 3/10

Secrets: Very few really but unlocking them all will require, alot of game play and some will really be worth you time. 6/10

Variety: With 10 cars too choose from (and a variety of colours for most), and several game modes too choose from, you'll find lots of variety, but just not enough to keep you trying. 4/10

Overall: A good game too start, but maybe too frustrating and too many in-game crashes too keep you liking Burnout. If you like the style of this game though, either rent it, or get Burnout 2, hopefully an improoved version.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 10/15/02, Updated 10/15/02

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