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"A unique but mediocre game."

Burnout is a racing game produced by Acclaim. And well, the game is little odd., but it is somewhat fun due to the violent fun you can have. The game is like the Cruisin’ series for the N64 and in many arcades. It’s racing in which you can choose to race in oncoming traffic or pegging the guys in your lane from behind. This does bring back some memories. This game is better than Crusin’ USA, World, and Exotica, but it isn’t all that good and definitely can be improved with the release of Burnout 2.

Story- N/A- I don’t see a story in this game. Although, there is a championship mode where you can race on many different tracks for points and whoever has the most points wins and gets the bragging rights.

Graphics- 7/10- All right, the graphics aren’t all that bad. The environments are nicely detailed and fairly colored and designed, but still look like graphics from a game like Rush San Francisco 2049 in some aspects. The cars are done very nicely though, and look like cars on markets today. The menu graphics do look crappy though. Rush 2049’s menu graphics look strikingly similar to this though and that was on the N64. Burnout has its ups and downs in its graphics with some looking nice and some looking like they came from a toilet.

Sound- 6/10- The sound in Burnout is a mixed bag as well. The music in the game just downright sucks. It’s like going to a rock concert and not liking rock. The themes in the game get repetitive and annoying. Acclaim needs to revise their strategy on how they use music. Burnout 2 will hopefully have much better music that its prequel game.

Sound effects, on the other hand, in this game are excellent. The hum of the engine, as you race through River City or down The Interstate, has an excellent ring to it as well as very nice sound quality. The screeches as you turn sound shockingly realistic. The collisions also sound excellent and very realistic as well. Finally the sound of the shattered glass as you roll your car over makes you feel like you are actually in the car.

The sound effects are excellent but the music is worse than rolling a barrel up a steep mountain with your feet.

Gameplay- 6/10- Gameplay in this game is all right. You could ask for more cars to use and more tracks to race on and wouldn’t get what you want. There are 4 different modes in this to do, Championship Mode, Single Race Mode, 2 Player Mode, and Time Attack. Championship mode is the same as your basic circuit mode where you want to place high to collect points to win the title. There are multiple races but this mode can get boring really fast. Single Race mode is probably the best. You only start with 3 tracks to race on do you must unlock more with championship mode. 2 Player Mode is a single race with two people, and time attack is your basic time trial mode.

Control- Control in this game is essentially nice. It’s the same as your basic racing game with your normal accelerator button and buttons for braking. It can get hard to do with all the cars at you, and can be hard to keep control when you are drifting.

Difficulty- This is the main thing that brings this category to what it is. It is insanely easy if you don’t get involved in an accident. In fact, if you do get involved in one. It’s easy to reclaim the lead.

Replay Value- 4/10- It gets boring early, and you’ll probably want to shut it off by the end of the first hour. It’s kind of fun though.

Buy or Rent- Rent- Burnout is a nice weekend rental.

-Excellent Graphics
-Excellent Sound Effects
-Nice Control
-Too easy
-Crappy music
-Bad replay value

Overall- 6/10- If you like racing games, it makes a nice rental. But otherwise stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Originally Posted: 10/17/02, Updated 07/26/03

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