Review by MaddenMan702

"Good stuff, with da bad stuff"

I did not rent this game, instead just bought it. I opened it up, and put the disc in the tray. Not what I expected.

Graphics 9/10- The graphics on this game are very good. I was very impressed with that. The crashes are the best I've ever seen. The game physics are very good as well. The cars move in a perfect manner. The roads, buildings, trees and other things in the back round are good as well. Also they put just as much effort into the traffic cars as they did the cars racing.

Control 8/10- I like the controls for this game. Sticking with the original A for go, B for brake. Also if you did not like the controls, there are 3 or so more to choose from. The R for turbo fits perfectly as well. Hitting the turbo makes you go about 10 m.p.h faster. L for horn is fine. Change views is up and down on the d-pad.(I was not impressed with the fact that there are only 2 views, in and out of car)

Sound 5/10- The music in the menu screen and during the races is horrible. It has nothing to do with racing. I was looking for some hard rock or rap. But they put a mix of Techno and Opera on there. The Game sound effects however, are quite good. The car engines sound perfect and make the right sounds as the car shifts. The screech noises are good as well. The ''crunch'' noise the cars make when crashing is great.

Others 7/10- The fact that the damage does not stay with the car, bummed me out. I was really looking forward to smashing up my car. Also the checkpoints and time limits make the game less fun. An actual ''free mode'' would have been great. If you were able to take away the green arrows (which I was also displeased with) and the time limits and just drive and crash into things. I think many that have played the game are with me on that one. Also in the crashes cars always land on their wheels. There are no flips or anything like that. The cars roll over repeatedly, but like I said, almost always land on their wheels.( I have encountered once when I stayed flipped over)

All in all, I gave the game an 8/10. The graphics, game sounds and crashes were spectacular, but the games low points brought the overall score down.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/07/02, Updated 11/07/02

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