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"This thing Crashed and Burned Out"

Burnout. What can I say about the crashed project that was started by Acclaim to make a decent racing game? This was a complete failure by all means possible. See why in the following review for the game Burnout.


The thing is, there is no story! The only tidbit tells you that you are participating in a street race with demented cars trying to hit you. This is my personal story for this evil game. That is all anyone can really say about this besides that there is absolutely no plotline or anything to keep you coming back for more. Nothing.

Story: 1/10


The graphics are rather good for this game, just as they are for ATV Quad Power Racing 2. This means that they are still quite a fair bit of a plus, but not by more than a dime or two. All I can say is that they are extremely detailed, yet after a few of the "fantastic" crash scenes they all begin to look the same. The graphics overall focus on the cars and not enough on the background.

Graphics: 8/10


There are no real interesting sounds or background music really, but the constant drone of your engine that goes even when you crash. Yes, while your car is wiped out! However, there are no real sounds in this game that can be noticed. *DRONE**DRONE*

Sounds: 1/10


I dare you to play this game without turning the power straight off upon contact. It has a "few" (scarcasm) things for you to get annoyed with, such as the time limit, how little it takes for you to crash, how long the loading/saving is, how much blocks it uses to save movies and how much the computer cars bump you and all play as if their on impossible difficulty. About the movies, they take up 1 block for a 10 second "movie" for a crash that can be easily recreated. On the box of this game it makes out that you have modes with both limited and unlimited time to crush cars but that is not the case in Burnout! The "civilians" will go on seek and destroy missions, where they fishtail you and ram into you over and over again. Really, even the police!

Gameplay: 3/10

Replay Value:

This is where it really fails, as with the other Acclaim racing games, causing it to fall down from the petty hill that it is on. The problem is, if you fail once you have as good come in last place. Meaning you have to restart tons, and you have to exit the race and load it up again, causing it to eat up your time and get you tired with it even faster than possibly imaginable. Notice the same problem as with ATV Quad Power Racing 2?

Replay Value: 2/10


This game is not on my good list or average list. It is in my "absolutely horrible" list. This game just fails to hit my positive nerves about anything in it. I just do not understand how this game got so incredibly hyped up for them to make a second and a third. It is just annoying and no fun, and that is all I have to say about this game.


Story: 1/10 Graphics: 8/10 Sounds: 1/10 Gameplay: 3/10 Replay Value: 2/10 Overall: 3/10

Rent or Buy:

Do not even touch this game. This game helps me predict how I will do on my driving test. The better you do on this the worse you will do on your test. I will pass that test so well it won't even by funny if that is true in any slight way. Playing this is the best way to get bored FAST!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 12/22/04, Updated 01/09/06

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