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"A great racing game for the 'cube."

Burnout is an exciting racing game that has some of the most realistic crashes for a video game ever, and emphasizes driving dangerously. Let's get started now...

Graphics: 9/10
I'd like to start off with the graphics of this game. The courses look excellent and are very detailed. I've often caught myself looking at scenery while playing. The cars look good, but there is a limited selection of them (one of my few complaints about this game).

Gameplay: 8/10
The controls for Burnout are very responsive. The cars accelerate very fast and they brake extremely well. The steering on this game was done very well, and I enjoy nothing more than drifting a curve perfectly (drifting is pretty easy to do in this game). The AI of the other racers (only 3 AI's in 1 race, another small complaint) is pretty good, almost too good in some of the later courses. Then comes the AI of the traffic. I've played this game for a while, and man have I gotten mad over them. For the most part it can be good, but it ticks me off when they change lanes right in front of you on the interstate. Other times they swerve toward you before the swerve away, most times they still avoid you but it's a tense moment, and there is a quite a bit of traffic in this game.

In this game you are intended to drive dangerously, and the incentive is a boost meter. When the boost meter gets full, you can press the boost button and go faster than normal until it runs out, but careful, if you crash, you have to fill it up all over again. You can fill it up by driving dangerously (who'd a thunk it?). Drive dangerously by driving in the oncoming lane of traffic, have near misses with other cars (besides your opponents), and drifting (I love drifting; it's a very satisfying experience. Honestly, I don't know why I'm obsessed with it. It's nothing special.). All races have checkpoints, too.

There are standard racing game play modes like Championship, Head-to-head, Time Attack, and Single Race. Special features are just unlocking a few cars and new courses. This is by no means a free roaming racer. You don't have to worry about where to turn next, because green arrows form a wall at the turns and don't allow you to go off into the wrong direction.

Sound: 6/10
The car sounds are nicely done. The motor sounds good, and when the breaks squeal, it sounds realistic, as do the crashes. The reason it gets a 6 is because of the horrible techno-like music. You may enjoy techno, but I don't. Good thing about it though, you can turn the music volume to mute in the game, and keep the SFX on, and put in a CD to listen to, which is much better for me.

Crashes (special section): 7/10
Up until this game came out, crashes have never been this realistic in a racing game. BUT, they are horribly repetitive. They're fun for the first several times you play it, but it gets old when you're going 120 mph and you hit a bus and you come to a dead halt. Every now and then you will come on a really cool crash. In the event that this happens, you can save it when the race is over(you can re-watch most of your crashes, and save them when you're done watching them). The reason this gets is a 7/10 is because of repetitiveness.

Replayability: 8/10
The championship mode has 6 tournaments(most of them have 3 races, some have only 1[which are long marathon races]). There are few cars and courses to unlock, but to unlock them you have to beat certain tournaments to unlock them(for cars you actually unlock a "face-off" which is where you race the car you are trying to unlock and if you beat it you unlock it). Nice replayability for a racing game. It won't get old for a while and when it does, you'll play it later on sometime, as I've been playing it lately. And no this isn't like a street racing game where you unlock and buy parts for cars and attach them, the only thing you can do to a car is choose automatic or manual transmission, and the color.

Pros/Cons: For a quick summary.

+ Graphics
+ Fun courses
+ Driving dangerously >:)
+ Realistic crashes, but
- Repetitive ones
- Limited selection of cars
- Music, which again can be turned off

For my final recommendation, I'd say it's a buy. The game should be dirt cheap by now and is very fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/10/05, Updated 05/30/06

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