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    Bo Rai Cho by KasketDarkfyre

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                            Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
                              Character FAQ: Bo Rai Cho
                                  Created 12-28-02
                                Drew "Kasket" Guirey
    WARNING: The FAQ is intended for free-use for players of the Deadly Alliance
    game. This FAQ covers ALL versions of Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance and the
    character of Bo Rai Cho. Under no circumstances is this guide to be plagiarized
    or taken to be used for monetary use in the form of sold guides in arcades or
    otherwise. Reproduction of this guide in any other medium is strictly forbidden
    by the author and is protected under the Copyright Infringement Law. Contact
    address for the author of this guide of possible posting on other sites is at
    the following: XkasketX@AOL.com. If you wish to use this guide, please contact
    me first and I'm sure you can get my permission.
    Section Information:
    Section 1: Introduction
    Section 2: Background Information
    Section 3: Move List
    Section 4: Combinations
    Section 5: Konquest Information
    Section 6: Credits
    Section 1: Introduction
         Welcome to the Deadly Alliance and good luck on playing through the game.
    This guide is intended to help you use the rather interesting and sometimes
    silly character of Bo Rai Cho. Bo is hard to use in some respects because his
    two fighting styles are rather hard to deal with because of the sheer movement
    change. Where one is slow and clumsy, the other is rather fast and precise, so
    those of you who play with Bo will have to learn to use both effectively. My
    hope is that you gain some insight on how to use this comical character and
    have fun in the process.
         Bloody Fighting,
                 Drew "Kasket" Guirey
    Section 2: Background Information
            -{The Background Information is taken directly from the game}-
         During the years that Shang Tsung sponsored the Mortal Kombat tournaments
    on Earth, the Outworld master Bo Rai Cho was secretly training warriors for the
    competition. It was even speculated that it was he who brought the fighting
    style of Drunken Boxing to Earthrealm. The earliest reference to any drunken
    style is in the Sung Dynasty {960 - 1276 A.D.}. Rumors indicate, however, that
    it was in fact Master Bo Rai Cho who first brought the Drunken fighting style
    to Earthrealm centuries earlier while trying to thwart Shao Kahn's takeover of
    that realm. After many years, he finally discovered the Shaolin monk Liu Kang
    and taught him the martial arts moves he needed to defeat Shang Tsung. Later,
    with the tournament securely in the hands of the Shaolin, his teachings were no
    longer needed and he returned to Outworld.
    Section 3: Move List
    --Special Moves-
    Puke Puddle:     Back, Forward + 2
       The Puke Puddle is actually a variation on the old special move that Sub
    Zero had way back called the Ground Ice. Though the move seems to be a little
    out there, it can be used to start up some pretty impressive combinations and
    can be used against turtle opponents who won't stand up and fight. However, the
    recovery is rather long on the move and you might want to use it as a last
    Flip Flop:       Down, Back + 1
       The Flip Flop is a quick move that hits twice and really does give you an
    edge up if you've got an opponent who isn't expecting it. The controller motion
    is pretty easy to remember and it can be used to style a combination that you
    might have come up with where the move is pretty useful. It doesn't work
    against turtle opponents though and can leave you extremely open if the move is
    Ground Stomp:    Forward, Back + 3
       Possibly the best move that Bo has in his arsenal, this move can only be
    avoided if the opponent is jumping from the ground. Regardless of whether or
    not the opponent is blocking or crouching, this move hits from anywhere on the
    screen and should be utilized mainly to get the match going and keep it going.
    While it does take a little time to work into, the Ground Stomp should be the
    main key to your arsenal.
    Belly Bash:      Forward, Forward + 4
       The Belly Bash is something that needs to be taken for what it is and don't
    expect too much out of it. The only factor that keeps this move worth using is
    the fact that regardless of whether you hit or not, it propels you back away
    from your opponent and out of range of any damage for just a second. However,
    you might want to use this move sparingly as it only deals a couple of percent
    damage at the end of a combination.
    --Drunken Fist Style
         Drunken Fist is where you will probably want to spend all of your time
    simply because the other two styles that Bo Rai Cho uses are pretty much for
    looks. The Drunken Fist is where all of your high-hitting and impressive
    combinations are going to come from and you'll find that it is rather speedy as
    long as you're in close to use the special moves.
         When moving with Drunken Fist, you'll have to remember that it is more of
    a shuffle than it is anything else. Most of the moves that you find are quick
    to come off with Twist of Lime combination in Drunken Fist causing the opponent
    to reel back holding their face. That leaves open possibilities to do more
    damage than you would normally get with a simple special attack, so practice
    this style exclusively.
    Spinning Backfist:     1
    Cross Strike:          Back + 1
    Serving Fist:          Down + 1
    Drinking Punch:        2
    Twisting Flask:        Down + 2
    Battle Punches:        Up + 2
    Lazy Leg:              3
    Sweep Kick:            Back + 3   {This move knocks the opponent to the floor}
    Drinking Wine:         Down + 3   {This move knocks the opponent into the air}
    Drunken Leg:           4
    Spinning Kick:         Back + 4   {This move knocks the opponent to the floor}
    Monkey Kick:           Down + 4
    Taunt:                 R1
    Throw {Belly Flop}:    Forward + R1
    --Mi Zong
         Mi Zong is straight forward with what it does and the attacks that it
    uses, concentrating more on straight-forward attacks rather than trying to
    confuse your opponent. If you were to think of Mavado, then you would have the
    same basics of what you're using here, just not as powerful. This is not to say
    that Mi Zong is useless, but it is better left to use as a style change through
    with the more advanced combinations.
         As you can see, there are limited moves for this style, and you do have to
    be in very close for them to do any real damage. There will be times where
    switching to this style might be useful, but only when you're exhausted all
    other options using the Drunken Fist style and need to have something a little
    fresh to bring into the matches that you run into later in the game.
    Hook Fist:             1
    Low Strike:            Down + 1
    Straight Punch:        2
    Low Knife Hand:        Down + 2
    Roundhouse:            3
    Sweep Kick:            Back + 3   {This move knocks the opponent to the floor}
    Tripping Sweep:        Down + 3
    Side Kick:             4
    Step Kick:             Down + 4
    Lift Kick:             Back + 4   {This move knocks the opponent into the air}
    Shove:                 R1
    Throw {Belly Flop}:    Forward + R1
         Jojutsu works in theory, but not as something that can be used on a
    consistent basis as a means of attack. With only three combinations and limited
    chain moves that you can really use, there is no reason to stick in this style
    either. For some reason, you can be further away with two of the attacks
    {Homerun and 2-hit Strike} but you have to be nearly touching your opponent for
    any of the other attacks to connect.
    Overhead Strike:       1
    Strong Overhead:       Back + 1
    Reverse Low Strike:    Down + 1
    Two-Handed Thrust:     2
    Vertical Smash:        Back + 2
    Leg Sweep:             Down + 2
    Homerun Swing:         3   {This move knocks your opponent to the floor}
    2-Hit Strike:          Forward + 3
    Low Foot Poke:         Back + 3
    Straight Thrust:       Up + 3
    Mid Reverse Strike:    4
    Leg Poke:              Back + 4
    High Reverse Strike:   Down + 4
    Sidestep Swing:        R1
    Section 4: Combinations
         I've found some pretty impressive combinations, and some really cheap ones
    that can take off a ton of damage as long as you're next to a wall. As with the
    previous Mortal Kombat, the more hits you have in a combination will generally
    tend to tone down on the amount of damage that you give out. However, if you're
    next to a wall and you can continue to connect the attacks, then you can come
    up with some impossible combinations that are both cheap and extremely
    damaging. Here are some combinations from the game and then a couple of my own:
    --Drunken Fist
    Twist of Lime:         1 - 1 - 1                         {3 Hits for 19%
    Crushing Grapes:       3 - 3 - 3                         {3 Hits for 14%
    Staggering Steps:      2 - 3 - 2 - 2                     {4 Hits for 16%
    Zero Tolerance:        3 - 3 - 2 - 2                     {4 Hits for 19%
    On The Rocks:          2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1                 {5 Hits for 18%
    Bottoms Up:            2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - L1 - 2 - L1       {7 Hits for 28%
    Last Call:             2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - L1 - 2 - Back + 4 {7 Hits for 24%
    Drunken Fury:          2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - L1 - 2 - Up + 4   {7 Hits for 26%
    --Mi Zong
    Critical Strike:       2 - 2 - L1                        {3 Hits for 15%
    Lost Track:            2 - 2 - Up + 4                    {3 Hits for 17%
    Iron Broom:            2 - 2 - Back + 4                  {3 Hits for 15%
    Homerun:               2 - 3                             {2 Hits for 15%
    Dancing Stick:         2 - 4 - 1                         {3 Hits for 19%
    Splitting Bamboo:      2 - 4 - Back + 1                  {3 Hits for 20%
    Rolling Wind:          2 - 4 - 4 - Up + 3                {4 Hits for 20%
    --Personalized Combinations
    -=-=-=-Drunken Fist-=-=-=-
    Upset Stomach:         1 - 1 - 1 - Forward, Forward + 4  {4 Hits for 22%
    *Das Boot:             4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4 - 4         {14 Hits to 48%
    *Drunken Line Dancing: 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 - 3 {18 Hits to 54%
    -=-=-=-Mi Zong-=-=-=-
    Lost and Found:        2 - 2 - Up + 4 - 3                {4 Hits for 20%
    Taking Out The Trash:  2 - 2 - Back + 4 - Back + 4       {4 Hits for 17%
    Section 5: Konquest Information
    ---Mission 1: Drunken Fist Training---
         Native to Outworld, Bo Rai Cho has trained warriors for centuries to
    compete in the Mortal Kombat tournaments. After many failures, success finally
    came when he trained the legendary Liu Kang, who defeated Shang Tsung and
    became champion of the Earthrealm tournament. You will have the honor of
    learning from the master. You will begin training in the fighting style known
    as Drunken Fist. Although there are many varieties of drunken style Kung Fu,
    you will be concentrating on the Shaolin style.
    Difficulty: Easy
    Parts: 3 Parts
    Koins Earned: 150 Jade
    Part 1: {High Attacks - 8 Attacks}
    "Master Bo Rai Cho has taught many warriors during his time in Earthrealm. Now
    he will teach you."
    This part teaches you how to use all of the Drunken Fist High Attacks. It's
    relatively simple to work with and you shouldn't have a problem working through
    all of them in the 40 seconds that you're given. With four separate punches and
    four kicks, there is plenty here that you can learn for future battles.
    Part 2: {Low Attacks - 4 Attacks}
    This next phase teaches you how to use the four low attacks in the Drunken
    Style arsenal and is again easy enough to do with the 40 seconds that you are
    given. Be aware that timing is everything and if your opponent is backed
    against the wall, you might not be able to get an attack to register.
    Part 3: {Taunting}
    Taunting really does little for you, but you'll find that the fact that you can
    do it and regain some health is worth looking into. In the middle of a hard
    battle, this can essentially be considered a useless move and you might want to
    use it as a show-off maneuver when playing against a friend.
    ---Mission 2: Mi Zong Training---
         You bring honor to Earthrealm. You have successfully proven your mastery
    of the Drunken Fist fighting style. Your next lessons will be to learn another
    of his styles.
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 6
    Koins Earned: 150 Ruby
    Part 1: {High Attacks - 5 Attacks}
    Another simple training session, you'll find that this fighting style is just a
    little faster and more precise than the Drunken Fist. I personally couldn't
    tell if this is any stronger, but it doesn't look quite as cool as the Drunken
    Fist. Again, 40 seconds is plenty of time to work with.
    Part 2: {Juggle Attacks - 2 Attacks}
    Juggling is an important part of the game in some of the more impressive and
    flashier combinations. You might find that attempting to get this down to a
    science will take a little time to work with and you should be popping up
    enemies all over the place. 40 seconds is the time limit here.
    Part 3: {Juggle}
    This takes some practice, which is why this lesson has a sloping difficulty
    rating. In this part, you have to hit Frost with a lift kick and then catch her
    again two more times before she hits the ground. While this might sound very
    easy, you actually need to learn timing and get it right before time expires.
    Part 4: {Juggle}
    Another juggle session, but this time using the Smashing Kicks to do it. This
    one is a little harder to control than the last and it may take novices who
    haven't learned the timing to get this training mission done. Do not fret
    however, even if time runs out, you'll be able to start at this particular
    portion again.
    Part 5: {Low Attacks - 4 Attacks}
    Now we get to the low attacks of the Mi Zong style of fighting. All of the
    attacks are relatively fast, but do minimal damage. This is a good style to
    know and remember if you've got a turtle player who doesn't like to make too
    much movement. Tick damage is a wonderful thing.
    Part 6: {Shoving}
    Shoving is another option that you have, but only if you're in this style.
    Shoving is good if the opponent is constantly blocking everything because you
    can knock them off balance long enough to get a hit in. While not the most
    scientific, it's good against human opponents but not against the computer!
    ---Mission 3: Jojutsu Weapon Training---
         Jojutsu is the Japanese art of the short staff. It was first used by Muso
    Gonnosuke in the early 1600's after his loss to the swordsman, Miyamoto
    Musashi, while using a long staff of 6 feet. With the assistant from Master Bo
    Rai Cho, he subsequently developed a style with a shorter staff of 4 feet.
    Although he beat Musashi in a second duel, he was later defeated in his first
    Mortal Kombat tournament. Gonnosuke's soul was consumed by the sorcerer Shang
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 5
    Koins Earned: 150 Ruby
    Part 1: {High Attacks - 8 Attacks}
    This is to get your familiar with the Jojutsu style of fighting. Essentially,
    the high attacks are what you'll learn, but you'll find that the attacks with
    the short staff require you to be in close for a good majority of them. 40
    seconds is the time limit that you have, but there is nothing here too
    Part 2: {Pop-Up Attacks - 2 Attacks}
    The Pop-Up attack here is pretty simple to learn and can help if you're looking
    to give off a stylish combination during your battles. You might want to take
    heed in the way that you have to use them, as again, you have to be close in
    order for them to hit. 40 seconds is the time limit.
    Part 3: {Juggling}
    Simply put, you have to juggle your opponent here with the Strong Overhead
    Strike. It sounds pretty simple at first, but you have to learn the timing in
    order to have all of the hits connect. If you're bad on your timing, it might
    take one or two tries in order to get through this one.
    Part 4: {Juggling}
    This time around, you have to hit your opponent with three Vertical Smash
    attacks before the time runs out. This one is infinitely easier than the last
    one and doesn't require too much effort in order to complete. The easiest way
    to complete the juggle is to hit, count to one and then hit the command again.
    Part 5: {Low Attacks - 3 Attacks}
    The low attacks portion of this lesson is pretty easy to work with and doesn't
    require too much though or effort. Consider this to be one of the last easy
    lessons that you have for the next few missions.
    ---Mission 4: Drunken Fist Combinations---
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 3
    Koins Earned: 175 Gold
    Part 1: {Punching Combinations - 2 Combinations}
    This is where the fun really begins. You start out in the combination training
    learning just the basics as to what to do with the Drunken Fist Style. Though
    the last couple might seem daunting, all you have to do is press the buttons in
    a controlled manner and keep your timing a normal pace. Your sparring partner
    is Kung Lao and you have 60 seconds.
    Part 2: {Punch/Kick Combinations - 1 Combination}
    This one is pretty easy to pick up on and gives you just one combination to
    work with. You have plenty of time with 60 seconds on the clock, though you
    might need to work on the timing with this one while Bo Rai Cho sways around.
    Part 3: {Advanced Punch/Kick Combinations - 3 Combinations}
    The action here will start to pick up with more impressive looking and health
    damaging combinations. You'll find that the combinations here utilize the 3 and
    4 button on the Play Station 2, which makes these out to be more of the kicking
    combinations. Good luck.
    ---Mission 5: Mi Zong & Jojutsu Combinations---
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 5
    Koins: 175 Sapphire
    Part 1: {Mi Zong Combinations - 2 Combinations}
    This lesson shows you that the Mi Zong combinations have a pop-up option that
    will allow you to score another hit. While you might thing that this is pretty
    useless, you'll find that the pop-up attack at the end leaves you room for a
    more damaging and sometimes flashier combination ender.
    Part 2: {Mi Zong Combinations - 2 Combinations}
    This lesson will show you how to execute an attack just after the pop-up.
    You'll have to use a little timing when doing this one and it could take a
    little getting used to in order to hit the opponent on the way down. Practice
    makes perfect and this is no exception to the rule.
    Part 3: {Jojutsu Combinations - 3 Combinations}
    Nothing too hard to learn here in which you merely have to learn the three
    combinations that are available for the Jojutsu Style. 40 seconds is enough to
    work with though you might want to take some time to learn how to get the
    timing correct for the last combination.
    Part 4: {Jojutsu Pop-Up Combination - 1 Combination}
    Well, the teacher is rather impressed that Kung Lao's hat is still fairly
    attached to his head. This time around, try to knock that silly razor hat off
    with this neat little combination. Easy enough to do before you move onto the
    next part. Simply learn the timing between the buttons and pop Kung Lao into
    the ground.
    Part 5: {Jojutsu Pop-Up Combination - 1 Combination}
    The same as before, but this time, you have to nail him with a strike just
    after you've drilled him into the ground. As with any combination that knocks
    them into a bounce on the ground, the timing that you use here is critical in
    order to complete the mission.
    ---Mission 6: Special Moves Training---
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 4
    Koins Earned: 200 Ruby
    Part 1: {Belly Bash - 3 Times}
    This time around, Jax is your beating vict..er..partner and you have to learn
    how to use the Belly Bash in order to get anywhere. While the move might seem
    pretty silly, it does have its merits that are explained in the Special Moves
    section of this FAQ.
    Part 2: {Belly Bash - 4 Times}
    Same as before, but this time around, Jax seems to have a bit of a problem with
    your training. This time he'll be coming at you, so all you have to do is Bash,
    and repeat until the lesson is over with. 60 seconds is plenty of time to do
    this, just be sure not to get hit in the process.
    Part 3: {Flip Flop - 3 Times}
    This is a rather interesting move that uses the feet rather than the belly to
    do the damage. The directional motion on the pad is simple enough to remember
    and learn, though actually using this in battle might be a little tough to do
    because of the delay time.
    Part 4: {Flip Flop - 4 Times}
    It seems as though Jax doesn't like getting kicked around like a little girl
    and he's coming at you again just to prove that he's all man. To hell with
    that. Kick the crap out of him with four more of the Flip Flops to shut his pie
    hole so that you can move onto the next mission, eh?
    ---Mission 7: Un-blockable Special Moves Training---
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 3
    Koins Earned: 200 Jade
    Part 1: {Ground Stomp - 2 Times}
    Now you'll get to learn the use of the Ground Stomp. This unblockable move is
    pretty useful when you're playing against the computer and should be used
    often. Oh, Jax won't spar with you anymore, but Kitana is now stepping in to
    give you a hand with the training which is a far sight better than Jax.
    Part 2: {Ground Stomp - 4 Times}
    This time, you'll use the Ground Stomp in order to catch your opponent four
    separate times. However, you'll have to learn how to use the timing because
    unlike the last time, Kitana is now jumping around like a rabbit on crack.
    Part 3: {Ground Stomp - 4 Times}
    Just like before, Kitana is on the move, but she's looking to take a piece out
    of your rather bulbous ass in the process. Catch her 4 times with this Ground
    Stomp in order to complete the training and move on.
    ---Mission 8: Un-blockable Special Moves Training---
    Difficulty: Medium
    Parts: 2
    Coins Earned: 200 Ruby
    Part 1: {Puke Puddle - 3 Times}
    This is by far the coolest thing I've ever seen. In this mission, your job is
    to train by using a different form of the ground freeze from Mortal Kombat 2
    and work with the Puke Puddle. Do it three times and catch Kitana with the
    attack to move onto the next lesson
    Part 2: {Puke Puddle - 4 Times}
    Same as before, but this time, Kitana is looking to avoid you and your puke by
    moving all around the stage. Get her to step in the chucky mess four more times
    to move onto the next Mission which will really show if this is worth learning
    or not.
    ---Mission 9: Branch Style Combinations---
    Difficulty: Hard
    Parts: 4
    Koins Earned: 250 Sapphire
    Part 1: {Drunken Fist to Mi Zong Combination}
    This is where the meat of the game really comes into play. You'll have to work
    with Bo Rai Cho in the Drunken Style and switch into the Mi Zong style, all in
    one string of hits. While it seems hard at first, the key to doing this is to
    remember that timing is everything.
    Part 2: {Advanced Drunken First to Mi Zong Combination}
    Another longer string, but this time around, you have to learn to add in
    another two hits to the combination once you've switched over styles. A key to
    learning how to get through this is to remember that the style change counts as
    one of the hits in the string, but not the final hit. Timing is crucial here as
    Part 3: {Mi Zong to Jojutsu Combination}
    This combination is easy to learn and starts you out in Mi Zong style first in
    order to blast your way through. Timing isn't as critical here as it is for the
    next part so just relax and remember to keep your counting and button pressing
    to a normal pace.
    Part 4: {Expert Drunken Fist to Mi Zong to Jojutsu Combination}
    This is one of the grand-daddy combinations that Bo Rai Cho has to offer in his
    arsenal and it will take some practice to get it to come off right. If you
    don't remember the button counting as you go, you'll have to repeat the lesson
    a few times until you've hit it correctly.
    ---Mission 10: Fight Bo Rai Cho---
    Difficulty: Varies
    Koins Earned: 300 Sapphire
    This is pretty self-explanatory in what you have to do and just how you have to
    do it. Remembering your special attacks and the more damaging combinations is
    the sure-fire way to winning the best 3 out of 5 match up that you undertake
    here. However, you might want to simply stay in Drunken Fist and use the first
    couple of combinations that were taught to as those will get you through all of
    the matches. Repeat this one as many times as you need to and experiment with
    your attacks to see just what works for you.
    Section 6: Credits
    First and foremost, I'd like to thank Jeff "CjayC" Veasey for a wonderful site
    and the ability to create FAQs, reviews and otherwise for GameFAQs. Without him
    and GameFAQs, I wouldn't be in the hobby of doing small guides and reviewing
    hundreds of games.
    Next I would like to thank the gamers who decide to use this guide and I should
    hope that you find it to be informative and useful for your quest through
    Outworld with the puking drunk, Bo Rai Cho.
    Finally, Midway Entertainment for creating Deadly Alliance, though you guys
    waited a little long to give us more of the Kombat that we've come to love and
    Copyright 2002 - Drew "Kasket" Guirey

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