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    Konquest Mode Story Guide by ProTect

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    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance Konquest Mode Story Guide
    For the Playstation 2
    Version 1.0 (7 January 2003)
    By ProTect (e-mail: protectiam@yahoo.com)
    Copyright (c) 2003 ProTect
    The game Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (hereafter referred to as MK5) and all
    MK5 characters are copyrights of Midway.
    I do not claim any of the MK5 characters as my intellectual property in any
    way. My contribution is solely the organization of MK5's Konquest Mode text
    into one guide.
    This guide is mine, ProTect's. Do not post it to public forums without my
    permission. Do not in any way claim it as your own.
    DO NOT rewrite it and pass it off as your Story Guide for another game!
    Plagiarism is a very serious crime. It is intellectual theft.
    Guide Disclaimers
    Purpose of This Guide
    What is in This Guide?
    What is Not in This Guide?
    Explanation of Text
    Text by Character
     A. Shang Tsung
     B. Bo' Rai Cho
     C. Quan Chi
     D. Li Mei
     E. Scorpion
     F. Sonya
     G. Kenshi
     H. Mavado
     I. Johnny Cage
     J. Sub-Zero
     K. Kano
     L. Kung Lao
     M. Nitara
     N. Drahmin
     O. Hsu Hao
     P. Frost
     Q. Jax
     R. Kitana
     S. Raiden
     T. Reptile
     U. Cyrax
    Personal Reflections
    Version History
    ----------PURPOSE OF THIS GUIDE-----------
    This guide is a collection of all of MK5's story-relevant Konquest Mode text
    into one document.
    ----------WHAT IS IN THIS GUIDE?----------
    The guide contains the Konquest Mode story for each character. It also has
    any information on the characters' fighting styles and special attacks that
    is included in Konquest Mode.
    ----------WHAT IS NOT IN THIS GUIDE?----------
    The guide does not contain any of the instructions from Konquest Mode, such as
    "Practice these Leopard combos," unless these instructions are tied in to
    story details. It also does not contain any character endings (these are in
    Arcade Mode, and there is already a FAQ for them), biographical material that
    is not in Konquest Mode, or any information unlocked in the Krypt. It is for
    Konquest Mode only, and only the "juicy" bits of that.
    ----------EXPLANATION OF TEXT----------
    Each playable character in MK5 (save two) has a 10-Mission Konquest Mode,
    which teaches moves and combos for the character while recounting some of the
    character's MK5 backstory. This guide dispenses with the teaching part, and
    goes straight for the story information, which you may want to see without
    finishing some of the tricky Missions in Konquest Mode yourself, or may want
    to see again without having to start Konquest Mode all over again. I know I
    do, which is why I started working on this guide.
    ----------TEXT BY CHARACTER----------
    A. Shang Tsung
    The Sorcerer Shang Tsung is cursed to consume the souls of defeated warriors
    in order to stay alive. From these souls he attains greater strength and
    ability. It could be said that his fighting skill is the culmination of those
    he has conquered.
    The history of Shang Tsung's Snake fighting style is hard to trace
    historically because it is incorporated into so many Chinese fighting systems.
    Shang Tsung absorbed this fighting style by consuming the soul of a Shaolin
    Shao Kahn had sent orders to Shang Tsung, commanding the sorcerer to aid him
    in the battle against the united forces of Edenia and the Shokan. The message
    was delivered by Reptile. At first, Shang Tsung did not recognize Reptile, for
    he had morphed into something more primal than in years past. Shang Tsung
    mistook Reptile for an assassin and braced for an attack.
    Shang Tsung poised himself in the Crane Style stance. Reptile perceived this
    to be an offensive move. A battle ensued.
    During the fight, Shang Tsung used a Crane pop-up attack on the assassin. This
    attack allowed Shang Tsung to pop Reptile into the air long enough to execute
    another attack.
    Shang Tsung finally recognized Reptile and ceased his attack. Reptile gave him
    Shao Kahn's orders to report to the Emperor's fortress, and then he departed.
    Moments later, there was a ruckus in the outside courtyard. Shang Tsung
    emerged from his domicile to find that the sorcerer Quan Chi had just defeated
    Scorpion in a short but heated battle. Quan Chi explained that the ninja
    spectre had been lying in wait for Shang Tsung.
    If Quan Chi had not been there to intervene, Shang Tsung would surely have
    been attacked by the ninja spectre, Scorpion. Against such a powerful foe,
    Shang Tsung would have needed to draw his Straight Sword.
    In order to ensure Scorpion's defeat, Shang Tsung would have had to Impale the
    ninja spectre. By stabbing Scorpion and not retrieving the blade, Shang Tsung
    would have slowly drained Scorpion's netheressence.
    Quan Chi had come to Shang Tsung with an offer to form an alliance. He
    explained in detail how the two sorcerers could greatly benefit each other if
    they joined forces. Shang Tsung was no fool. He understood the risks involved
    with Quan Chi's proposal. But after some convincing from his fellow sorcerer,
    he readily agreed. The first act of the Deadly Alliance would be to eliminate
    Shao Kahn. Shang Tsung made use of Shao Kahn's mandate to return to his
    fortress as a means to get within striking distance.
    An attack Shang Tsung used while he and Quan Chi fought the Emperor, Shao
    Kahn, was his Fireball. One variation is the Straight Fire.
    Another fireball attack Shang Tsung used against Shao Kahn was his 3D Fire.
    After defeating the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn, the two sorcerers traveled
    to Earthrealm by way of a celestial portal known only to sorcerers and
    deities. To earn the privilege of crossing over the void, each sorcerer had to
    kombat a representation of his greatest adversary. For Shang Tsung, the
    opponent came in the form of Quan Chi.
    Shang Tsung and Quan Chi had traveled to Earthrealm to seek out Shang Tsung's
    nemesis, Liu Kang. By disguising himself as Kung Lao, Shang Tsung was able to
    approach Liu Kang while he was practicing his meditation katas. In the fight
    that ensued, Shang Tsung had almost lost to Liu Kang's might. From out of
    nowhere, Quan Chi threw the Shaolin monk off balance with a surprise attack...
    and gave Shang Tsung the moment he needed to kill Liu Kang.
    The Elder God, Raiden, had witnessed the battle from The Heavens and decided
    to return to Earth to kombat the Deadly Alliance.
    Shang Tsung and Quan Chi left Liu Kang's body where it lay to complete their
    next task... to locate the Red Dragon clan member, Mavado. They had use of his
    clan's talents and offered his clan asylum from the coming invasion of
    Earthrealm, should he complete the task they proposed. Mavado accepted their
    offer on behalf of his clan and followed the two sorcerers back to Outworld.
    Some time after Shang Tsung, Quan Chi, and Mavado had returned to Outworld,
    Shang Tsung made a pact with two Oni from the Netherealm. He kept them in a
    chamber in the lower levels of his new palace and fed them mortals to keep
    them satisfied. In the event that Quan Chi betrayed Shang Tsung, he would
    release the vengeful Oni upon him.
    Shang Tsung has survived for centuries by stealing the souls of warriors. Once
    Shang Tsung has performed his Soul Steal move, it is said that he absorbs some
    of his victims' attributes as well as maintains his youth.
    B. Bo' Rai Cho
    Native to Outworld, Bo' Rai Cho has trained warriors for centuries to compete
    in the Mortal Kombat tournaments. After many failures, success finally came
    when he trained the legendary Liu Kang, who defeated Shang Tsung and became
    champion of the Earthrealm tournament.
    The earliest reference to any drunken style is in the Sung Dynasty (960 - 1276
    A.D.). Rumors indicate, however, that it was in fact Master Bo' Rai Cho who
    first brought the Drunken fighting style to Earthrealm while trying to thwart
    Shao Kahn's takeover of that realm.
    Master Bo' Rai Cho is as skilled at Mi Zong as he is at Drunken Fist.
    Jojutsu is the Japanese art of the short staff. It was first used by Muso
    Gonnosuke in the early 1600's after his loss to the swordsman, Miyamoto
    Musashi, while using a long staff of 6 feet. With assistance from Master Bo'
    Rai Cho, he subsequently developed a style with a shorter staff of 4 feet.
    Although he beat Musashi in a second duel, he was later defeated in his first
    Mortal Kombat tournament. Gonnosuke's soul was consumed by the sorcerer Shang
    Master Bo' Rai Cho adapted Muso's Jojutsu style to include close-kombat,
    high-frequency attacks.
    Master Bo' Rai Cho has 2 special moves in which he hurls his big belly at his
    opponent for rib-crushing devastation.
    Master Bo' Rai Cho has never married. Most heroes impress the ladies with
    their kombat skills. Master Bo' Rai Cho repulses them with his.
    In a vulgar, but most effective manuever, the young Bo' Rai Cho would vomit on
    the ground in front of his opponent. If his opponent stepped in the bile, he
    would slip uncontrollably. This moment of immobility would give Bo' Rai Cho a
    chance to attack.
    C. Quan Chi
    The sorcerer Quan Chi is as vile as they come. His kombat skills come from a
    great understanding of sorcery, rather than from actual training or practice.
    Tang Soo Do is a relatively modern Korean martial art developed by Hwang Kee.
    It is a combination of several arts, which Hwang Kee studied during his life.
    These arts included Soo Bahk Do (Korean), Tae Kyun (Korean), Tang Method
    (Northern Chinese), and Southern Chinese (unspecified).
    Scorpion had brutalized Quan Chi while they were both stranded in the 5th
    plane of the Netherealm. The ninja spectre drew strength from that realm,
    whereas Quan Chi's sorcery weakened.
    Quan Chi had to rely on his most basic of attacks to fend off Scorpion's
    Quan Chi has a knack for reversing his fortunes. What seems like a devastating
    blow eventually turns to his advantage. Call it his sorcerer's luck. This dark
    fortune also applies to his fighting ability. When an opponent strikes, Quan
    Chi can perform what is called a Reversal to get the upper hand.
    It seemed that Quan Chi had been trapped in the Netherealm to be forever
    tormented by the ninja spectre Scorpion. But fate turned to Quan Chi's favor
    when two Oni, Moloch and Drahmin, presented to him ancient information
    regarding his amulet.
    This new information, enscribed on tablets, detailed the amulet's purpose and
    how to control it. Quan Chi used the information to escape from the Netherealm
    through a cloaked Realm Gateway without his Oni companions.
    Quan Chi emerged in Outworld to find himself inside a large stone structure.
    He felt his powers returning and used them to decipher the hieroglyphs on a
    large sarcophagus. He was amazed to discover that he had stumbled upon the
    tomb of the long-forgotten Dragon King and his undefeatable army.
    As Quan Chi's magical strength returned, he slowly regained the fighting
    prowess drained from him during his time in the Netherealm. The fighting style
    Escrima was one of his first skills to reappear.
    Quan Chi had regained enough strength to wield his Double Broadswords.
    Although this technique was similar to the single broadsword, Quan Chi
    considered the more advanced use of two weapons to be quite advantageous in
    kombat. They also proved to be advantageous in freeing himself from the tomb
    to search for the sorcerer, Shang Tsung.
    By the time Quan Chi had reached the rumored abode of Shang Tsung, his Special
    Attacks had regained full strength. And just in time, it would seem, as Quan
    Chi was soon confronted by none other than Scorpion. The imbecile ninja must
    have somehow escaped the Netherealm through the same portal as Quan Chi, but
    had emerged elsewhere in Outworld. The two adversaries battled furiously, but
    Quan Chi gained the upper hand when he cast his Skull Fireball at the
    unsuspecting Scorpion.
    Quan Chi can focus his Fa Jin into a foul skull spectre and propel it at his
    opponent. This attack is painful, but it also serves to intimidate the
    Although Quan Chi thought he had defeated Scorpion with his Skull Fireball,
    the ninja had only been feigning death, and sprung a surprise attack with his
    spear. Reeling from the pain inflicted by the Skull Fireball, the enraged
    ninja proved to be much more aggressive this time.
    Although Quan Chi had blasted Scorpion with his Skull Fireball multiple times,
    he finally restored to his Rising Star kick, and sent Scorpion flying backward
    into a moat of acid that surrounded the courtyard.
    A short time later, Shang Tsung emerged from a doorway to applaud his fellow
    sorcerer's victory. Shang Tsung had not interfered with their battle, and had
    remained inside his home until the kombat had ceased. Scorpion's demise in the
    acid bath led Shang Tsung to believe that Quan Chi had defeated Scorpion with
    a lucky shot.
    The Special Attack that had sent Scorpion hurling into the acid bath is called
    the Rising Star kick. It is a pop-up attack that can also be used to dodge
    Quan Chi tried to propose an alliance with Shang Tsung, but Shang Tsung did
    not believe that Quan Chi was a worthy ally.
    Shang Tsung believes that the Rising Star kick is indeed fast enough to hit an
    average warrior, but he laughs at the idea that it could defeat an aggressive
    opponent such as the ninja spectre, Scorpion.
    Shang Tsung was impressed with Quan Chi's fighting abilities and agreed to
    listen to his proposal for an alliance between the two sorcerers. Quan Chi
    began by explaining that he could provide an endless supply of souls for Shang
    Tsung to consume in return for Shang Tsung's assistance in reviving the Dragon
    King's undefeatable army. Their combined efforts would strengthen both
    sorcerers. Shang Tsung would achieve immortality, and Quan Chi would obtain
    military power.
    Quan Chi had discovered that the amulet he stole from the Elder God, Shinnok,
    was in fact a key to manipulate inter-realm portals. Quan Chi pledged to
    unlock a portal to The Heavens to allow Shang Tsung to feed from the limitless
    souls of that realm. In return, Shang Tsung agreed to transplant the souls of
    defeated warriors into the mummified remains of the Dragon King's army. With a
    handshake to seal the unholy pact, the Deadly Alliance was formed.
    In order for their plans of realm domination to take root, Quan Chi and Shang
    Tsung needed to eliminate the only two beings capable of stopping them. The
    first was the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn.
    Shao Kahn had been weakened by his defeat during the Earthrealm invasion, and
    Princess Kitana's military forces were causing an incredible strain on his
    remaining power. Under the pretense that they would aid the failing Emperor,
    they gained entrance to his throne room and sprung their attack. In a
    spectacular battle of brute strength and magic, Shao Kahn was defeated.
    After slaying the Emperor, Shao Kahn, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung attempted to
    travel to Earthrealm by way of a celestial portal known only to sorcerers and
    deities. Although Quan Chi could reveal the cloaked portal with his amulet, he
    could not use the artifact to control it. To earn the right to pass, each
    sorcerer would have to defeat a representation of his greatest adversary. For
    Quan Chi, that challenge came in the form of himself.
    D. Li Mei
    Although quite young, Li Mei grew up in the presence of martial arts masters
    and can hold her own in a fight. When Kano's troops invaded her homeland under
    the banner of the Deadly Alliance, she fought bravely and bested many of
    Kano's men. She might have defeated Kano himself had Quan Chi not interfered.
    Baji Quan is a 500 year old Chinese art meaning Eight Extremities Fist.
    Primarily a close-range style, Baji Quan uses all eight extremities such as
    the head, shoulders, elbows, hand, feet, back, hips, and knees. Baji Quan is
    actively being taught to the Taiwan Military Police.
    The Baji Quan fighting style is characterized by its sudden release of
    explosive power, and both long and short-range techniques.
    One of Li Mei's fighting styles is Lui He Ba Fa, or the Kung Fu system of six
    harmonies and eight methods.
    Lui He Ba Fa was developed by Chen Tuan, a famous Taoist of the Later Choi or
    Sung Dynasty, who lived on Mount Hua in Shenshi, China. The style was brought
    to Outworld by the martial arts master Bo' Rai Cho some 200 years ago.
    The Lui He Ba Fa fighting style is famous for the utilization of one's entire
    body for spring-like power and movement like a swimming Dragon.
    Kano's troops destroyed Li Mei's town and enslaved her people. She almost
    defeated him once.
    Prior to 1870, the Sai was carried by special units of the Okinawan police.
    The Sai most likely migrated to Japan from China, Malaysia, or India where it
    is also used.
    The Sai weapon style is known for its lightning strikes, devastating jabs, and
    hook attacks.
    You must learn to harness your Fa Jing, or Inner Power. Li Mei has learned to
    focus her Fa Jing into a lightning fast projectile she calls the Sparkler.
    Li Mei has learned to channel her Fa Jing into a powerful special move she
    calls the Flying Fists.
    Your next opponent will be the sorcerer Quan Chi, enslaver of your race. He
    and Shang Tsung have forced your people to build a palace fortress, under
    threat of death. They have used Kano's loyal army to maintain their control
    over its construction.
    Li Mei's Kartwheel kick causes a deadly strike to the top of her opponent's
    Quan Chi had seen Li Mei's fighting skills during the attack on her town, and
    recognized her formidable warrior spirit. He greatly desired to transplant her
    soul into one of the mummified soldiers, and offered to release her people if
    she could win the Deadly Alliance tournament. The tournament was to be held in
    the palace once its construction was completed. Li Mei accepted the challenge
    to free her people.
    Li Mei's Klock Kick causes a massive uppercut to her opponent.
    E. Scorpion
    The ninja spectre Scorpion utilizes the forces of the Netherealm to kombat his
    foes. Although he takes no sides in the battle against the Deadly Alliance,
    his primary goal is to destroy the sorcerer Quan Chi for slaying his family
    and clan. Scorpion is nearly unstoppable and will not rest until he has
    exacted his revenge.
    Hapkido has a mix of both powerful and quick attacks.
    Scorpion's Ninja Sword fighting style utilizes speed and reach.
    In order to break free from Drahmin and Moloch, Scorpion executed a Hapkido
    combo that pushed the two Oni away from him. He then chased after Quan Chi to
    prevent him from escaping the Netherealm.
    Scorpion's Pi Gua fighting style is based on single solid hits, but it has a
    few combos to round it out.
    Scorpion's Backflip Kick is used to prevent an opponent from approaching. It
    also works well as an anti-air attack.
    Although Scorpion's Summon Hellfire special attack is useful against defensive
    or blocking opponents, it can be dodged and leaves him vulnerable to attack.
    Scorpion can hurl a roped spear across the arena to impale his opponent and
    pull him closer for a free unblockable hit. That hit can be whatever attack he
    chooses, but it is most effective when it is the first strike in a combo.
    F. Sonya
    Sonya Blade was part of a Special Forces unit assigned to kombat international
    criminal organizations. She and her partner, Jackson Briggs, had tried to warn
    the U.S. government of the impending threat from the realm of Outworld, but
    their words fell on deaf ears. It was not long before the unprotected realm of
    Earth fell under invasion from the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn.
    Kenpo is a western variation of Japanese Karate. It was originally introduced
    to the Hawaiian Islands as Kenpo Jujutsu and was later adapted into what is
    now called Kenpo or Kenpo Karate.
    During Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm, Sonya faced off with a Black Dragon
    member known as Kano atop a high building. She had dealt with Kano before, and
    was intent on making this encounter the last. After Kano had dealt her a
    devastating blow, she feinted defeat to draw Kano in. When he was in position,
    she hurled him over the side of the building to the street below. She later
    reported Kano's death to the Special Forces.
    The Japanese occupation of Korea from 1910 throguh the end of WWII influenced
    Tae Kwon Do throguh the introduction of Shotokan. Initially taught to the
    military, Tae Kwon Do is the Korean equivalent of Karate, with more emphasis
    placed on kicking.
    Kano is no push-over. He hates the Special Forces as much as Sonya despises
    the Black Dragon. He will make you work for it this time.
    During her fight with Kano, Sonya had turned his attack against him by
    performing a Reversal. This move allowed her to catch Kano's attacking limb
    and counter with her own move.
    After Shao Kahn had been defeated, Sonya and Jax discovered the cyborg ninja
    Cyrax immobilized... caught in an instructional loop. They brought him to the
    Special Forces tech labs and restored his humanity. To show his gratification
    for releasing him from a digital nightmare, Cyrax pledged his services to the
    Special Forces and currently reports to the Outerworld Investigation Agency.
    Kali Sticks is a martial art of the Philippines. The jungle environment on
    those islands has naturally led to the development of fighting techniques
    which utilize sticks and/or long knives.
    When the rogue swordsman, Kenshi, joined the Special Forces Outerworld
    Investigation Agency, his first assignment was to locate the missing agent
    Cyrax who had been reported missing in Outworld.
    Sonya was intrigued by Kenshi's ability to sense an opponent without the use
    of his eyes.
    While on assignment demolishing ancient inter-realm portals in the East, Sonya
    received a distressing message from Jax that the Outerworld Investigation
    Agency had been completely destroyed by an accomplice of Shang Tsung and Quan
    Chi. A new threat from Outworld was imminent. But without their inter-realm
    portals, Jax and Sonya had no means to prevent the attack.
    Sonya was visited by the God of Thunder, Raiden. He asked for her aid in the
    coming fight against the Deadly Alliance. Sonya agreed to join her old friend
    and ally, but she expressed concern that all inter-realm portals on Earth were
    now destroyed. Raiden instructed her to meet with the other heroes on the old
    island fortress in the Lost Sea where he would address this issue.
    Sonya arrived on Shang Tsung's abandoned island fortress and was greeted by
    one of her allies against evil, Kung Lao. He seemed depressed, but would not
    offer an explanation. The two of them sparred on the beach to pass the time as
    they waited for the other warriors that Raiden would have contacted.
    By late afternoon, a small boat, apparently formed of ice, floated to shore.
    It was the Lin Kuei ninja, Sub-Zero, and his warrior-in-training, Frost. Sonya
    was not excited to see Frost. Her first meeting with the new Lin Kuei recruit
    was not a pleasant one. Sonya had a score to settle.
    By nightfall, the remaining Earthrealm warriors had arrived. Raiden then
    appeared and transported the heroes to a celestial portal to Outworld. To earn
    the right to pass into Outworld, each warrior had to defeat a representation
    of his or her worst adversary. Sonya had thought it would be Frost, but to her
    surprise, it was a stranger with an image of a red dragon on his back.
    G. Kenshi
    Although blind, the swordsman who simply calls himself Kenshi is an
    accomplished warrior. The sword of his ancestors guides his movements as if he
    could see. The sword also seems to give him powers far beyond that of average
    Tai Chi Chuan, or "Supreme Ultimate Fist", consists of 13 postures which form
    the basis for all modern Tai Chi. It is considered an internal form of martial
    arts where internal energy, or "Chi", is an important element.
    After the Special Forces operative, Cyrax, was reported missing in Outworld,
    Kenshi was recruited as a free agent to search for him. His ulterior motive
    for accepting the task, however, was to seek out the sorcerer Shang Tsung as
    Kenshi is descended from a line of long-forgotten warrior kings who resided in
    a region somewhere between Europe and China. Their people were comprised of a
    mixture of both cultures.
    For many years, Kenshi roamed the East, challenging the master swordsmen of
    that region to sword duels. He desired to become the greatest swordsman in the
    world and slew many great warriors to prove his superiority.
    The Katana is the traditional Japanese long sword used by the Samurai. Modern
    martial art forms still in existence today are broadly referred to as
    Kenjutsu, Kendo, and Iaido. Kenshi's technique has both reach and above
    average speed.
    After defeating a master swordsman in Japan, Kenshi was confronted by an old
    Chinese man named Song who explained that, for a price, he could lead Kenshi
    to an ancient sword of historical importance. Although he was annoyed by the
    old man's persistence, Kenshi finally agreed to meet him at a remote location
    in China where the sword was located. He convinced himself that he should have
    a sword that reflected his greatness.
    When Kenshi traveled to China to meet with Song, the old Chinese man guided
    him through an underground labyrinth, which led to a burial chamber. Song
    instructed Kenshi to lift the heavy stone lid from an altar-like structure.
    Song explained that Kenshi would find the sword hidden inside.
    Upon opening the altar, the last thing Kenshi saw was a bright green blast. He
    stumbled back, blinded. The old Chinese man, Song, was in fact the sorcerer
    Shang Tsung who devoured the souls of the warrior kings that Kenshi had
    released. Shang Tsung left Kenshi to die in the labyrinth, but the sword he
    found inside the altar led him out by some other-worldly power.
    More than a decade after betraying his warrior king ancestors, Kenshi had been
    spying on the activities of Shang Tsung in Outworld when he learned of the
    sorcerer's alliance with Quan Chi and their assassination of Emperor Shao
    Kahn. He relayed the information to Jax in Earthrealm, but upon returning to
    Outworld, he found that his portal beacon no longer received a signal. He was
    trapped in Outworld.
    Kenshi's Telekinetic Toss hits twice and has good range, but it is slow to
    start and will leave you vulnerable. You will also take more damage than
    normal if you are struck while performing it.
    Kenshi sympathized with the plight of the enigmatic kombatant, Ermac. The
    Outworld warrior spirits that had manifested themselves in the form of a ninja
    had been violated by Shao Kahn in much the same way that Kenshi's ancestors
    had been enslaved by Shang Tsung. Kenshi was taught the Telekinetic Slam by
    Ermac in return for freeing him from the control of the Emperor.
    H. Mavado
    The Red Dragon member, Mavado, is much more skilled and disciplined than Kano,
    his counterpart in the Black Dragon. His excessive training with the Red
    Dragon has led him to develop a long-forgotten fighting technique known only
    to that clan. This technique utilizes ropes with hooks on the ends to propel
    him in battle.
    The Red Dragon clan has existed for centuries as a secretive criminal
    organization. In the last century, many of the more reckless members became
    dissatisfied with the restraints the code of the Red Dragon placed upon them
    and broke away to form their own gang, the Black Dragon. Since then, it has
    been the Red Dragon's number one priority to eliminate their former brothers.
    It was thought that the Black Dragon had been completely destroyed until one
    member resurfaced... Kano.
    Another fighting style Mavado has learned since joining the Red Dragon is Wing
    Like the Black Dragon thug, Kano, Mavado uses a double-weapon fighting style.
    It is rumored that Mavado acquired his Hookswords from the former Black Dragon
    member, Kabal, after a vicious battle. Even though Kabal had only been a
    member of the Black Dragon for a short time, Mavado had sworn to eliminate
    Kano had heard of Kabal's apparent demise at the hands of Mavado. He would
    have killed the Red Dragon warrior had he not been trapped in Outworld all
    this time.
    The Red Dragon is known by criminal organizations to place a priority on
    stealth rather than brute force. Mavado is no exception. In his quest to
    destroy the Black Dragon clan, Mavado ordered his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to
    pose as a member of the Chinese secret military and "aid" the Special Forces
    in capturing or killing Black Dragon members. The Special Forces would
    therefore be doing the Red Dragons' work for them.
    Combining stealth with fighting skill has made the Red Dragon a powerful
    organization. The Red Dragon are not known to the Special Forces, but they
    soon will be.
    Mavado was approached by the Outworld sorcerers, Quan Chi and Shang Tsung, who
    requested the aid of the Red Dragon. They needed to destroy the Special
    Forces' techno portals to hinder their ability to travel to Outworld. In
    return, they offered the Red Dragon sanctuary during the coming invasion.
    Mavado accepted their offer and instructed his subordinate, Hsu Hao, to
    complete the task.
    In addition to destroying the Special Forces' inter-realm technology, Shang
    Tsung had one more request. If Mavado could eliminate the Earthrealm spy that
    Kano had spotted in Outworld, Mavado could name his price. Shocked to find
    that Kano still lived, Mavado requested the chance to face Kano in Mortal
    Kombat as payment for slaying the Earthrealm spy. Mavado then traveled with
    Shang Tsung and Quan Chi to a celestial portal where he had to defeat a
    representation of his greatest adversary.
    In order to traverse into Outworld, Mavado had to defeat a representation of
    the sorcerer Shang Tsung. He began his attack with his Grappling Hook Strike.
    The double of Shang Tsung had merely been studying Mavado's moves and began to fight back.
    Shang Tsung's double learned quickly and Mavado's Grappling Hook Strike was no
    longer effective. Mavado had to switch his attack to his Change Sides Hook 3D
    escape move.
    Again, Shang Tsung's double learned to counter Mavado's moves.
    Mavado traversed to Outworld with Shang Tsung and Quan Chi and parted ways to
    search for the man they believed to be a spy from Earthrealm's Special Forces.
    Surprisingly, the first agent he encountered was Sonya Blade. Mavado had no
    idea how she had gotten to Outworld after Hsu Hao had destroyed the Special
    Forces base, but he knew he would have to eliminate her in order to continue
    his search in secret.
    Mavado defeated Sonya Blade and continued the hunt for the Special Forces spy
    that the Deadly Alliance felt to be a danger to their regime. It was not long
    before he was ambushed by Jax. Jax was in pursuit of Mavado's subordinate, Hsu
    Hao, for destroying the Special Forces base, when he recognized the mark of
    the Red Dragon on Mavado's back. Although Mavado was not the man he sought,
    Jax had no problem butting heads with another member of this new and
    mysterious clan.
    After a grueling battle, Mavado finally defeated Jax. He continued his quest
    for the Earthrealm spy and finally discovered him in a town located high in
    the mountains. The spy was in fact the swordsman, Kenshi. The two warriors
    squared off and prepared for Mortal Kombat.
    I. Johnny Cage
    The Hollywood movie star Johnny Cage is more concerned with flash than with
    substance. Even with this lack of discipline, his moves are still quite
    effective. Although Johnny Cage chooses fighting styles that offer the best
    screen presence, you must learn them to round out your training.
    One of the classic Hollywood fighting styles is Karate.
    Johnny Cage first used Karate in his 1998 film, 24 KARATE GOLD, in which he
    played a Secret Service agent.
    A crowd pleaser in the movie was his Knife Hammer Strike. This move allowed
    him to pop an opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.
    The Cutting Kick is a 3D attack. Johnny Cage used it to catch a charging bad
    guy off guard.
    Another more flashy fighting style is Jeet Kune Do.
    Johnny Cage used Jeet Kune Do in his first film, NINJA MIME. The movie was a
    flop in the US, but a huge success in France.
    A memorable scene in NINJA MIME entailed Johnny Cage using his Knuckle Fist
    pop-up... silently... against a very rude man. This move allowed him to pop
    his opponent into the air long enough to execute another attack.
    The Nunchaku is a close kombat weapon based fighting style that relies heavily
    on the high frequency of its attacks.
    Johnny Cage first used the Nunchaku in his Oscar winning film, HWAAAAA!!
    Johnny played the villain opposite the great Channie Jack of Hong Kong
    theater. Execute some of these high attacks he used against Channie.
    In the final battle of the movie, Johnny Cage used his Nunchaku pop-up attack
    he calls the Cross Back Strike. This move allowed him to pop an opponent into
    the air long enough to execute another attack.
    In the Karate fighting style, Johnny Cage can link multiple attacks together
    to create an onslaught of damage to his opponent. This first set is a sample
    from Johnny's 1989 classic, EXITING THE DRAGON OF DEATH.
    Let us now begin a set from his appearance on the TV series WU SHU where
    Johnny played a martial arts cowboy in search of inner peace.
    In the climactic fight scene of WU SHU, Johnny Cage's character, Jesse Wong,
    used a Style Branch combo called the Out Take. In this combo, Johnny started
    with two Karate attacks, changed to Jeet Kune Do style, and finished with a
    Jeet Kune Do attack.
    In his movie, WHO'S THAT?, Johnny Cage played a lone security guard in a
    department store. In one sequence, he used his Runner Up combo to deal with
    some punk teenagers. The combo starts in the Jeet Kune Do fighting style and
    ends in the Nunchaku fighting style.
    Johnny Cage has reworked his classic Johnny Uppercut move. It is not only an
    effective anti-air attack, but it also allows him to slide under projectiles
    and some high attacks.
    In 1991, Johnny Cage was a contestant on the hit game show, Celebrity Smash
    TV. In the final round, he threw his Forceball at Mutoid Man and won the game.
    Johnny Cage donated all his prize money to charity.
    Johnny Cage uses his Shadow Kick as a fast, medium-range attack to counter his
    opponent's missed attacks.
    J. Sub-Zero
    Sub-Zero has found that the Lin Kuei Dragon Medallion has greatly improved his
    normal fighting abilities. In addition, it has enhanced his freezing powers in
    unexpected ways. You must learn Sub-Zero's enhanced fighting styles if you
    wish to seek enlightenment.
    Shotokan is a style of Karate, which has its roots in Okinawa. Historically,
    Okinawa enjoyed a great trade economy, which exposed the locals to martial
    arts from many lands. Master Funakoshi Gichin founded Shotokan karate in 1936
    in Tokyo. It is more linear, and can be a very aggressive and devastating
    Many years ago, Sub-Zero had been hunted by his fellow Lin Kuei, Cyrax, for
    challenging and eventually leaving the clan.
    In a battle with Cyrax, Sub-Zero used an attack called the Mountain Punch.
    This attack allowed him to pop Cyrax into the air long enough to execute
    another attack.
    The Dragon style is a southern Chinese style that imitates the movements of
    the mythological beast. The main attacking parts of the Dragon are its claws
    and tail, which are mimicked by the hands and legs of the practitioner. The
    Dragon is a symbol of power and strength.
    Sub-Zero's strength has increased greatly since donning the Dragon Medallion.
    Using the medallion's energy, he has developed a very powerful move called
    the Dragon Attack.
    The Dragon Medallion has amplified Sub-Zero's freezing abilities, or Kori, in
    such a way that he can form complex objects out of solid ice from surrounding
    water vapor. One such object is his Kori Blade.
    Sub-Zero has trained many years to hone his natural ability to freeze. This
    trait has been passed down through many generations of his family line. But
    with the power of the Dragon Medallion amplifying this ability, his Kori
    attacks are more powerful than ever.
    Sub-Zero's Freeze projectile attack has become legendary throughout the realms
    of Earth and Outworld. It is an excellent means for stopping his opponents in
    their tracks.
    An interesting new attack the medallion has unlocked for Sub-Zero is his Ice
    Shaker attack. Both offensive and defensive, this attack surrounds him with a
    super-chilled barrier that flash-freezes any opponent within range.
    Many years ago, Sub-Zero's brother was manipulated by the sorcerer Quan Chi to
    retrieve for him an amulet from its hiding place in Earthrealm. The sorcerer
    later framed Sub-Zero's brother for the death of Scorpion's family and clan,
    which led to his demise at the hands of the enraged ninja spectre, Scorpion.
    Scorpion has hunted Sub-Zero for years. He believed that Sub-Zero murdered his
    family and clan. Now he believes Quan Chi to be the true murderer, and will
    not harm Sub-Zero.
    At one time, the Red Dragon clan would have been considered a potential ally
    of the Lin Kuei. But now that Sub-Zero has transformed the Lin Kuei into a
    force for good, the Red Dragon will pose a great threat.
    K. Kano
    Kano has a knack for survival. Not only has he survived massive attacks from
    his enemies, but his lack of loyalty allows him to change sides to suit his
    goals. This mercenary has betrayed many who have called him ally.
    Meaning "mind form", Xing Yi is a simple and practical style of kung-fu that
    originated in the San-Shih province of China. This is a northern Chinese
    system, which relies on short basic forms for training. This art has long been
    associated with Ba Gua beginning in the early 1900's, and the two are often
    taught together.
    High atop a skyscraper, Kano faced off against Special Forces agent Sonya
    Blade during Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm.
    Kano had kicked Sonya into one of the stone gargoyles on the roof of the
    Sonya was on her knees, defeated. Kano grabbed a lock of her hair in his fist,
    and prepared to finish her. Suddenly, the wench sprung a leg grab flip attack,
    and sent Kano over the side to the street below. If only he had used a low
    attack right away.
    Kano lay severely injured, and would surely have perished had Motaro not seen
    the fight. The Centaur brought Kano back to Shao Kahn's fortress and revived
    him with magic.
    Reversals of fate are not uncommon for Kano.
    Like the Special Forces agent, Jackson Briggs, Kano is skilled in martial arts
    fighting techniques that specialize in throwing an opponent to the ground. The
    style Kano uses most is Aikido.
    Aikido is a Japanese martial art developed in the first half of the 20th
    century by the founder of the Black Dragon clan, Morihei Uyeshiba. Through
    Aikido, Uyeshiba developed extraordinary self-defense skills. He could take
    down and pin opponents of much greater size.
    Although Motaro had rescued Kano, it was merely to imprison him so he could
    later face the wrath of Shao Kahn for his failure to defeat Sonya. But the
    Shokan warrior, Sheeva, slew Motaro outside of Kano's cell. She was on her way
    to assassinate Shao Kahn as well when Kano offered his assistance if Sheeva
    let him out of his cage.
    Kano and Sheeva proceeded to the throne room of Shao Kahn. When they arrived
    at the door, Kano suggested that he go in first to distract the Emperor. Kano
    would give the signal for Sheeva to enter and slay the preoccupied Shao Kahn.
    But Kano betrayed Sheeva and informed Shao Kahn of her assassination plot.
    When Kano called her in, Shao Kahn thrust a sword through her chest from
    Like the Red Dragon clan member, Mavado, Kano uses a double-weapon fighting
    style. Kano's Butterfly Knives have a 200-year history as part of the Shaolin
    system. Kano hates the Shaolin and uses the knives in his own way.
    Mavado's main goal is to wipe out all traces of the Black Dragon.
    Impressed with Kano's loyalty even in the face of severe punishment or death,
    the Emperor Shao Kahn put him in charge of his armies in place of the slain
    Motaro. He ordered Kano to return to Outworld to bring reinforcements for the
    final attack on Earthrealm.
    Another member of the Black Dragon is Hsu Hao. He's a right sherman as well.
    By the time Kano had garnered his troops for the final invasion, Shao Kahn had
    been overpowered and retreated to Outworld. Kano has remained in that realm
    serving his emperor since then.
    Reptile also serves Shao Kahn in Outworld. He's been kissing up to the emperor
    for years.
    Princess Kitana had succeeded in separating her realm of Edenia from Outworld.
    To ensure Shao Kahn would never again have a chance to claim her world as his
    own, she led her army in a pre-emptive strike against the weakened Emperor.
    Kano's armies were overwhelmed, and it seemed to him that he may have joined
    the losing side.
    Kano's army repelled Kitana's first assault. Kano had proven to be an
    excellent general. Unknown to Kano, however, Kitana had allied with the Shokan
    armies, led by Prince Goro. Their combined forces attacked with intensified
    Kano had once again repelled Princess Kitana's forces, but he did not know for
    how long he could hold them off. He went to personally inform Shao Kahn of the
    victory, but discovered the Emperor to be engaged in a spectacular battle with
    the two sorcerers Quan Chi and Shang Tsung. He stood behind a pillar and
    waited for the outcome of the battle.
    At first it had seemed that Shao Kahn would emerge victorious, but the
    combined strength of Quan Chi and Shang Tsung proved to be too much for the
    weakened Emperor. The sorcerers had won. Kano then emerged from the shadows,
    and pledged his allegiance to the Deadly Alliance.
    L. Kung Lao
    Kung Lao is a descendent of the first mortal to ever defeat Shang Tsung in
    Mortal Kombat. With the help of his fellow Shaolin monk, Liu Kang, he has
    protected Earthrealm from the forces of evil. But when Kung Lao discovered the
    dead body of Liu Kang, he had but one objective: to avenge his death and bring
    the murderer to justice!
    It was the Thunder God, Raiden, who informed Kung Lao that the sorcerer Shang
    Tsung had slain Liu Kang and consumed his soul.
    Mantis was developed in 1600 by Wang Lang in the Ming Dynasty in Northern
    China. Wang Lang based this martial art on observations he made of a preying
    mantis fighting a cicada.
    The Mantis fighting style is known for its quick and accurate attacks.
    Kung Lao is a master of the fighting style Shaolin Fist.
    Around the year 539 AD, a holy man named Ta Mo developed an exercise program
    for his fellow monks. The program included several Indian fighting techniques.
    Over time, this exercise program grew into a Kung Fu fighting style.
    Kung Lao has trained in the broadsword technique since his early teen years.
    The Broadsword is known as the arm of foot soldiers and Manchurian officials.
    It is categorized as a short weapon and is designed for slashing rather than
    Kung Lao realized that he could not defeat Shang Tsung without additional
    training. The Outworld master, Bo' Rai Cho, had taught Liu Kang the flying
    kick he needed to defeat the sorcerer in the past. Kung Lao eventually located
    Bo' Rai Cho, who agreed to train him for the battle to come.
    The move Bo' Rai Cho taught Kung Lao that would allow him to defeat Shang
    Tsung was the Whirlwind Kick.
    The rim on Kung Lao's hat is made of razor sharp steel. Kung Lao can throw the
    hat at an opponent to inflict damage from a distance.
    M. Nitara
    The vampire Nitara first manipulated Reptile into destroying the console on
    Cyrax's arm, which rendered the cyborg stranded in Outworld. She then
    manipulated Cyrax to retrieve a mysterious Orb hidden somewhere in that realm.
    Nitara's first fighting style is the Leopard style, which is known for its
    cruel and cunning attacks.
    The Leopard style is one of the most vicious and crafty of the animal
    fighting styles. Not as strong as the Tiger style, but it is superior in its
    swiftness and jumping ability. The techniques simulate those of a Leopard,
    stressing the importance of free movement and quick actions.
    Like Nitara, Scorpion is a creature of the darkness.
    Nitara saw in Reptile a fool to be exploited. She deliberately led him away
    from his master Shao Kahn both to gain his trust, and to allow the sorcerers
    Quan Chi and Shang Tsung to perpetrate their assassination plot. Had Reptile
    been at the Emperor's side, they would never have succeeded.
    Fu Jow Pai was originally "Hark Fu Moon", or Black Tiger System. It was
    renamed by Grand Master Wong Bil Hong to "Fu Jow Pai of Hoy Hong Temple". The
    teachings of Black Tiger Claw Kung Fu has been passed down through the ages
    without any written documentation, making it difficult to compile its history.
    The Kama is a farm implement used for rice harvesting. It was adopted as a
    weapon in China, Okinawa, and Japan when vampire invaders from Outworld were
    witnessed using similar weapons. In China and Japan, the Kama was often used
    in conjunction with a chain to encircle opponents. The Okinawans preferred to
    use two Kama together. The Kama is one of the five principle weapons of the
    Okinawa art of Kobudo Kobujutsu.
    Nitara uses this traditional vampire weapon to viciously tear open her
    opponents. Through careful manipulation, Nitara had coerced Reptile to destroy
    Cyrax's arm console, preventing the cyborg ninja from returning to Earthrealm.
    Nitara was suspiciously present immediately after Cyrax defeated Reptile. She
    made him an offer to return him to his home realm, if he would aid her in
    retrieving a mystical object that bound her realm to the realm of Outworld.
    The Vampire nation has existed for eons, and has traveled to many realms to
    feed on the blood of lesser species. Earthrealm has been an excellent source
    of food, but its sun emits a form of radiation that is quite harmful to
    vampires. As a result, vampires can only traverse to that realm for brief
    periods of time, and only to the hemisphere opposite the sun.
    One attack used often by vampires is the Blood Spit. By regurgitating
    previously consumed blood, Nitara can hurl the bewitched liquid at her
    opponent from a distance.
    Vampires must consume the blood of others to survive. It has been this way
    since before recorded vampire history. If Nitara feels her life force diminish
    during a battle, she can rejuvenate her health by extracting a small amount of
    blood from her opponent, leaving him weaker.
    An effective special attack used by the vampire elite is the Unicorn Kick.
    Although the name sounds most frightening to a vampire, it is not so
    intimidating to others. The kick itself, however, is indeed something to fear.
    Nitara's realm had been merged with Outworld by Shao Kahn ages ago, and the
    two worlds have been combined into one, forming a more powerful empire.
    N. Drahmin
    An Oni is a demon from the Netherealm. They are foul creatures consumed with
    hatred and possessed with the desire to inflict pain and suffering upon
    others. Drahmin is no exception. With his right arm completely encased within
    an iron club, he eagerly crushes his opponents to dust.
    The torturous environment of the 5th plane of the Netherealm can twist any
    being into a vicious monster. Such is the story of Drahmin, the Oni Tormentor.
    Once a mortal man, he was banished to this unforgiving realm and forgotten for
    ages. He is no longer the being he once was.
    Drahmin and his Oni companion, Moloch, first encountered the sorceror Quan Chi
    during a battle with Scorpion. Quan Chi pleaded with the two Oni to protect
    him. In return, he offered to release them from the Netherealm.
    Drahmin and Moloch cast Scorpion away with their combined attack... but for
    how long? The ninja spectre gained strength from this realm with each passing
    moment. At the same time, Quan Chi's powers were fading the longer he
    remained. If Quan Chi had the means to free Drahmin and Moloch, he had to do
    it fast. Drahmin had no patience for broken promises. Especially the promise
    of freedom.
    An Oni has a built-in rage that is difficult to suppress once unleashed.
    Drahmin had tapped into this rage when he fought Scorpion.
    Quan Chi needed more information about the 5th plane of the Netherealm in
    order to devise a means of escape. The two Oni took him to an extremely
    ancient structure where Drahmin had seen tablets covered with unfamiliar
    The entrance to the site had been blocked by fallen stone debris. Drahmin
    smashed the larger blocks to pieces with his Iron Club and the three of them
    walked into the old roofless structure.
    As Quan Chi was reading from an old stone tablet, Scorpion smashed it to dust
    with a shot of his spear. Quan Chi called for protection and Drahmin and
    Moloch sprung into action once again.
    One devastating blow Drahmin used to pummel Scorpion was his Super Uppercut.
    Scorpion shook off the pain and attacked Drahmin.
    Quan Chi had fled down a corridor. In his bewilderment, Moloch loosened his
    grip on Scorpion just enough for the ninja to escape. Scorpion then chased
    after Quan Chi. Moloch and Drahmin were not far behind. Up ahead, they saw the
    sorcerer open some sort of portal and jump through. Scorpion followed. Quan
    Chi had indeed left them behind. But as they drew nearer to the mystical
    structure, it was clear to them that the portal had not yet closed. Moloch and
    Drahmin crossed through the void into Outworld.
    Once in Outworld, Drahmin's putrid flesh began attracting insects from all
    around until he was surrounded by a swarm of Outworld Rotflies.
    Moloch and Drahmin had emerged in Outworld next to a large circular stone disc
    that was lying on its side. Its shape was vaguely familiar to Drahmin.
    Suddenly there was a scent of mortal flesh in the air. It was Moloch who
    smelled it first. The mortal had not noticed them until it was too late. The
    two Oni pounced on their prey.
    The mortal was stunned by the first attack. Drahmin seized the moment and
    attacked the cyborg with a Propeller Clock pop-up attack.
    Drahmin and Moloch were close to tasting mortal flesh when the prey they had
    been attacking spit out an enchanted object that burst into a loud fireball.
    The two Oni ran from the mortal for fear of another attack. They spent the
    coming months in the forests near a small town, eating mortals that wandered
    too close to the treeline.
    O. Hsu Hao
    The Red Dragon operative Hsu Hao's strength is his ability to concentrate on
    one objective at a time. He is not easily distracted and lives to serve the
    will of his clan. This characteristic may be a side effect of his cybernetic
    heart. Without ambition, there can be no distraction. All that remains is
    With a history of over 2000 years, Shuai Chiao is the oldest martial art in
    China. The Red Dragon clan have adopted it as a standard fighting style for
    entry-level recruits. Although Hsu Hao was already an accomplished martial
    artist, he was still required to learn Shuai Chiao once he joined their
    secretive organization.
    Mavado was in charge of training Hsu Hao. With his heart removed and replaced
    with a cybernetic life support apparatus, Hsu Hao made for an excellent
    student who was extremely focused.
    Wrestling may not be a particularly flashy martial art, but it is very
    Once Hsu Hao had completed his basic training of the required fighting styles,
    he was allowed to choose a weapon style from a vast collection of blades in
    the Red Dragon arsenal. Hsu Hao chose the Sun-Moon Blades.
    Like Mavado's hookswords, the Sun-Moon Blades are a double-weapon fighting
    Hsu Hao completed his training and Mavado gave him his first assignment. He
    was to infiltrate the Special Forces by posing as a former member of a secret
    Chinese military group. From the inside, the Red Dragon clan could keep track
    of the Special Forces as well as covertly feed them information about their
    rival clan, the Black Dragon. The Special Forces would be unwittingly
    destroying the Black Dragon for Mavado's clan.
    Hsu Hao impressed the Special Forces with his fighting skills and was
    commissioned as a free agent. He slowly gained the trust of the organization
    for his help in the capture of Black Dragon clan members.
    Hsu Hao's track record gained notoriety within the Special Forces. He seemed
    to have a 6th sense about the Black Dragon and brought down many of their
    members. This ability was exploited to its fullest potential by Jax and Sonya,
    whose special task it was to deal with that criminal organization. They
    regularly included Hsu Hao in their operations.
    Although the Black Dragon was seemingly destroyed, Mavado felt that it would
    serve the Red Dragon best if Hsu Hao remained under cover until further
    notice. He was eventually asked by the Special Forces to remain with Jax and
    Sonya's group to start up the Outerworld Investigation Agency. Kenshi also
    joined the Agency around this time.
    Hsu Hao's new orders came when his superior, Mavado, instructed him to destroy
    the Outerworld Investigation Agency's ability to travel to Outworld. Once this
    task was accomplished, he was then to rendezvous with Mavado in that realm to
    receive further instruction.
    Hsu Hao gained access to a small, but very powerful, explosive device and made
    his way to the underground chamber that housed the inter-realm portals used by
    the Outerworld Investigation Agency. He powered-up the portal to Outworld and
    activated the explosive device with a short countdown just as Jax came
    barreling down upon him.
    P. Frost
    The mysterious Lin Kuei Frost has powers and abilities that closely resemble
    those of Sub-Zero. Her past is not known, but her moves are becoming
    legendary. Although she is still in training herself, she will make an
    excellent subject for study on this journey.
    The name Tong Bei, or Tong Bei Quan, can be translated as "Fist Of The
    Spreading Power From The Back". Like Frost's mysterious history, the origin of
    this fighting style is unclear. Frost used Tong Bei to win the recent Lin Kuei
    recruiting tournament.
    Grand Master Sub-Zero was impressed with your Tong Bei fighting skills, and
    will now train you in the fighting art of Yuan Yang. For the remainder of your
    training, you will refer to him as "Sifu".
    Yuan Yang Quan, or Mandarin Duck Fist, is a martial art rarely seen outside of
    China. Although not much is known about Yuan Yang as a whole, many Chinese
    styles have adopted its kicking methods, which were reputed to be very
    Sifu Sub-Zero is quite enthusiastic about your progress and will now advance
    your training beyond that of an average warrior. He has noticed that you
    possess a similar freezing ability to his own, and will train you to harness
    that power.
    By flash-freezing water vapor, Sifu Sub-Zero can form intricate solid objects.
    One such object is his Kori Blade. Sifu will help you discover if you in fact
    possess the mental concentration to perform this effect as well.
    It seems that Sifu's years of experience, and enchantment from the Dragon
    Medallion, allow him to form a much larger weapon than you are capable of
    creating. No matter. Two smaller weapons can be just as effective as one large
    Well done! Now for an effective, yet very tricky weapon attack called an
    Impale. This move lodges your weapon into your opponent's body to constantly
    drain life. Once you have successfully Impaled your opponent, however, you are
    no longer able to use that weapon.
    Very well done! It seems you have the ability to control your freezing powers.
    Good. You will now expand your training to encompass your ability... to
    Sifu Sub-Zero has dressed his wounds from your last lesson, and will continue
    to train you.
    Sifu has the ability to freeze his opponent solid. He would like to see if you
    have this ability as well.
    Most interesting! It seems your freeze attack travels along the ground! Sifu
    surmises that this must mean it only affects an opponent whose feet are placed
    upon the ground.
    Although Sifu Sub-Zero was frozen, he was not injured in any way. He is used
    to the cold. What he is not used to is the speed at which you are learning to
    harness your freezing powers. You will now speed up your training, and learn
    the Icy Slide move Sifu had perfected many years ago. Sifu Sub-Zero has
    progressed beyond such novice moves, but he will teach you this basic
    Too much practice in one area is not good. Sifu Sub-Zero will now switch to a
    different lesson to better round out your training. You will study attack
    combinations. By combining attacks, a warrior can more effectively kombat his
    or her opponent.
    Sifu Sub-Zero believes that you can handle training at a quicker pace. The
    next lesson will include combos from both the Yuan Yang and the Double Dagger
    fighting styles.
    Your Yuan Yang combo training is complete. You will now begin Double Dagger
    combo training. Remember to focus your Fa Jing through your hands to form the
    daggers themselves.
    The unsuspecting Sonya Blade is en route to meet with Sub-Zero.
    Raiden has arrived with disturbing news for Sub-Zero. The sorcerers Quan Chi
    and Shang Tsung have formed an alliance in Outworld. He has requested
    Sub-Zero's help in defeating them. If Sub-Zero accepts, your training will
    abruptly end. Frost must prove herself skilled enough to accompany Sub-Zero on
    his journey and continue her training.
    Raiden is beginning to accept you as a possible ally in the fight to save
    Earthrealm. If only you knew how to Style Branch all three of your styles into
    one long combo. Ha! You will show them that your skills are indeed worthy of
    their quest.
    Raiden is impressed. But you must pass this one test before he will believe
    you can handle yourself against the Deadly Alliance. You must Impale him with
    your Double Daggers. If you do, he will allow Sub-Zero to bring you along.
    Q. Jax
    As an operative of the Special Forces, Jax had developed many special moves
    that gave him the edge he needed to destroy the Black Dragon. Now that the Red
    Dragon has infiltrated and destroyed his hidden Special Forces base, Jax must
    refocus his energy on this new threat to peace.
    Jax's newly designed cybernetic arms offer better range of motion and faster
    recoil, allowing for a move he calls the Piston Punch. This move utilizes
    rapid multiple strikes that push his opponent back, rendering them momentarily
    As a member of the Red Dragon, Hsu Hao was responsible for the destruction of
    the Outerworld Investigation Agency: a branch of the Special Forces designed
    to protect Earth from invasion.
    You must learn to harness your Fa Jing, or Inner Power. Jax has learned to
    focus his Fa Jing into a powerful earth-shaking move he calls the Ground
    Jax's Machine Gun attack is a great strategy for keeping an opponent away from
    Muay Thai, or Thailand kickboxing, is one of the oldest martial art forms.
    Muay Thai's origin, along with much of Thai history, was lost during the
    invasion of the Burmese army.
    In 1882 Judo was developed in Japan by Jigoro Kano. It is a descendent of
    Japanese jujutsu with an emphasis on self-defense and sport competition.
    The Judo philosophy is maximum efficiency with minimum effort. A kombatant
    using Judo will try to use his opponent's energy and weight against him by
    controlling his center of gravity.
    Judo is known for its throwing techniques. Throws are used to attack opponents
    who defend excessively.
    The Tonfa was originally the handle from a hand-operated grain mill used on
    As early as 1477, there were bans on the use of weapons in Okinawa. The
    Okinawans began underground training in unarmed and armed kombat.
    R. Kitana
    Kitana has for many years been at war with the Emperor Shao Kahn. She has
    proven herself to be a great leader and diplomat after allying with the
    Shokans in a massive strike against the emperor and his armies.
    The Eagle Claw system of kung fu used by Kitana originated in southern China
    during the Sung Dynasty around the year 1250 AD. It was brought to Outworld a
    few centuries later by an unnamed martial arts master.
    Years ago, Kitana had used her skills of negotiation to bring about a truce
    between Prince Goro and Kung Lao.
    Princess Kitana was at war with the Emperor of Outworld, Shao Kahn. She had
    joined forces with Prince Goro of the Shokan and was effectively confronting
    Kano's troops.
    Although victory seemed attainable, Kitana did not know how long her troops
    could sustain the attack.
    Ba Gua Zhang, translated to English as Eight Trigram Palm, is a relatively new
    Chinese martial art, having been developed in the late 1800's. Ba Gua Zhang
    was developed by Dong Hai-Chuan, a Taoist of the Lung Men (Dragon Gate) Sect.
    The circular movements of the art are attributed to the circular chanting
    meditations done by the Lung Men Sect. Starting in the early 1900's, Ba Gua
    Zhang has been associated with Hsing-I.
    The base camp of Kitana's military forces was hidden in a valley on the
    eastern side of the Outworld plains. Further to the East were the Vampire
    people. Occasionally, lookouts would spot a female vampire watching the camp
    from a rocky outcropping. All attempts to capture the vampire proved to be
    Kitana is renowned throughout Edenia for her proficiency in the Steel Fans
    fighting style.
    The combined forces of Kitana and Goro made one last push against Kano's
    troops but were unsuccessful in breaching his line of defense. Though Kano's
    army was fewer in number than the united armies of Edenia and the Shokan, it
    seemed as though they were being strengthened by some unseen force.
    Tragically, near the end of that skirmish, Prince Goro was fatally injured.
    His men brought him back to the encampment where Kitana stayed by his side
    until he passed.
    Much to Kitana's disbelief, Kano's forces retreated. Word started to spread
    that the Emperor, Shao Kahn, had been slain by unknown assassins. It seemed as
    though Kitana had won.
    While returning to the portal back to Edenia, Kitana happened upon Kung Lao,
    who was traveling alone. It was through Kung Lao that she learned of the
    Deadly Alliance and the death of Liu Kang at the hands of Shang Tsung. It
    seemed that her return home would have to wait.
    As Kitana's army was breaking camp, there was a loud ruckus of kombat from the
    northern flank. A reptilian creature was angrily attacking her men. Though her
    soldiers were able fighters, they were no match for the savage creature, and
    were easily taken down. Kitana had to move quickly to prevent further harm and
    The reptilian creature had fled to the East, and Kitana's camp was secure once
    more. She gave her military commanders orders to remain at the camp until she
    returned from an excursion with Kung Lao. They were both in need of special
    martial arts training from the Outworld master, Bo' Rai Cho.
    Once they had found Bo' Rai Cho, he trained them in the fighting techniques
    they wished to learn. Kitana's training encompassed Style Branch attack
    combos. When she learned to combine her fighting styles into one long attack
    combination, her kombative effectiveness increased.
    Kitana and Kung Lao finally confronted the Deadly Alliance in Shang's Palace.
    While Kung Lao faced off with Shang Tsung, Kitana engaged Quan Chi in Mortal
    Kombat. The battle was intense.
    Kitana had never confronted an opponent quite like Quan Chi before and had to
    call upon all her martial arts training to defeat him.
    S. Raiden
    The Thunder God, Raiden, is mentor to all the heroes of Earthrealm. He is
    ageless, wise, and can harness the wrath of thunder itself.
    Raiden had been elevated to the status of Elder god after the war with
    Shinnok. But when he could not convince the other Elder Gods to prevent Shang
    Tsung and Quan Chi from awakening the Dragon King's sleeping army, he
    relinquished his status and returned to Earthrealm. The first of Earth's
    heroes he warned of the coming danger was Kung Lao.
    Nan Chuan consists of attacks that are most effective at short to middle
    range. Nan Chuan contains a greater number and variety of hand techniques, and
    fewer leg techniques.
    Raiden's movements are as fast as lightning. He can even stop an opponent's
    blow by grabbing the attacking limb. This move gives Raiden an opportunity to
    counter with his own attack.
    The second of Earth's heroes to be visited by Raiden was Jax. The Outerworld
    Investigation Agency had just been destroyed, and with it, any mortal means
    for traversing into Outworld. Raiden instructed Jax to meet with the other
    heroes on the old island fortress of Shang Tsung in the Lost Sea.
    Jujutsu is a term used to refer to unarmed Japanese combat. There are more
    than 750 documented varieties of Jujutsu. Raiden has mastered them all.
    Raiden can harness the invisible power of the wind to Shove a blocking
    opponent away from him.
    Johnny Cage was in the middle of a movie shoot when Raiden appeared to request
    his assistance in Outworld. At first, Johnny Cage had thought Raiden was
    merely the actor who was playing Raiden in his current movie project. But when
    he noticed the "movie Raiden" eating doughnuts at the catering table, he knew
    his old friend had truly returned from The Heavens.
    Raiden has always relied upon his staff in unpredictable circumstances. It is
    a source of great fighting power.
    Next, Raiden visited the new home of the reformed Lin Kuei to ask Sub-Zero for
    his assistance. Sub-Zero was eager to help and prove that the new Lin Kuei was
    indeed a force for good.
    Being the God of Thunder, Raiden commands all that is a storm. While in his
    Nan Chuan and Jujutsu fighting styles, he can electrocute and throw his
    opponents with the force of lightning.
    Another shocking attack that Raiden can perform in all three of his fighting
    styles is his Shocker.
    Sub-Zero has been training many of his new recruits, specifically Frost.
    Sub-Zero had requested of Raiden that he allow his new recruit, Frost, to
    accompany him to Outworld. At first, Raiden did not think that Frost was
    experienced enough as a warrior to take on the Deadly Alliance. But after
    testing her in kombat, he welcomed her assistance.
    Raiden next approached Sonya Blade to ask for her help. She had already been
    in contact with Jax and had been informed of the destruction of their main
    base. She was quite ready to do whatever it would take to stop the threat that
    was about to befall Earth.
    Once Earth's heroes had assembled on a beach of Shang Tsung's abandoned island
    fortress, Raiden appeared to them and explained in detail the events leading
    up to the formation of the Deadly Alliance. Although Kung Lao had already
    known, the others were shocked to learn that their old friend and ally, Liu
    Kang, was dead.
    Raiden had brought to the surface the sunken ship Shang Tsung had used to
    bring warriors to his island. The heroes boarded the ship and were taken to a
    remote spot in the Lost Sea. None mentioned the fact that there was no one
    steering the ship.
    The Thunder God raised his hand and an enormous storm formed in the air above
    the ship. Off to one side, a platform of some ancient design appeared from out
    of nowhere. Raiden explained that it was a celestial portal that could be used
    to traverse to Outworld. To earn the right to cross to the next realm, each
    kombatant had to defeat a representation of his or her greatest adversary. For
    Raiden, that challenge came in the form of Quan Chi.
    T. Reptile
    The warrior known as Reptile has grown much stronger and more primal since his
    first appearance in the tournament. His physical appearance has morphed into
    something more animal than man.
    Hung Gar, or "Tiger Fist", is the merging of Southern Shaolin fighting styles
    of Chinese kung fu. It is based on the movements of animals, such as the tiger
    and the crane.
    During the invasion of Earthrealm, Reptile had been ordered by his master Shao
    Kahn to assassinate Princess Kitana. The style he attacked with was Hung Gar.
    After Shao Kahn's defeat in Earthrealm, Reptile returned to Outworld to
    protect his master. His main duty has been to seek and destroy any possible
    threats to Shao Kahn's rule. Reptile has slain many would-be rulers before
    they got a chance to gain momentum against the Emperor.
    The latest threat to Shao Kahn is the united forces of Princess Kitana and
    Prince Goro. The weakened Emperor has ordered Reptile to deliver a message to
    the sorcerer Shang Tsung. The Emperor demanded the sorcerer's services in
    defending against Edenia and the Shokan. At first, Shang Tsung did not
    recognize Reptile. It had been some time since he had seen him, and Reptile
    had changed much in appearance.
    Eventually, Shang Tsung began to recognize Reptile's fighting moves, and
    ceased his aggressive posture. Reptile calmed down and delivered Shao Kahn's
    orders. Shang Tsung was to report to the emperor's palace fortress
    immediately. His duty fulfilled, Reptile departed to return to his master's
    side. Shortly after leaving, his keen senses picked up on the scent of blood
    and the sound of battle coming from Shang Tsung's residence.
    He raced back to that location to find the sorcerer Quan Chi standing before
    Shang Tsung. His keen hearing picked up their conversation. They were planning
    an assassination of his master, Shao Kahn. Angry acidic drool seethed from
    between Reptile's teeth to the ground below...
    Reptile's saliva has long been feared by his enemies. Its corrosive properties
    make for a most formidable weapon. As a long-distance attack, Reptile can spit
    this acid at his opponent. He imagined covering the sorcerers in the
    Reptile's anger was all-consuming, and he imagined himself in a heated battle
    with the pasty sorcerer.
    Reptile knew he was no match for both sorcerers at once. He decided he could
    best serve his master Shao Kahn if he could warn him of the impending attack.
    As he made his way to Shao Kahn's Fortress, he was intercepted by a vampire
    woman brandishing a weapon that seemed vaguely familiar.
    The weapon was a Kirehashi.. an ancient weapon of Reptile's extinct race. The
    vampire called herself Nitara, and offered the weapon to him as an offering of
    friendship. With a hiss, Reptile ripped the sword from her hands and began
    swinging it at imaginary foes.
    Nitara did not understand why Reptile was swinging his blade at her. She
    defended herself.
    Nitara continued to defend herself, not understanding the reason for Reptile's
    unwarranted attacks.
    Reptile fantasized impaling Nitara with the Kirehashi Blade. He imagined the
    blood spewing from the open wound.
    Reptile snapped out of his kombative trance and stopped his attack on Nitara.
    He accepted her gift of the ancient Raptor weapon readily. Nitara's presence
    had a soothing effect on Reptile. She claimed to have information that would
    help his master Shao Kahn in the battle with Kitana's forces. Reptile knew he
    could trust her. He could sense no deceit.
    Nitara led Reptile across the plains of Outworld to the hidden location of
    Kitana's military encampment. If Reptile could get this information to Shao
    Kahn, the Emperor could send Kano's troops to smash them in a surprise attack.
    He had to get back to Shao Kahn immediately.
    Reptile can travel vast distances quickly by curling up and rolling. In his
    zeal to help his master, he zipped back and forth fervently, flipping Nitara
    into the air.
    Nitara tried to evade Reptile's Lizard Ball as best she could, but Reptile
    flipped her up 3 more times before he finally left for Shao Kahn's Fortress.
    When Reptile finally arrived in Shao Kahn's throne room, he was devastated to
    find the Emperor lying dead on the floor. Judging by the smell of magic in the
    air, he realized that Quan Chi and Shang Tsung had already sprung their
    attack. He imagined the battle that had killed his master and fantasized about
    aiding him in battle.
    Reptile believed that his master's death was his fault. He should have
    returned to the fortress much sooner. In anguish over his failure, he wandered
    Outworld aimlessly, until he once again came across Nitara. Feeling the need
    to redeem himself, he pledged his life to her service. This time, he would not
    fail. He would protect his new master well.
    Express your anger over Shao Kahn's death by performing these Crab combos.
    Punish Shang Tsung!
    Nitara has no idea why you continue to assault her. She has no other choice
    but to defend herself.
    Pull out your Kirehashi Blade and cut down Quan Chi with these combos to help
    ease the pain.
    Now Nitara is really angry. She gave you that weapon, and now you are using it
    against her! She will not stand for that.
    Nitara does not understand why you keep referring to her as Quan Chi or Shang
    Tsung. Perhaps you are hallucinating. Until she can assess the situation, she
    must take what you dish out!
    You cannot escape the thought that you failed your master! Your anguish has
    reached a fevered pitch! Impale the traitor Shang Tsung with your Kirehashi
    Fortunately for the vampire Nitara, Reptile's Kirehashi Blade was not made of
    wood. She pulled the weapon from her body, and tried to calm him down.
    However, Reptile's imagination was out of control by that time. Instead of
    Nitara, he now saw Kitana before him. If he had not wasted time to inspect
    Kitana's military encampment, he would have been in the throne room to defend
    his master.
    Nitara forgave Reptile for his uncontrolled bout. Shao Kahn would have killed
    him for it. Nitara was indeed a master worth fighting for. Her first command
    was to attack an Earthrealm invader. She instructed Reptile to weaken the
    outsider by biting his armguard. The battle from that point on would be easy.
    Reptile hit the Earthrealm invader so hard that his ribcage burst open.
    Reptile paused for a moment to flex his leathery muscles in victory. But
    before he could belt a triumphant scream, a great monster with many teeth came
    whirling outward from inside his defeated foe's chest. Unable to comprehend
    this new danger, Reptile fled in fear.
    He wandered again aimlessly, realizing that he had failed another master. He
    was angry with himself and let his imagination run wild. He imagined that
    standing before him was his true enemy...
    Reptile must face himself in Mortal Kombat. Defeat the imaginary manifestation
    of Reptile 3 out of 5 matches in a duel to the death.
    U. Cyrax
    Cyrax is both part man and part machine. His cybernetic implants give him the
    edge he needs to defeat the most deadly of foes. He has recently been stranded
    in Outworld, and must fight to stay alive as he travels with Nitara on a quest
    to find a mystical Orb.
    Like Sub-Zero, Cyrax had once been a member of the Lin Kuei ninja clan.
    Although he had learned many forms of martial arts techniques, Ninjitsu was
    his preferred fighting style.
    Cyrax was transformed into a cyborg by the Lin Kuei in an automation program
    that Sub-Zero defied. For that defiance, Sub-Zero became an enemy of the Lin
    Kuei and Cyrax was programmed to seek and destroy him as a traitor. One of the
    fighting styles Cyrax downloaded to defeat Sub-Zero was Sambo.
    The fighting style Sambo, originally conceived as a means of unarmed crowd
    control for the police, is a form of wrestling developed by the Soviets in the
    early 1930s. Sambo is a distillation of over 20 folk arts native to the Soviet
    Union as well as Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo, Jujutsu and free-style
    One of the weapons Cyrax brings with him on his assignments is his Pulse
    Cyrax was eventually reprogrammed by Sub-Zero to defeat Shao Kahn. Once the
    Emperor's attack on Earth was foiled, Cyrax had no further instructions and
    shut down in a barren desert. He was recovered by Special Forces agents Sonya
    Blade and Jackson Briggs who restored his soul through a dangerous technical
    procedure. He has since joined forces with them to protect Earthrealm from
    otherworldly threats.
    By joining one attack to another in rapid succession, the human cyborg, Cyrax,
    can more effectively attack his foes. His training at the Special Forces
    proving grounds began with Ninjitsu combo training.
    Jax assigned Cyrax to the realm of Outworld. His mission was to scout out
    potential threats from that realm and report his findings to Jax back in
    Earthrealm. On one of his ports to Outworld, Cyrax was ambushed by a large
    reptilian creature. During the battle, the arm console that allowed him to
    traverse the realms was damaged. He was stranded in Outworld.
    Cyrax had not recognized the warrior he fought to be Reptile due to the
    lizard's strange metamorphosis from his previous form. He defended against
    Reptile's assault with his Sambo attack combinations, among other techniques,
    and eventually defeated him.
    After Reptile scurried away in defeat, Cyrax was approached by a vampire woman
    named Nitara who had been watching the fight. She offered to return Cyrax to
    his Earthrealm home if he could retrieve for her a mystical orb from its
    hiding place. Nitara could not approach it herself, but Cyrax's Earthrealm
    technology would allow him to enter the harsh environment the orb had been
    concealed in.
    One technological advancement of Cyrax's cybernetic systems is his Slice and
    Dice cutter. This mechanism can cut through opponents even at a distance.
    When Cyrax had not reported back from Outworld at the pre-designated time, Jax
    knew something was wrong. He sent the new recruit Kenshi to search for Cyrax.
    Another special attack made possible by Cyrax's bionic implants is his
    Spinkick. Cyrax is able to deal multiple blows by spinning on one leg and
    repeatedly smacking his opponent with the other.
    Eventually, Agent Kenshi became stranded in Outworld as well when the Special
    Forces Outerworld Investigation Agency was destroyed by a member of the Red
    Dragon clan. Jax and Sonya would have to find some other way to return both
    Kenshi and Cyrax to Earthrealm.
    Perhaps one of the most versatile technological advancements in Cyrax's
    arsenal is his Detonator. From a cavity within his chest, he can expel a timed
    bomb to blow his opponents to pieces.
    Cyrax has never liked any of Johnny Cage's movies and felt especially robbed
    of his eight bucks when he saw Johnny's film, NINJA MIME. Cyrax is going to
    beat those eight dollars out of Johnny Cage's skull.
    Q: IS Deadly Alliance REALLY Mortal Kombat 5?
    A: Yes. Yes it is. If you want proof, it's in the game itself. Play Cyrax's
    Konquest Mode (or take my word for it, but I know you won't do that). In
    Mission 3, his weapons training data has file extensions .mk5 (Pulse Blade
    high attacks training mission pack is pbha.mk5, Pulse Blade Impale training
    mission pack is pbi.mk5, etc.).
    Q: IS Shao Kahn REALLY dead?
    A: According to Konquest Mode (see particularly Quan Chi's and Reptile's
    stories), he certainly is. But, as I have been kindly reminded, the mIRC Fight
    Night chat with the creators of the game indicated that he may not be gone for
    good. Certainly it's possible that he was killed and will be resurrected in a
    future game. I mean, look at Scorpion. He's been dead since before MK I, but
    that hasn't stopped him from competing in every game (except MK3, which had no
    ----------PERSONAL REFLECTIONS----------
    I had an enormous amount of fun writing (actually I just edited most of it,
    but, hey, I was the one doing the typing) this guide. At the time that I am
    writing this (right after finishing version 1.0), I have beaten Konquest Mode
    twice with most characters, and three times with Scorpion and Mavado. And I'm
    not tired of it yet. In fact, I can't wait to go back and play it again, but I
    know I can't do that because I'm working on other FAQs and guides. Anyway,
    even though I have gathered here most of the story from Konquest Mode, I still
    HIGHLY recommend you play through it yourself, at least once with every
    character. You'll learn all sorts of tricks, get a really good feel for the
    game, be able to enjoy the story at a much more leisurely pace, and even get
    a few jokes that I sadly could not find a place for here (maybe next time).
    Some of the later missions may get a little tricky (especially the Style
    Branch combos), but trust me, it's worth it to play all the way through. If
    you feel like you just can't do it, turn off the console for a while and do
    something else, then come back when you feel better and give it another go.
    The first time I played through, I definitely gave up more than a few times,
    but I finally managed to finish, and, lo and behold, now I've finished again!
    And soon, yet again! It's really not that hard once you get the hang of it.
    I'm definitely looking forward to MK6, and I hope there is another Konquest
    Mode in that one. And not to be picky, but it would be nice if there was a
    Mission Select option available after beating Konquest with all characters,
    not to mention a full story for everybody. I mean, Hsu Hao has more of a
    Konquest story than Scorpion! What's up with that?
    Oh, yeah, and other fighting games would do well to take a cue from Deadly
    Alliance. A fancy practice mode with story interspersed with training will do
    wonders for your replay value. It worked for SoulBlade, now it's working for
    MK. Not to mention a mode just full of secrets to be earned by playing the
    other modes. That **** is sweet.
    ----------VERSION HISTORY----------
    v. 1.0 (7 January 2003) - Added all remaining stories (that would be Nitara,
    Quan Chi, Kano, Kitana, Shang Tsung, Mavado, and Scorpion). Reorganized Guide
    so the characters appear in the order of the character select screen. Minor
    editing of stories for characters from v. 0.01, now that I have had more
    practice trimming the fat, as it were. Probably the final version, at least
    for a while. I might go back later and put in some of the jokes. I'm still not
    quite satisfied with the stories, particularly all the second-person narration
    for Frost and Reptile, but, hey, that's the way it's written in the game, and
    I can't take it out without removing significant dramatic elements. Think of
    it as MK Choose Your Own Adventure if you will, only... you... don't...
    choose... anything.
    v. 0.1 (4 January 2003) - Added stories for Hsu Hao, Sonya, Kenshi, Li Mei,
    Bo' Rai Cho, Jax, Johnny Cage, and Sub-Zero. At this rate, the next version
    should contain all the characters, in order as they are on the character
    select screen.
    v. 0.01 (3 January 2003) - The first preliminary version, this contained all
    content not mentioned above. I started out with six characters. Cyrax and
    Frost, because when people complain on message boards about not being able to
    complete a Konquest Mission, it's usually one of theirs. Raiden, whose
    Konquest I personally found to be the most difficult. Reptile, because his
    Konquest is one of the ones people on message boards most often refer to in
    terms of background story. And Drahmin and Kung Lao, because I find them most
    boring out of all the characters (Kung Lao's Konquest stops giving story info
    after Mission 5, for crying out loud!).
    I, ProTect, wrote this.
    Midway created MK5.
    The MK5 characters belong to Midway.

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