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    Kung Lao by Axel2508

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    Kung Lao FAQ: Version 1.1
    Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance
    Version History:
    Version 1.0 - the FAQ is complete, my first, and is sent to www.Gamefaqs.com, 
    contains minor errors.
    Version 1.1 - Tweak up a few things, rearrange a few words etc
    Table of contents:
    I - Introduction/Copy write Garbage
    II - Controls Preface
    III - Minor Background Info
    IV - Moves
     A - Mantis style and analysis
     B - Shaolin Fist style and analysis
     C - Broadsword style and analysis
     D - Special arts
     E - Style Branch Kombos
    V - Advanced Technique
     A - Versus Moloch
     B - Kombo tips and tricks
     C - Extra stuff
    VI - Credits
    I - Introduction/Copyright Garbage
    Before I say anything, let me say this first *Ahem
    This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
    private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
    publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web 
    site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation 
    of copyright.
    Good, now that we have that out of the way.  This is an Faq about the MK:DA 
    character Kung Lao.  Yes, the razor-rimmed hat-bearing monk is back with a 
    vengeance, being the first to know of Lui Kang's death. Having a desire to 
    destroy the Deadly Alliance, Kung Lao disregards his Shaolin monk beliefs, and 
    goes out to destroy the alliance.
    The new control system for Deadly Alliance is very innovative, and quite fun.  
    Being able to switch from different styles on the fly is a nice twist to 
    monotonous game play, and offers more depth to the game.
    II - Controls Preface
    Playstation 2:    Game Cube:    Xbox:   I will refer to as:
    Square          -     B      -    X      -    1
    Triangle        -     Y      -    Y      -    2
    X               -     A      -    A      -    3
    O               -     X      -    B      -    4
    R2              -     R      -    R      -    Block
    R1              -     Z      -    Black  -    R1
    L1              -     L      -    L      -    L1
    Up - U  Down - D  Forwards - F  Backwards - B
    Moves will be described as follows:
    (command) - (name) - (brief description and special notes)
    Strings will be described as follows
    (commands) - (name) - (brief description) -or~ (damage done, ~ indicating an 
    III - Minor Background information
    Name: Kung Lao
    Status: Shaolin Monk
    Alignment: Good
    Weight: 175
    Height: 5'10"
    Fighting Styles: Shaolin fist
    IV - Moves
     A - Mantis style and analysis
    1    - Drilling Punch          - fast Jab
    D+1  - Low Thrusting Punch     - a low drilling punch
    2    - Power Forcing Fist      - rise, strike to face, great stagger effect
    B+2  - Double Mantis Strike    - somewhat slow hit, knockdown effect
    D+2  - Sweeping Punch          - Low hit, slower than low thrusting punch 
    3    - Legs Sprouting Kick     - Front kick, fairly fast
    D+3  - Ward Off Punch          - crouching step-in punch
    B+3  - Toppling Kick           - kick to leg, somewhat stagger effect
    4    - Chest Piercing Kick     - step in, kick, another useful distance-closer
    D+4  - Seven Star Hit          - step in, punch
    B+4  - Leg Squatting Kick      - Basic sweep (as in knocks opponent down)
    U+4  - Single Leg Soaring Kick - Slow, jumping upward kick, juggle
    F+R1 - Throw                   - Self-explanatory, can be blocked
    R1   - Taunt                   - pose to gain back health
    3,3  - Lotus petals - double leg sprouting kick ~ 15%
    1,1,1 - 18 elders - three jabs, basis to ALL style branches in this style - 15%
    1,1,3,3 - Cave mantis - 2 jabs, then lotus petals - 20%
    1,1,2,4 - Natural death - double jab, power forcing fist, kick - 19%
    1,1,2,B+2 - Five blessings - double jab, power forcing fist, double mantis 
    strike - 20% 
    Mantis, a quick style, and is the basis of most of your style branch kombos. 
    Being that is your starting stance, use your speed advantage, and let loose 
    some kombos to start the round.  Has numerous moves that can open up or close 
    in distances, and many moves used for confusing opponents, Mantis style is very 
    versatile, as in it can adapt to any situation.  As stated before, the basis of 
    your style branch kombos, but it contains some other combos you can do, most of 
    which starting the same (18 Elders, Cave Mantis, Natural Death, and Five 
    Blessings all have 1,1 starting it)
     B - Shaolin Fist style and analysis
    1    - Buddha Fist         - Step forward jab
    D+1  - Low Axe Palm        - Low jab, pushes back a bit
    B+1  - Attack The Heart    - FAST strike, semi stagger effect
    2    - Curved Hook Strike  - Jab
    D+2  - Palm Heel Strike    - Low jab, pushes back
    B+2  - Backfist Strike     - Slow, rising strike
    F+2  - Foreknuckle Strike  - Strike pushing opponent far back, slow recovery 
    3    - Roundhouse Strike   - Kick to head
    D+3  - Low Double Backfist - Step forward, low hit
    4    - Front Kick          - Kick to chest
    D+4  - Low Knuckle Punch    - See D+3
    B+4  - Sweeping Blade Kick - Kick to leg, Sweeps off feet
    R1   - Neijin              - Taunt with a temporary power up effect
    F+R1 - Throw               - Self-explanatory, can be blocked
    4,3 - Double Kicks - Self-explanatory ~ 13%
    4,F+2 - Shaolin Faith - Kick, Foreknuckle Strike ~ 12%(knock back)
    2,4,3 - Rising Buddha - Jab, double kicks - 14%
    1,4,3 - Shout Of Spirit - Jab, Double Kicks - 12%
    1,4,4,3 - Enlightenment - Jab, three kicks - 17%
    1,2,4,3 - Shaolin Beat Down - 1,2 punches, Double kick - 15%
    1,4,4,F+2 - Hurricane - Jab, two kicks, Foreknuckle Strike - 17%(knock back)
    Shaolin Fist, not as speed oriented as the Mantis style, is still somewhat 
    quick, and is most useful for sidestepping attacks, and then responding with a 
    nice, small kombo of your choosing.  Although not as quick as Mantis, I prefer 
    this stance due to the fact that it is somewhat stronger, it's main strength 
    having a nice selection of 2-4 hit strings. Shaolin Fist also has some closing 
    in and out moves, but not as much, or as quickly done as the Mantis style.  I 
    tend to spend most fights in these unarmed stances.
     C - Broadsword style and analysis
    1   - Cross Cutting Strike - Mid-section slash
    F+1 - Twisting Body Strike - Two hit, jumping circular motion slash
    D+1 - Piercing Low Lunge   - Step in, stab low
    2   - Crushing side Slash  - Horizontal, head slash
    D+2 - Overhead Strike      - High to low slash, hit legs
    3   - Gut Ripping Stab     - Stab to midsection
    B+3 - Rising Slash         - Low to high slash, Juggles
    D+3 - Low Stab             - Leg Stab
    4   - Half Moon Slash      - Two hit slash, high to low
    F+4 - Full Moon Slash      - Three hit slash, all high
    D+4 - Spinning Low Slash   - Squatting, spinning, 2 hit slash low
    R1  - Impale               - see note below
    2,1 - Sharpen The Mind - Horizontal Slash, Vertical slash ~ 14%
    2,2 - Clouds Overhead - Two horizontal slash ~ 14%
    2,F+1 - Tiger Leaps Suddenly - Horizontal slash, twisting body strike - 17%
    4,D+4 - Onslaught - two hit high to low strike to spinning low slash - 15%
    4,F+1 - Rise and Shine - 2 hits high to low to Twisting body strike - 17%
    2,4,D+4 - Dao Strikes - Horizontal slash, Onslaught - 17%
    2,4,F+1 - Phoenix tail - Horizontal slash, Rise And Shine - 19%
    Description of the Impale: broadsword becomes embodied in opponent, losing the 
    blade for the rest of the round.  Of course, this means the opponent bleeds to 
    death, so a definite plus.  Expect a serious beating if blocked, due to 
    horrible recovery.  Has great stagger though, so after hitting it, go for a 
    nice mantis style branch kombo.
    The broadsword has medium range, great kombos, and the impale ability.  What is 
    not so great about it is the same with most weapons, the recovery time, and you 
    take more damage while in the weapon style.  Against unarmed fast opponents 
    (i.e. Johnny Cage, Blaze), taking out your weapon would be suicide.  Against 
    opponents that are slow (i.e. Jax), or opponents that have their weapon drawn, 
    if you are comfortable with the broadsword, then go for it.
     D - Special Arts
    B,F+1  - Hat Throw ~ 10% Damage
    YES!  The infamous Kung Lao hat throw.  As usual, Kung Lao grabs his razor-
    rimed hat, and hurls it at the opposition, pain ensuring for your foe.  A very 
    fun move, good startup speed, but recover isn't all that good, use at a 
    D,B+4 - Whirlwind Kicks - 12% Knockdown
    Move taught by the Outworld Master Bo Rai Cho. The move itself is a three hit, 
    rotating, flying kick that holds various strong points
       - VERY fast
       - If blocked, you are placed at a relatively save distance from your 
       - Very useful for ending juggles 
       - Due to the move's speed, and D being the first command needed, can be a 
    useful counter, where you sidestep (pressing D of course) just enough to dodge 
    the attack thrown at you, and just before the sidestep is done, quickly hit B+4 
    to unleash some whirlwind punishment
     E - Style Branch Kombos
    From Mantis style:
    1,1,1,L1,4,3 - Deadly Insect - 24% - Ends in Shaolin Fist
    1,1,1,L1,2,4,3 - White Lotus - 26% - Ends in Shaolin Fist
    1,1,1,L1,4,4,3 - Peaceful Life - 27% Knockdown - Ends in Shaolin Fist
    1,1,1,L1,4,4,L1 - Teacher's Pet - 27% Juggle - Ends in Broadsword
    1,1,1,L1,4,4,F+2 - Fallen Hero (tribute to Lui Kang!)- 28% Knockback - ends in    
                                                                       Shaolin Fist 
    From Shaolin Fist:
    1,4,4,L1 - Pins and Needles - 17% Juggle - Ends in Broadsword 
    V - Advance Technique
     A - Versus Moloch
    Oh yes, the feared sub-boss, oni Moloch.  This S.O.B. is so annoying, and 
    tough, that I devoted an entire section to just defeating him.  First off, try 
    to stay out of the weapon stance, it is two slow, and plain and simply, you 
    just don't want to take any chances on this guy.  I stay in Mantis, and just 
    sit there and block.  I wait till he tries to hit me, and after the move 
    misses, I hit him with a nice, big kombo, usually a style branch.  I spend the 
    rest of the match in Shaolin Fist, and out-cheese him.  A few other key points 
    to remember.  If you get too close to him, hit him with a combo anyway. Because 
    you don't want to get too close, otherwise you get thrown, and his throw is no 
    light tap.  In the event you do get thrown, he always taunts afterwards, this 
    is where you throw your hat at him.  If you are using the block strategy, and 
    you see his ball start to steam, jump away; he is using an unblockable ground 
    strike.  Keep focused, and the feared oni demon will be at your feet.
     B - Kombo tips and tricks
    -  The Mantis style contains two VERY useful moves to start Kombos, the power 
    forcing fist, and the 1,1,2 string (both essentially the same thing).  After 
    the opposition gets hit with that move, he or she will be staggering, holding 
    their bleeding head, leaving them vulnerable to a huge style branch kombo that 
    you have in store for them.
    -  Each stance has some juggle move that you can do, so experiment and see what 
    works for you
    -  Less is more, the more you hit the opposition while they are in the air, the 
    less damage the hits will do, so in the choice of ending the combo with two 
    hits rather than one bigger one, pick the one bigger hit
    -  The Whirlwind kick is great for ending juggles
     C - Extra Fun stuff
    Kung Lao's Alternative "Old Skool" outfit - Koffin YJ - 1208 Ruby Koins
    Fatality - D,U,B+3 
    I don't want to ruin it for you, if you want to know what it looks like that 
    bad, there is bound to be a fatality Faq somewhere online.
    VI - Credits
    Fellow gamer and buddy Raul, and your very handy video game knowledge
    SiN $tealer, for the very useful Krypt guild, where if I did not see your 
    guild, I would be hopelessly wandering around the Krypt, searching for the 
    right Koffin
    Midway, for creating another kick *** game
    Copyright 2003 Matthew Swahn

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