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Reviewed: 07/12/06

Mortal Kombat: Replacing C's with K's since 1991

Ahh, Mortal Kombat. This series has been going on for just about 15 years and is as strong as ever. Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance provides the Gamecube with a damn good fighting game with tons of unlockables and great graphics. It's a fighting game, which means tons of replay. Mortal Kombat is probably the top most violent, bloody, gory fighter game out there. So this game isn't for the squeamish. Well, you can turn the blood off and never use Fatalities. Then it kind of IS for the squeamish!

Story: 7/10

Mortal Kombat's got a cool story this time around. The evil sorcerer Quan-Chi escapes from the Netherealm and discovers an army. But not just any army: this is the Dragon King's army. Virtually invincible. Just one problem: the bodies need souls. Quan-Chi seeks the help of Shang Tsung and they create a Deadly Alliance to take over the world. Shang Tsung gains new powers as they gain the souls of fighters, which can give him the appearance and skills of anyone. But two people stand in their way: Liu Kang and Shao Kahn. So they both go out and well, kill them. Yep. In the opening FMV too. RIP, Liu Kang. So, Raiden steps down and organizes a small team of fighters to help stop the Deadly Alliance. And that's where you come in. Sure, it's no Zelda or Final Fantasy, but it's MORTAL KOMBAT. You can't get much more then this.

Gameplay: 9/10

The gameplay is good. You get the basic combos, the complicated combos, the special combos. You have three different fighting styles and one of them gives you a weapon. Holding weapons mean you dish out more damage and you take more damage too. Sub-Zero still freezes people, Scorpion has his "GET OVER HERE!" spear thinger and everything is good.

Oh, and there's only ONE FATALITY PER CHARACTER. But hey, at least they're not all bad. Except Quan-Chi's.

The only other flaw I can think of is this game forces you to use the tiny D-Pad underneath the analog stick. It would've been a lot easier to use the analog stick like almost everybody else, Midway, a lot easier...

Graphics: 10/10

Graphics. Awesome. And violent. You hit people, blood comes out. You beat 'em down, they get bruises. You impale them with a Kori blade, it stays in them and they bleed profusely from their chest. Fatalities look sick. Excellent and detailed backgrounds, too. I see no problem in this department, that's for sure.

Music/Sound: 8/10

It's nothing catchy that you'll have stuck in your head, but it's good music to accompany the great graphics. The sound effects are good too. Except for the FINISH HIM/HER part, I still don't like the announcer dude. But you get used to it after a while...

Replay Value: 10/10

Let's see. There's 676 Koffins. Taking away the ones that give you extra coins, no coins, etc. PLUS two extra characters unbuyable in the Krypt... there's a lot of stuff. Plus, it's a fighting game. They usually have the highest replay value since their sole purpose is to play over and over.

Rent vs. Buy:
Buy it, of course! It's a great game to have if there's nothing to do. Plus, you can find it for less then ten bucks now at most stores. Great game to add to your collection.

Final Score: 8.8/10

Final Thoughts:

I like this game a lot. Pair this up with a good RPG and another time-consuming game like Animal Crossing and you've got endless fun on your Gamecube. Plus, it's cheaper now that it's been out for a while, so there's no excuse to not buy this game (unless you're under 17 and your parents won't let you). Fan of fighting games? This game's for you. Fan of gory games? This game's for you. Fan of games with good graphics and/or good replay value? This game's for YOU. Not a fan of any of the above? You just may be after giving this game a spin.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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