Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 10/10/07

Still not as good as it should be

Shang Tsung and Quan Chi have joined forces. Raiden asks the worlds greatest martial artists to help him stop these guys. The story is rather lame but oh well. I give story a 2/10

Whoever made the Gamecube controller should be hurt. Doing attacks, switching stances, blocking and everything is easy to do, the problem is using the ultra tiny D-Pad to move around. I hit up and A to do a jump kick and I end up dashing backwards! This is absurd and makes the game insanely hard. Why couldn't they just let you use the analog stick, it's just like an arcade stick! I give control a 2/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
The voice acting is below average. The sound effects are boring and nothing great. The music is fitting but over all it lacks anything great. Adema has a video on the game that you can watch but it's pretty crappy. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 4/10

Game play
The game play is pretty solid but is hurt by the blasted controller! There are something like 20 characters and all of them have three stances which gives them different attacks. This is cool but why do they even have the weapon stance since if you get hit during that stance you take massive damage? The new characters are kinda lame and all the returning characters have crummy new looks. The arenas look decent and some have objects that can be broken but the arenas are surrounded by an invisible wall which is annoying. There is a new mode called Konquest which is pretty much a training mode and it isn't that entertaining. There are some really nice moves but a number of old moves have been removed, why can't I uppercut someone? I give game play a 8/10

Replay Value
Okay, this is just overkill. I believe there are 600 things to unlock with the coins you get from playing the game. It takes FOREVER to unlock everything and you can't tell if you've opened a certain koffin or not which is annoying. The game is pretty fun but I doubt your friends will jump at the chance to play it with you once they learn they need to use that tiny D-Pad! I give replay value a 8/10

Final Score
I give Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance a 6/10

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance (US, 11/17/02)

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