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"Mortal Kombat is dead!Long live Mortal Kombat!"

Here it is,the long awaited sequel in the Mortal Kombat series,and the trend of suckery that was set by the last 4 or so years of MK titles is broken.Yes,this one is actually what you would call ''good'',unilke Sub Zero:Mythologies and those other cursed spin offs.This game plays well,the fighting system is one of the freshest things to come along in a fighting game in quite a long while,and it seems that Mortal Kombat has completely reinvented itself!

Graphics 5/10:The graphics are alright,but nothing overwhelming about them in any aspect,not much attention to detail in any part of the game.It can get a bit blurry sometimes and the backgrounds are super dull.The blood effects border on cartoonish and are really lame to say in the least.They reinvented the fighting for the next century,you'd think they'd realize that the ultra splattery ''blood'' thing is not really that special anymore.The fmv movies are neat,but to be honest I've seen better on the Playstation.Really.

Gameplay 10/10:The good part of the game is in the fighting.Some if it is the same as the previous MK games,such as all the basic punchesand kicks,running,special attacks,etc...The ''fatality'' deathblow finishers are back and are tons easier to execute than the previous installments,so you wont have to panic trying to enter the sequence in 3 seconds.Pretty nifty.

The new gimmick for MK:DA is that each character gets 3 fighting styles to switch between during combat,which makes for a much more involved system of combat than in Street Fighter or even Tekken,so you'll have to practice with each style for the character you prefer.Like it MK4,a certain combination for each character will cause him/her to pull out a special weapon,to inflict extra damage,but this time when attacking you can choose to impale you opponent,slowly causing damage to them.The fighting is pretty deep,so besides the Arcade and V.S mode,there is a quest mode to train you for playing with any one character.Really sweet.

Sound/Music 5/10:When are they going to make new MK themes?The sound,I am very sad to exactly the same as every other game in the series!There is almost absolutely nothing new here,which is a little dumb,I mean they've had quite awhile to find to cool rock tunes for this game or something.

Funfactor:9/10The Funfactor for this game is pretty high considering it's flaws in all departments exept gameplay.Just goes to prove the old Gameplay over Graphics argument.The combat is so immersive that you'll b playin for quite awhile,and it's especially cool to play it with freinds.

Overall 7/10:I'm giving this a 7 out of 10,because it's not a bad game,just a rushed one.If ithad a few more cosmetic tweaks and changes,it would be a must buy fighter.But as of now it's not.You should probably get it if you're a hardcore fighter fan,because it honestly is fun compared to the mediocre fighters of this year.But as a person who wants a solid title with a lot of replay,I wouldn't bother.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 11/23/02, Updated 02/06/03

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