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Reviewed: 11/30/02 | Updated: 11/30/02

MK redefined for the twenty first Century!

Mortal Kombat. When people approximately sixteen and older think of that name, a happy glow enlightens their face. That's because Mortal Kombat has been a home name for some quite years now and with the new installation of MK:DA, the fans came rushing back for the next incarnation of their favorite franchise. Let's begin.....


Wow. The guys at midway have been doing their homework. MKDA is a huge facelift from MK 4 in character design and level detail. EVERYTHING moves and EVERYTHING looks good while it moves. The character animations are so fluid and the levels stream with delight. A welcome change.


This new system Midway has kept hush-hush in their development has finally been unleashed in MKDA and it proves that their is hope for future MK dames in the department of innovation. Each fighter has two martial arts styles and one weapon style. Incarnated into each styles are special moves in which the fans know and love like sub zero's ice blast. Yes, no more entering a combo for a weapon just to get it knocked out of your hands! If a weapon get's knocked out out your hand, just cycle through the style selection(L) till you come across the weapon. Voila, new weapon! Did I mention battledamage occurs in the game? O yesssssss, a true fighter indeed!


Traditional MK flare. Same old grunts and yells but the particle effects sound spiffy. The levels breathe with life as seen in Shang Tsung's ''Soul Chamber''. You got your basics with a little spice, no complaints here.


It's not that bad actually. I was looking for some taking over the world stuff with LIU KANG helping earth's fighters to stop Shao Kahn or something. But this time it is Quan Chi and Shang Tsung who are the enemies and have formed.....A DEADLY ALLIANCE! They are using the souls of the greatest warriors to cast into an army of legendary samurai. So it is good vs. evil this time with a little originality. Midway gets story right.


I'm a little mixed up here. First there are some really cool old characters and some new ones but there are some who don't belong. Like Oni, an outworld hobo who smells so bad he has flies swarming around him while wearing a diaper! Then there is reptile...evolution tuned bad. He looks like a knockoff of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with a ninja costume on! On the better side, there is movado. My fav. character from MK 3's assassin. Yes you get to use those crazy hooks once again! The rest of the characters are fine and it's good to see Kano back in the mix. On to fatalities!


Note the sarcasm in the last line. Developers in this game were not concerned on Fatalities but on gameplay. Well, that is the main reason most people play Mortal b/c of FATALITIES! Some are allright, I like Kenshi's but some are so laughable. Take Quan Chi's. His in MK 4 was the most brutal. Ripping the person's own leg and beating them to death with it. PURE GENIUS. His new one. He prances like a fairy on their shoulders, takes the guys/girl head and stretches it so it looks like a giraffe. I was waiting for a ''Friendship'' or something. It said fatality. As of now, there is NO stage fatalities or babalities, animalities, or friendships. Play other MK's if you want special end moves b/c this one has squat.



Welcome to the Krypt. A gigantic room filled with 600 some odd Koffins that each contain a secret. How do you get these secrets you say? KURRENCY! By traveling through the Konquest(I'll get to it) or by Mini-games in Arcade mode. Only platinum and Onyx Koins can be obtained in Arcade mode but the rest only in the Konquest. The Konquest lets you select one player and through each stage and each one shows you the characters abilities. In other words it is a giant Practice mode! Earn Koins, obtain secret characters and artwork. It will take a while and is the reason MKDA shines among other recent fighters.



Only if you love fighters and love the MK franchise. I'll be playing this one for a while but then you know, people get board with anything but the Krypt will keep you busy for a while though...

Rent or Buy?

Always rent first. That's how I am and maybe you are not. I'd rater be spending 6.50 than 50 bucks to see if the game is worth it. Buy at your own expense.


What a fascinating game you are MKDA. You have lastibility coupled with a keen gameplay system. MKDA is a worthy add on to the MK franchise but not in fatalities. Midway, thanks for a great game and I hope to see a new MK out soon. Actually take your time b/c we don't want to see MKDA:ultimate.

Till next review....slikquid out.....

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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