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"Thirsty for a good fighting game? Mortal Kombat is the answer."

The two sorcers Shang Tsung and Quan Chi have teamed together and are transfering souls to the undefeatable Dragon King army with hopes of taking over the realms. Teamed up, they killed the champion Lui Kang and the the strong Sho Kahn. Now, Raidan and the Earthrealm warriors must stop this Deadly Alliance without the help of Lui Kang.

Graphics: 10/10 This is a Mortal Kombat game, and the graphics are awesome. Every character in this game has a lot of detail. After a long good fight, the characters are brused on the face and only the face. I think it would of looked nice to see some damage on the chest or arms of the fighters.
The blood effects are wonderful as well. After a devistating punch or a quick slash to the neck, you can accually see the blood run down the fighter's body for a few seconds while it drips to the floor.

Gameplay: 9/10You can be a newcomer to the game, you don't even need to know the buttons, and you still can pick up the game and look cool playing it. Every character has different fighting styles... from Tae-known-do to Karate to Hapkido. During the fight you can switch fighting styles which can help you in different situations. Each character comes with a weapon, so if all attempts for attack fail, pull out your weapon.
The computer on the Arcade mode is very easy at first, and then out of nowhere they become very tough.. but it's fun the whole time doing it.
Each time you beat the computer in the arcade mode, you get different ''Koins''. These Koins can be spent in the Krypt for new characters, movies, alternate costumes, and a whole bunch of other goodies. There are 667 Krypts, so there are at least 667 things to unlock.

Sound: 10/10It's nothing special, but it suits the game well. The sound affects are nice. Weapon on weapon makes a clash, fists on fists have nice little ''pow'' effects to them. The sound is great from the time Lui Kang's neck snaps right to unlocking another secret in the Kyrpt.

Replay Value: 10/10 There are 667 things to unlock in the Krypt, there are over 20 unlockable characters who all have different figting styles. Even if you get tired of the Arcade mode, get a friend, let the practice for 15 minutes, then play VS mode with them.

Final Thoughts: If Gamecube is your only system, and you're a figting fan, Mortal Kombat is the game to buy. This game is worth coughing up $50, you'll be playing it for days. The only big problem I have with the game is that there are only one fatality per person. Now, some fatalites are great, while others are so stupid that I'm still wondering what they were thinking when they made it.

Final Score: 9/10
I was a Mortal Kombat fan for the fatalities... but for once in Mortal Kombat's lifespan, there are more moves than fatalities... is that good or bad?

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/03/02, Updated 12/03/02

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