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"MK Comes Back with a Bang!"

It has been years since we have had a quality Mortal Kombat. I mean Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat 4 were in the right direction but lacked the greatness of the first two games. But now Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance is back and finally it is worthy of the original games.

Game play- This games game play has been totally redone. Now it has more of a regular fighting game feel. There is a tekken fighting system but doesn't overdo it. There are enough combos and moves to keep everyone guessing. They feature 3 fighting systems 2 regular and one weapon system. Finally you won't lose your weapon once your hit! The old mini games are back. Test your might is back along with test your sight a new one. Also in this game they have a koin system. Every single player fight you win will earn you kurrency which you can use in the krypt. The krypt is another welcome addition to the MK franchise. The krypt is where you can buy secrets and extra features. The krypt features over 600+ krypts! The single player is still the same including the all annoying sub-boss that is almost impossible to kill. Another addition is Konquest mode. It is a training mode for all your fighters. Once you complete all the missions you'll be able to use 2 new characters.
Game play-10

Controls- The controls are extremely weird. The game designers chose to only use the d-pad and not the analog stick. This becomes annoying and frustrating at times.

Graphics- Superb graphics. They truly show how much work was done on this game. When you bleed it runs down you and if you look closely on the face you will see cuts and bruises. The detail in this game is absolutely fabulous.

Sound- The normal MK sound with some added voices and weapon hitting weapon sounds. Nothing Special

Replay factor-Extremely high with over 600+ krypts and over 200+ konquest missions to complete you'll be fighting all the time. Also there have also been the original Mortal Kombat rumors flying around which could cause people to search to find something new.

Buy/Rent? Definitely worth a buy. If you own a ps2 though get it for that because of the controller. But if not still get this game it's a must for everyone.

Final thoughts Even though this game only has one fatality and no stage fatalities this game more than makes up with it for the new game play.
Final Review- 8 (add 2 points if comfortable with the controls)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/20/02, Updated 12/20/02

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