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"Quite Possibly the WORST fighter ever made..."

When I picked up Mortal Kombat, my expectations weren't really THAT high. I mean, I didn't expect it to be a Virtua Fighter 4, or a Tekken, but I expected it to at least be a good fighter, and above all, fun. However, this is where Mortal Kombat fails. The game is packed with extras that will take the most dedicated gamer a very long time to unlock (I still haven't unlocked everything) but as a fighter it is simply to boring to be a truly respctable game. I am writing this review so that all the gamers out there do not make the mistake of buying this game because they see all the other 9's and ten reviews that don't point out the games inherent flaws. In the following review, I will explain exactly why I am giving mortal Kombat a 2, as it may very well be one of the worst games ever, and certainly takes the fighting game genre title as worse game of it's kind.

Graphics:(8)The game looks sharp, I will give it that. The only inherent flaw I can find with the graphics is the bruises. Seriouslu, they would have been better served to take them out all together, as it detracts drasticly from the game when you see sharp character models and realistic blood, and then you see a characters face up close when you win the match and it looks like someones took some purple and red crayons and colored all over it. Aside from that, the graphic are sharp and presnt an overall sharp looking feel. It's not the best game in terms of graphical prowess, but it looks nice. I give the graphics an 8.

Next, on to the Sound. The sounds are pretty good, although the lack of any real voices for the characters detract from the score. The music works alright with the game, and fits the mood, although it could have been better. Nothing special but not bad either. I give this a 6.

Now on to the point that kill sthe game-Actual gameplay. Now I can get past the fact that the fighting is unresponsive, and that the combos are uinventive and the ammount of fluid combos you can create is limited. I can get past the fact that the fighting feels awkward and lacks the fluid motions that all fighting games need. I can get past the fact that there is no Liu Kang, and that they did not get the fighting of any of the styles- such as jeet kun do. I can get past the fact that they have taken the things that made mk stand out such as fatalites, uppercuts, and projectiles either non creative, boring, ineffective or all 3 in some cases. I could see past all the things that hurt this game including extreme lack of depth if the game was only balanced. Any game that you can go through by picking Mavado and pressing A and directional buttons with is a disgrace. I am talking the hardest setting here folks. You will run thru your enemies jamming on the A button with Mavado in his weapons stance. You will even beat the best human opponent doing this. The only way to beat someone that plays like this? Either pick another Mavado and do the same thing or pick Hsu Hao(I think that's how you spell his name) and go in his wrestling stance and relentlessly punish your opponents with the B button, and a plethora of other cheap, throws.. Seriously, if the other characters had cheap tactics as well there would be redeeming factors, but this game has TWO over powered characters that put everyone else to shame, eliminatingany real depth or challenge. The result. 20 people pver and all of them picking these two characters or complaing because someone else is. Even against the cpu, there is no satisfaction in learning a character because deep down you know that you will lose to the first person that picks Mavado or Hsu Hao. I didn't buy a fighting game to play with no mix ups and 2 good characters. That's anothe rthing. Did I mention that aside from throwing in a trip there are no mixups in combos? Which means whole combos are blocked by holding R. Except for Mavado. If you press A with him in weapon stance his high attack register as low ones, and hit you relentlesly. Your opponent blocks low? Press back and A nad watch tour opponent get hit with an even more damaging moves for trying to defend. Or you could always pick Hso Hao and mash B in your wrestling stance until your opponent lets down there gaurd... Gameplay-1

Replayabilty: 2: This factor would be high except the game is so horrible you won't want to continue playing to unlock everything.

Rent or Buy: Don't even rent this game, it is horrible even for MK fans.

Reviewer's Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

Originally Posted: 12/20/02, Updated 12/20/02

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