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"Almost a Flawless Victory Midway"

Mortal Kombat. It brings memories to anyone who had played the original in the arcade or on their home console. Now a Next-Gen version of the classic is available. And Midway is close to making MK on my top list again. And simply put.... It has been a while since a fighter had gotten high on my list.

The opening video is awesome. The Adema Music Video is awesome. The gameplay graphics are awesome.


Most of the character voices are used again and again and again. The backround music sounds pretty good though. Also returning from the depths of the first Mortal Kombat is the 'voice' who delivers the bone-chilling sounds of 'Flawless Victory' and 'Fatality'


The Gameplay of this game is extreamally deep. I hear people say it isn't, but I think other wise. Sure, some of the other people say it doesn't match up to Tekken and Virtua Fighter and Soul Calibur, but those are probabally the guys who go to arcades and learn every single move and are able to pull off 600-million hit combos and actually think they are good. Mortal Kombat delivers were other games don't. One single match can take anywere from 30 seconds to 2 full minutes or even higher (I had a ten minute match with my brother this morning, and then a 8 minute match since you have to set it that in order to win you need to win twice). The fighting styles all look realistic and perform well enough. Gone is the old system where there were minor differances in the characters (The original Sub-Zero, Scorpion, the original Reptile, Ermac, etc. are good examples of minor differances). The combo system is actually half-way decent. The ability to start a combo and switch to another fighting stace to continue, then bring out a weapon and impale them brings a smile to your face. Some basic combos are shown in the Konquest mode, but when you start making your own you get even more satisfaction. If you are on the other side of the combo I sudjust holding block in the slight chance of blocking. Some classic moves are removed however (Raiden's Bolt thingy move, Scorpion's teleport kick, Johnny Cage's split punch are a few). The other burden of the game is lack of fatalities. Only one character has more than one (Quan Chi). Everyone else has only one, and some disapoint.


.... If you are playing for story wait for a Zelda or Resident Evil game


The replay value is down right insane. Using Kurrency to buy Koffins in the Krypt is how you unlock all the extra characters (cept 2 of em) and all of the alternate costumes. Also in Koffins are Koncept Art, Comic Strips, Action Figures, etc. Cheep way to increase the replay value Midway.


<=== OVERALL: 8 ===>

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/27/02, Updated 12/27/02

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