"MK is back...and a little better..."

I was surfing through the channels one day and I came upon a channel that had the MK logo on it. I was in a state of shock! Another MK game?! I had been a good fan of the series ever since I got a chance to play the original game and watched the movies and etc. So then I forgot about it for a few days until I saw the full commercial. It had some pretty good graphics and so I purchased myself a copy. Anyways, on with the review...

Story: 8
MK:DA has a really good story. The only way to get information about a character is from Konquest, Arcade mode, and purchasing in the Krypt. As you continue your training in Konquest, you get a little bit of info on what happens to your character in the game. It's a little hard to find even more info on your character and stuff. The introduction gives you most of the information on what is going on, who is the Deadly Alliance, and what they're mission is. The story was really nice.

Graphics: 7
The graphics are good. Not insanely, jaw-dropping, nail-eating, eye-popping good. Just good. But I do agree that in one of the reviews for the game it said that they had lots of time to get good music. So, the designers and artists had lots of time to really detail the faces and movements of the characters. Not that I'm insulting their design techniques, I'm just saying they should've added a little more detailed clothes and movements. Then comes blood. The blood in MK:DA is insane! Just one simple punch drenches the opponent in blood. I just did not like the blood in MK:DA.

Controls: 7
I have one little message for the people at Midway/MK staff: Why, oh, why the D-pad?!? Did you not see the control stick directly above it?!? My hand was sore after playing! Okay, now that's out of the way. The combos in the game have their ups and downs. First with the ups: See your character knock the stuffing out of its victim! Now with the downs: For example: B,B,X,Y,L,Y,A,X,B,L can get very confusing and frustrating. Plus the combos don't even do overwhelming damage.

Sound: 6
I was really looking forward to great music in Deadly Alliance, but then it wasn't really that good. I was really looking for some really cool tunes. Then come the characters themselves. After choosing a character to beat up in practice mode, you will notice that all of them have the same voice when getting hurt. You get really tired of Li Mei's screaming after a short period of time.

Game play: 8
A neat feature that was made was fighting styles. Every character has three fighting styles. Two are for punching and kicking and one is a weapon. The characters are really cool and have been upgraded. Scorpion has a kick-butt suit and I especially like the swords on his back. Quan Chi has his deadly tattoos. But, Shang Tsung with long hair? Big no, no. The Arcade mode is really good. It tells you how much time you've been playing and how hard you next opponent will be. Another cool thing is player profiles. You can create a profile to earn Koins in Konquest and arcade. Konquest is a good way of learning a character's moves. Your character goes through ten missions in Konquest. There are a total of 218 missions in the game. So what do you use the Koins for? The Krypt! In the Krypt, you purchase Koffins to collect art sketches, more Koins, comics, characters, videos, and more. There are 676 Koffins to purchase. Speaking of videos, the game contains three videos. One is the Making of MK:DA(not entirely, just a day's work), The History of Mortal Kombat(1, 2, 3, and 4), and a music video by Adema called ''Immortal''. Finally comes the fatalities. I was really disappointed when I learned that every character has only one fatality. There is a new feature, too. When the Finish Him/Her comes up, you can change fighting styles to fatality to make it easier for beginners. Although, the majority of the fatalities were not that good to me. But, they still did some good work.

Replay Value: 5
After you obtain all the Koffins and missions, there really is no purpose to the game other than playing against your friends. But that will take a while so have fun!

Overall Score: 7(not average)
The game is pretty good. But I would like to see more things to do in the next one(I hope).

Rent or Buy:
I would most likely rent the game than buy because in five days you'll probably get the feel of the game. If you are a fanatic for MK games simply buy it.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 02/02/03, Updated 02/02/03

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