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"Mortal Kombat rises from the Krypt, but is it any good?"

I must admit, I'm not that big of a mortal kombat fan. Sure, I played some of the older games in the arcade, but I realy didnt see anything special with them. Ever since they went in 3D, most of there games have gone down hill and plain out sucked. Recently, with a lack in fighting games for the gamecube, I picked up a copy of DA from my friend. When I first played it, I wasnt realy impressed with the gameplay. It seemed a bit borrowed from other fighting games and the control was a big pain in the ass. After a few minutes of playing, my opinion of it was ho-hum. In a way, the game was origianal in its own way, but it does have some problems.

Graphics: 8/10
The graphics are realy smooth and beautiful on the gamecube. Dark, moody stages that set the theme for the series is a plus, but then again, its a bit TOO dark in some areas. One of the biggest traditions in the MK series that separate it from other fighting games is the gore. Blood, organs, skulls, and all around gore make up the backbone of the series since the first game. Although actual attacks do not show much besides blood, fatalities are filled with gore. Its up to gamecube standards.

Sound and Music: 7/10
Somewhat annoying, but sets the mood in a good way. The fighters screams and cry's sound good, but sometimes sound off key. The music is a bit bland, but the music video is a bit interesting. One of the biggest flaws is a lack of soundtrack from older Mortal Komat games. Otherwise, the sound and music was realy good

Control 4/10
This is what gets me the most, the control. Instead of using the analog stick, they instead use the D-pad for EVERYTHING, which is highly annoying to todays standards. The button arrangements is very confusing and sometimes is inaccurate and slow to respond. I think a big reason they did this was to make it seem more like the older Mortal Kombat games on the SNES and the Genesis, and thats no exscuse to use the same layout in a 3D fighter. If you want a version of MK that has good control, get the Playstation 2 version.

Layout 7/10: Somewhat of a good layout. You have the arcade section, the extras, the krypt, the options, two-payer, etc. The only bad part is the fact that you need to use your own personal code in order to load up your own personal fighter.

Extras 10/10
This is definatly the biggest game for extras. In the krypt, you unlock over 600 moves, character art, joke pictures, characters, stages, extra costumes, etc. to unlock these extras, you need koins from regular play. to earn koins, you need to defeat opponents in arcade mode. The higer the difficulty, the more koins you will win. Safe to say that you will have to play A LOT to unlock everything. The good part is this enables more time with the game, although it does get tedious at higher levels.

Final: 7.30/10
The game comes close to perfect, but fails in areas such as the music and the nightmarish controls. If you are a fan of violence, MK fanboy, or fighting games, this is a solid investment, otherwise, a rental at best before you make up your mind. Personally, I think its better than the Xbox and the GBA Version, but falls to the PS2 version. Whatever console you own, though, it still is a great game. Personally, I recomend you rent all three versions and decide which one suits you best.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/13/03, Updated 06/26/03

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