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"An excellent fighter."

Though I don't play many fighting games,I found this one surprisingly fun. It's quite different and original than any other past Mortal kombat games, and it reinvents the franchise with great new gameplay and a new evolving story.

Graphics - 8/10

Pretty damn good. The character models are very well done. Lots of detail in clothing like wrinkles or tears. As in all Mortal Kombat games the blood and gore factor is through the roof,which is always a nice complement when you impale your opponent with a broad sword. The realism has been blasted sky high with realistic Martial Arts moves that were motion captured from real life Martial Arts masters. No more low punch or high kick anymore, you get the real strikes and real maneuvers performed in the aforementioned fighting arts. Whenever you start getting beat up,you'll actually see cuts, bruises, scrapes, and other injuries on you or your opponents face. The fighting arena's are equally fantastic. You see things like spectators watching you fight, water washing up on the boats, individual drops of rain falling on your characters, and Buddha statues spraying you with toxic green acid! The only downside is the lack of CGI endings. All the endings are just still pictured story boards with Raiden narrating it. Still,One of the best looking and most realistic fighters I've played.

Sound - 7/10

Blood dripping on the floor, swords clanging, your opponent's neck being snapped by your crushing blows, it's all good! During the fights, fast paced techno beats try to tie in with the fighting,but otherwise there's not much going on there. The voice acting is incredible. Raiden's voice is ominous and powerful. And although I'll likely get flamed for this, I actually enjoyed Adema's song included with the game.

Controls - 7/10

Because of the size of the control pad and the lack of the control stick, playing this game will be quite awkward and difficult at first. But once you get used to the tiny size of the control pad, owning in single and multiplayer should be a breeze. Most of the buttons are very responsive and will do what you want them to do right away,except when performing a long style branch combo,the L button usually won't respond, making it hard to master these insane combos. At least there easier than those damn fatalities in Mortal Kombat 4... Speaking of which,the fatalities in this game ARE much easier than ever to perform as well. Cheers.

Story - 8/10

Not original, but not bad either. Shao Khan, the ruler of Outworld and the main enemy to the forces of good throughout the series has finally been killed,by both Quan Chi and Tsang Tsung,who have allied in an attempt to resurrect the ancient undefeatable army of The Dragon King. In addition, Lui Kang, the leader of the forces of Earth, has been murdered by the deadly alliance. Now,enough with all that chatter and start beating the crap out of each other!

Game Play - 9/10

Wow,this game is deep. VERY deep. The actual fighting is very well done. The combo system has now been made so that you won't be able to win the match with just 5 uppercuts. And button mashing is no longer an option. You must take full advantage of all your martial arts knowledge and use it to it's full potential in order to win some of the tougher battles. And now,every combatant get's their own personal weapon! And it won't fly out of your hands when somebody simply punches you. You'll actually be able to do combos with it as well,which will leave A LOT of blood flying all over the place. And this time you'll actually be rewarded for your fighting in the form of 'Koins' that you can use to open Koffins in the Krypt to find things like hidden characters, new costumes, movies, concept art, and lots weird,sometimes funny little extras the development team through in for fun. And since there's 676 koffins,you're going to playing for A LONG time until you finally open up everything...
Another part of the game is called Konquest,where you'll choose a character and go on a ''konquest'' on some island where you'll learn more about the backgrounds and histories of the fighters,and learn to use all their movies and fighting styles. Great for practicing,and it'll also unlock 2 new characters when you've done with all the current playable and locked characters. Obviously with 676 koffins to open up,and with the addition of Multiplayer and over 20 character endings to check out,the replay value in this game is ABSURD. You just cannot see even a fraction of what's in this game by just renting it for 3 days.

This game is definitely a must buy. If you love Mortal Kombat, love fighting games, or just want a game that will almost last forever,then BUY THIS GAME!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/22/03, Updated 05/22/03

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