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"You are about to read an interesting and detailed review of the greatest MK game to ever be created."

This is a MAGNIFICENT game! If you love fighting games, you will absolutely worship MK5DA. It's packed with action, suspense, excitement, and best of all, VIOLENCE!

Plot 9/10: The story is, Quan Chi escapes from Hell and discovers the mummified bodies of the Dragon King's undefeatable army. He teams up with Shang Tsung and try to take over the world, yady yady yadah...just kidding, it may sound unoriginal, but it is different. Quan Chi unlocked a portal to the heavens and creates a towering spire of unlimited tortured souls that Shang Tsung will implant into the bodies of the Dragon King's army, and become unstoppable. It's right there in the opening of the game, but nonetheless, there is one little surprise concerning everyone's favorite winner of the Mortal Kombat tournament...

Graphics 10/10: Simply amazing! The only real down side is that the players pull out their new weapons from their hammer space, and Scorpian is made with two sheathed swords on his back, and when he whips out his Ninja Sword weapon, they both stay there. But, oh well. Who cares? The characters bodies move well, they look very realistic, and a good example of this is how they apparently had fun animating Li Mei, one of the new female characters. And, when they're hit hard enough and often enough, their faces take damage. Anyway, the graphics are awesome.

Sound 8/10: Not anything special that you can hum to all day long, but the music is pretty cool. Sound effects, on the other hand, are very good. They scream like bloody murder when they're, well, suffering bloody murder. They cry out as they get the crap beaten out of them, and the weapons' sound effects are realistic too. They also have good sounds for when you smash a pillar, or a statue, or even a tall pointed ice spire sticking out of the ground. And when you lose at the finally returned Test Your Might, it looks, and sounds, very painful.

Gameplay 9/10: Very good, relatively easy, but annoying as crap to pull off the big special moves like Style Branch Combos, which involve pummeling your opponent with powerful moves that require you to cycle through 2 or all 3 of your character's fighting styles. It's VERY frustrating when you HAVE to do one or two of these in the new Konquest mode, where you basically train and learn the basics and non-basics of a selected character. It's very useful for learning a new character.

Secrets 10/10: Lots of secret characters and lots and LOTS of other unlockables, including alternate costumes, concept art, interesting pictures, videos, and more! All this can be unlocked in the Krypt, a dank dungeon with over 600 koffins in it, each with a different reward and a different price. For you see, the Krypt's koffin array goes like this: AA, AB, AC, and all the way up to koffin ZZ. So it's a 26x26 array of koffins. You do the math. Anyway, you open them by spending koins, which come in six different colors: Sapphire, Onyx, Jade, Ruby, Gold, and Platinum. A lot of good things are locked away in koffins that require lots of Onyx or Platinum koins, as you need to beat the new mini games to earn them. Test Your Might is finally back, plus the new Test Your Sight. The difficulty is random, but the harder, the better the pay out! Anyway, you'll enjoy the many secrets this game has to offer.

VIOLENCE!! 63 and a Half/10: Not really an important rating, just a joke, but it really is beautifully violent! Blood spewing everywhere and painful, amusing, fatalities. You'll love 'em! Unfortunately, no more Babalities, Animalites, Friendships, or worst of all, Background Fatalities, but, oh well. Nothing is perfect.

Overall: 10/10: As Comic Book Guy would say, ''Best, fighting game, EVER!''

Well, this concludes my review of MK5DA. I hope you enjoyed reading it! I know I enjoyed typing it =)

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/04/03, Updated 06/04/03

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