"Flawless Victory"

Mortal Kombat, a name that not only struck fear in the warriors that fought in it, but the politicians and Senators that fought against it. Spanning a decade now Mortal Kombat has intrigued and entertained millions with its unique take on the fighting genre. Hoping to please only the casual fans, Mortal Kombat focussed heavily on violence, fatalities and it’s characters creating a surprisingly complex universe. But somewhere along the way Mortal Kombat lost that, losing it’s original image and theme in the redundant and unnecessarily retooled sequels and unimportant spin-offs that came out in the past years…Mortal Kombat was never the same. Now Midway hopes to bring back it’s once proud series by going back to the drawing board with Deadly Alliance.

Graphics 8.5/10

The character models in here are surprisingly detailed, everything from Kano’s metal face to cold air emitting from Frost’s hair is super-detailed and looks very sharp. I especially like the blood physics in this game, granted it might look a little fake when it drips down a polygon but it is impressive to see 3D blood in a fighting game such as this. The levels are also finely detailed; there are a few destroyable background objects in some levels, (looks cool, doesn’t do any damage to your opponent) such as statues, ice structures and acid capsules.

Sound 8/10

Mister “Evil Announcer” is back, I really like this guy ever since I first heard those words “Round 1…FIGHT!” But the sound effects and voices in here are exactly like the ones featured in previous MK games, which really help the novelty of the product. I like hearing the grunts/minute screams of warriors fighting and getting hit…it just sounds so right. Overall, nice music and sound effects job, it really adds to the game.

Control 9/10

Fatalities have never been so easy to pull off, I honestly had an easier time executing them on the GameCube D-Pad then I did on the SNES one. Plus, the fighting combos are an absolute breeze to learn and take some time to master; I was busting heads and kneecaps in no time. The only real problem I had was switching fighting styles in combat, it just really irritated me as I just blindly smashed the L-button over-and-over again hoping the style would switch. It works in Konquest, but not in Arcade so I usually just ignore those combos and whip out my weapon or other combos and started smashing.

Gameplay 8.5/10

I love what Midway did to the fighting system, instead of one fighting skill for your warrior to use you now have two. Two martial arts skills and, taking from MK4, a weapon that has a set all to it’s own. I also like how Midway cut down on some of the cheap moves by having damage decrease in combos and having character animations “escape” from attacks, it doesn’t interfere with the damage that should be dealt and that’s a plus. The modes of play are Arcade (Story Mode), Versus (Multiplayer), Konquest (A mission mode where you earn coins) & The Krypt (where you spend the coins to unlock secrets). Plus you get to make your own Profile so all the coins and secrets you get will be tied to that one profile. But basically all the old gameplay that made MK fun to play in the first place returns for the next generation. Arcade mode is really well done, though I wish the endings were a little more drawn out. But overall this is the Mortal Kombat we came to know and love, but reborn for the next generation of games.

Final Score: 8.5/10
Rounded Score: 9.0/10

Bottom Line

This is the best new Mortal Kombat title in years, focussing on all the elements that made the series so much fun back in ’93. I recommend this to anyone who likes/liked Mortal Kombat and to anyone who just wants a fighting game they can have a blast playing.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/23/03, Updated 07/23/03

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