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"Rayman's back, now on the Gamecube."

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc is a nice game. The graphics are good, the sound is good, it offers a nice challenge. But why discuss it up here, when I can go into detail?


The graphics are very nice. All of the sprites fit in with the background. Everything is nicely animated, such as when you get a can, a beam of light comes out of the can. And when you get a type of can for the first time, when Rayman puts on the hands. Very nicely animated.

Graphics score: 10/10


The sounds are nice. The voices fit in with the characters very well. The sound effects are good. Another plus is that there are many voices for the different Teensies, instead of the same voice for all of them. The characters' mouths move when the characters are talking, and they close when the characters stop talking. All I can say here at the end is, the sound is great.

Sound score: 10/10


The game has many different cinemas. Many have humor in them (such as the doctors using Globox's body as an instrument). The backgrounds are great. And everything else...good...

Cinemas score: 10/10


A black lum named Andre turns all the red lums into black lums. He then sets out to conquer the world. He heads for the heart of the world so he can use the power there to reproduce to make a Hoodlum army that he can use to conquer the world. Rayman, however, isn't about to let that happen. Globox runs off with Rayman's hands, so the second part of the first stage is where you find Globox and your hands. When Rayman and Globox reach the heart of the world, Globox accidentally swallows Andre! So then you need to find doctors to get Andre out of Globox. The story has interesting plot twists. Very good.

Story: 9/10


Hm, what other stuff did I miss? The replay value is very nice. You can revisit any stages you want to. You also have unlimited save files. Well, ok, it's limited, but you can only stop when you run out of room on your memory card. The length isn't very good. I hoped for more at the end, but instead, it gives you a cinema, and then credits. You could buy it if you wanted to get 100%, but if you wish on just beating the game, it's not very long, so I'd say rent. The challenge is big. There are a lot of times where you need to figure out to do, and you can't get any help from Murfy or the King of Teensies or someone else.

Other score: 9/10


In my opinion, this game deserves a 9. It is very good, but like all games, it has its down sides. Most of them are good, but there are too many bad sides to give it a 10.

Game score: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 12/14/03

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