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"When Mario & Co. are around you just know there's a twist!"

I've been waiting for the hopefully glorious sequal to the already spectacular Mario Tennis 64. MT64 had plenty of modes and stuff to do, bu when Mario Power Tennis finally swung around, it was a surefire ace. There's tons and tons of modes to play, including of course normal tennis matches, but the thing I like most about this game making it much different from other tennis games, is the Power Shots. Every character has a Defensive and Offensive Power Shot, which helps them win the volley or keep the ball in play if neccessary. Your racket gets charged up by the things you do like running, charging up for a power smash, etc. When your racket glows you can pull of the power shot. Besides that, there are a ton of mini-games, and lots of multiplayer action.

Gameplay- 10/10: Gameplay is always the most important factor of a game. Without it the game is crap right? The gameplay in Mario Tennis is amazing. There is almost no slowdown and everything is well animated. There is a lot of replay value as well. All power shot have a cutscene when activated, and lasts a few seconds. This isn't too annoying because the game still runs smoothly. There is just so much you can do in MPT, and it takes a long time to do it all.

Graphics- 10/10: Camelot really took use of the GCN's abilities. Like I said before, everything is perfectly annimated with little slowdown. I love how they bring out the colors of the courts and how there's an actual audience (Compared to a lot of colored dots as a crowd). The mini-games though have crazy good graphics, everyting from explosions to moving conveyor belts and flashing color, it's just so amazing! The whole setup is really beautiful.

Challenge-9/10: If there is one thing they really improved on from the original Mario Tennis, it's the challenge the CPU gives you. It seems easy at first, but by the Star Cup, the CPU kicks it up 2 notches. The CPU, in the final battle of the Planet Cup (AKA, last, hardest cup) is so insane. It is actually the only time you see the CPU learn your battle plans. Try to net game them, they'll lob it over your head. Stay back for the offensive, they will put the ball close to the net then send it flying fast away from you. It knows your every move, and you can't predict its. The CPU is just amazing, at least in the final fights of course.

Replay Value- 8/10: There are a lot of mini-games to complete and piles upon piles of records you can make for a lot of replayability. The multiplayer really makes this all possible, as having fun with four friends can cause a lot of mayhem!

Buy or Rent? Buy. Definatly. This is one sports game that has more twists than any other sports game on the market. This is a lot of fun, and you sure won't be dissapointed.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 11/16/04

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