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Love golf, Hate golf, We all love Mario Golf!07/30/03birch2001
Mario's back for some more Golfing action.07/30/03BlitzDDR
Well worth the wait, an amazing game07/31/03Bluelightning878
A Decently Fun Golf Title, Made Much Better By It's Handheld Counterpart02/01/12buruburu1
Golf isn't really my thing.07/31/03cubemario4
A Surprisingly Fun Game08/06/03Darklink0
Mario and friends return for fun on the green!07/30/03evax01
A Solid Game, But Not Without Its Faults07/31/03Gameframe
The best GameCube game made!03/09/09goppers
A Great Follow-Up To the N64 classic07/30/03GValko
Another fantastic installment in the Mario game series.07/31/03JaguarP80
Mario's no Tiger, but he still gets the job done.07/30/03MisterPanda
A hole in one for Nintendo!08/06/03MrFortyFive
Its Golf With A Mario Twist!08/06/03noj11jon
What's this water doing on the fairway?08/06/03Prime Mover
Awesome, extremely fun, long time appealing, but slightly repetitive.07/30/03Ratbert197
Mario Golf looks great. Toadstool Tour is improving better but one of my favorite.12/02/09redmario217
Those chomps look hungry.......07/30/03Renaman
Mario's Baaaaack!08/06/03Rwilliams415
Don't Be Fooled07/31/03Serrin
FOOORE! + 1 Stars for Mario Golf!07/30/03Shendu
Not a Hole-in-One08/19/03skulldragon92
A Game as Rare as A Hole in One!07/31/03spree4567
Mamma Mia! One heck of a golf game!07/30/03sunny the armadillo
Finally another fun golf game for everyone!07/30/03sybastard
Almost everything you could want in a Mario Golf game...07/30/03TheOlympicHero
Hot Shots Golf for the Game Cube08/06/03Xander to Faith
Golf at its Greatest07/30/03zELda MEga fAN

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