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    FAQ/Move List by VBreaker

    Version: 2.17 | Updated: 11/21/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                    ________           .___      .__.__  .__          
                   /  _____/  ____   __| _/______|__|  | |  | _____   
                  /   \  ___ /  _ \ / __ |\___   /  |  | |  | \__  \  
                  \    \_\  (  <_> ) /_/ | /    /|  |  |_|  |__/ __ \_
                   \______  /\____/\____ |/_____ \__|____/____(____  /
                          \/            \/      \/                 \/ 
       _   _   _   _   _   _   _     _   _   _     _   _   _   _   _   _   _   _  
      / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \   / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ 
     ( D | e | s | t | r | o | y ) ( A | l | l ) ( M | o | n | s | t | e | r | s )
      \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/   \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ 
                           _____           .__                  
                          /     \    ____  |  |    ____   ____  
                         /  \ /  \ _/ __ \ |  |  _/ __ \_/ __ \ 
                        /    Y    \\  ___/ |  |__\  ___/\  ___/ 
                        \____|__  / \___  >|____/ \___  >\___  >
                                \/      \/            \/     \/ 
                          Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee
                                    Nintendo Gamecube
                                      Version 2.17
                                Written by ViciousBreaker
                             Email: Sever_Breaker@yahoo.com
                 Copyright 2002-2003 ViciousBreaker.  All rights reserved.
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    Prologue: History
    I.     Introduction
    II.    Controls
    III.   Game Modes
    IV.    Basic Stuff
    V.     Item Powerups
    VI.    Monsters
    VII.   Adventure Mode (In depth)
    VIII.  Stages
    IX.    Unlocking Other Monsters
    X.     Gallery
    XI.    Codes
    XII.   Questions and Answers
    XIII.  Credits
    Version 2.17: (05/11/03)
    Very minor changes.
    Welcome to the biggest brawl of the century...no of ALL HISTORY!!!  
    Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee!  When 
    you first saw the Godzilla films you thought to yourself: "Wouldn't it be great
    if I could play as those guys?"  Well you have to wait no longer!!  For this 
    game has arrived!  All Godzilla fans won't be disappointed at this game.  It 
    has everyone's favorite monsters ranging from the old Godzilla to Ghidorah!  
    I love this game and that's why I made this FAQ.  I hope that this would help 
    you a lot.
    Menu Controls:
    + Control Pad or Control Stick------Selection
    A button----------------------------Confirm selection
    B button----------------------------To go back to Previous menu
    Game Controls:
    + Control Pad or Control Stick------Move your monster around
    C stick-----------------------------Aim your projectile attack
    A button----------------------------Punch
    B button----------------------------Kick
    X button----------------------------Fierce Attack
    Y button----------------------------Block
    Z button----------------------------Tap once to fire projectile
                                        Hold down to fire breath attack
    L button----------------------------Duck/Run(with control stick)
    R button----------------------------Jump
    A button and B button---------------Grab opponent or building
                                        After grabbing opponent you can execute 3
                                        kinds of throws;
                                        Throw 1 = A button
                                        Throw 2 = B button
                                        Throw 3 = X button
                                        (Note: You can only grab the buildings once
                                        they glow. Press A button to throw.)
    A button and X button---------------The monster roars. (If you pick up a Rage
                                        PowerUp, this turns into the monster's Rage
    B button and X button---------------Second taunt.  Monster just waves his hand
                                        telling you to "bring it"
                                     Game Modes
    Versus Mode:
    The most simple way of going against a friend or computer.  If you are just 
    here to have some fun, practice against a computer opponent, or to settle a 
    score with a friend because he beat you senseless, then this is the right 
    place to go.  From there you pick how many players there will be, what monster
    you want to use, and what stage you want to duel in.  You could change the 
    setting of Versus Mode by simply going to Options in the main title screen.  If
    you want a little challenge for yourself, enter the codes that I have in the 
    bottom of this FAQ and make your opponent 4x more powerful than you are with 
    unlimited energy.  That is going to be intense!
    Adventure Mode:
    If you have ever played Super Smash Brothers Melee, then Adventure Mode is 
    equivalent to the 1P Classic that you play.  You battle monsters through 
    certain stages and in order to advance to the next stage, you must defeat the 
    monster.  If you lose, you could choose the continue or not.  You have only 3 
    continues to begin with and you get nothing more than that.  So make sure that 
    you don't spend all your continues on one monster.  The monsters you battle in
    Adventure Mode differs from each monster that you play as.  The only thing that
    is the same for all the monsters that you use is the final boss (monster) that
    you fight at the end.  Regardless of who you use, you always battle 
    MechaGodzilla at the end. (Note: If you are going to ask me why you never go 
    against Godzilla 2000 is that he is the new Godzilla and had only one movie and
    one opponent; Orga.)
    Survival Mode:
    As the name suggests, it sees how far you could go with no continues, and a 
    single health bar.  Monster after monster just keep coming after you until you
    die.  There is a 3-minute time limit in each monster.  Your health also refills
    after each monster that you defeat but refills less and less the further you go.
    The monsters that you battle here are the ones that you battle in your monster's
    Adventure Mode.  After defeating Mechagodzilla or Mecha-King Ghidorah (MG's
    final boss), you battle everyone again.  Before tackling this Mode, I highly
    suggest that you master your monster's Adventure Mode.  You have to make sure 
    that you can beat all of his opponents easily.
    Melee Mode:
    Another word for this; Free For All.  Just knock your opponent senseless if you
    have to.  They keep coming back to life with full health anyway so feel free to
    let out a roar that sounds like the monster that you are playing as whenever 
    you are attacking.  Trust me it helps.  You get points for everything that you
    do to your opponent.  Ranging from knocking them down to the ground, to how many
    times you kill them.  You also get credited for creativity of your combos.
    Team Battle:
    Team battle is team battle, duh.  You can have up to four players in max.  
    The only problem with this team battle is that you can attack your teammate.  
    I know that if you are trying to attack the opposing team, then your partner 
    gets in your way trying to attack the same person, and get's nailed by your 
    breath attack could cause some major conflict between you guys and end up 
    going on a brawl.  Just get used to it because you can't disable that. 
    (Warning: I know that in the title screen, Team Battle is grayed out.  You 
    don't have to do anything special to unlock it.  Just have 3 or more 
    controllers connected to the Gamecube, then it will be selectable.)
    Destruction Mode:
    Destroy, destroy, destroy!!! Mwa hahahahaha!!  This mode is every monster's 
    dream.  You try to destroy more than your opposing monster to get more points.
    If I were you, I would grab the monster and throw him into a building.  
    Maybe that would help in destroying them, and to get rid of that pesky insect
    that's getting in your reign of destruction.  The bigger the building that you
    destroy, the more points that you get.  Also, destroying buildings by throwing
    your opponent in them can score you some extra points.
                                      Basic Stuff
    Okay, listen up.  If you read this, I guarantee it will save you from slamming
    your own controller on the floor and wrecking it.  Trust me.  I was like 
    slamming my controller on the floor because of the enemies on this game.  And
    that wasn't the smartest thing to do.  So when I saw a crack on my controller
    I just reverted to punching the living snot out of my pillow.  So let me tell
    you some stuff concerning the odds and ends, nook and crannies, everything 
    about this game.  First the enemies in this game are EXTREMELY cheap.  
    I mean they use every cheap method in the book to win.  When the enemy sees an
    item it does every means possible to prevent you from getting that item, 
    ranging from throwing a building at you or just simply beating you senseless.
    Also, the computer would try to beat you by using cheap attacks like sweeping,
    throwing, using the energy bar senselessly, or just stepping on your foot.  So
    just be cool and don't get ticked off because of their cheesy attacks.  Just
    time your attacks well and remeber, these guys weigh over 100 tons so their
    response to your commands will be a bit slow.
    There are 3 different types of attacks.  The beam, blunt, and edged attacks.
    Some monsters have more of one type of attack than the others.  For example,
    Destroyah has more energy attacks than Godzilla, and Orga has more blunt attacks
    than Gigan.  Each monsters have different levels of resistance for each of these
    types.  You just have to find out what they are particularly vulnerable against
    and hit them with it to give you the winning edge.  Sometimes, it is pretty much
    common sense what they are strong or weak against just by looking at each monster.
    I mean, when you look at Mechagodzilla, do you think that edged or blunt attacks
    would do effectively against him?  I don't think so.  He barely flinches from
    them, so your best bet is beam attacks.  Get the picture?  Good!  Below are the 
    colors that you see when you hit your enemy.  (And you wonder sometimes why your
    attacks do little or next to none against Mechagodzilla.)
    Gray color: The enemy is either blocking or the attack does VERY poor damage.
    Blue color: The attack does normal damage.
    Yellow color: The attack does more than average damage.
    Red color: The attack does great damage or a "critical hit".
                                     Item Powerups
    This game is not like SSBM where you have so much items to torture and give 
    unbelievable pain to your enemies.  This game has only 4 items.  2 items for
    support and 2 items for attacking your opponent.
    Health PowerUp:
    As the name suggests it restores your health, so it's a must have in long
    fights. (Not available in Survival Mode) This powerup looks like a green cross.
    Energy Bar PowerUp:
    This powerup makes your Energy Bar below your health restore much faster than
    usual.  This powerup is especially helpful for the monsters that hacks a lot
    of your energy bar.  This powerup looks like a lightning bolt.
    Rage PowerUp:
    When you pick this up, your monster goes into a, well, a rage.  Your normal
    attacks are much stronger than they are suppose to be.  Plus, your Rage attack
    can now be used.  Each monster has it's own unique Rage attack, and is very 
    difficult to dodge, and does a hell of a lot of damage.  But it doesn't last
    forever so you have to use it before the bar under your character portrait in
    battle completely runs out.  This powerup looks like a circular energy.  Also
    while a monster is doing a rage attack, he is immune against all other attacks.
    Mothra Powerup:
    Yay!  It's our favorite insect coming to help out the lucky monster who grabs
    this powerup.  Mothra will swoop in and start attacking the the enemy with her
    lightning attack.  She does a certain amount of damage then leaves.  But when
    the enemy has little health left, Mothra will stop dealing damage.  So you 
    can't die by being attacked by Mothra.  Now if you are the unlucky monster that
    is getting pelted by her, just hit her with your projectile attack and she 
    should leave.  (It sounds easy but it is hard.)
    Well Hedorah isn't really a powerup, but he's a bad thing for both you and your
    opponent when you see him.  At random times, he will fly above the stage and 
    spread his gaseous gas all over.  Besides from the fact that it smells bad, 
    it slows down the recovery of your energy bar.  So whenever you see him, don't
    use your power too much.  You can also hit him like Mothra, but it's just as
    Well, here they are.  The players of the game.  I rated all the monsters to see
    their good points and bad.  I'm very universal and to try to not offend the 
    reader, I won't say that a specific monster sucks.  But in my personally point
    of view, Destroyah kicks some major butt.  Don't take my word for it though.
    All monsters have the potential of being the deadliest.  You just have to
    know how to use them.
    <-- Means press the control stick away from your opponent.
    --> Means press the control stick toward your opponent.
    \/  Means press the control stick down.
    /\  Means press the control stick up. 
    R   Means press the R button. (Monster either jumps or floats for limited time)
    L   Means press the L button.
    *|Godzilla 90's|*
    Z button: Atomic Breath (hold it then release, guide with C-stick)
              Atomic Fireball (Just tap the Z button)
    <-- + A: Slams with both fist
    --> + A: Hooks with fist
    \/ + A: Uppercut
    /\ + A: Skull Breaker
    <-- + B: Leaping Double Kick
    --> + B: Ramming Headbutt
    \/ + B: Foot Stomp
    <-- + X: Tail Whip
    --> + X: Uppercut with Tail
    \/ + X: Sweeping Tail
    /\ + X: Spinning Tail Whip
    A + X: Shockwave (Only when you pick up Rage powerup)
    R then X: Spinning tail in midair
    R then A: Kicks downward
    R then B: Hacks downward with fist
    Godzilla is pretty much the balanced monster.  Pretty good speed, attack, 
    range, and defense.  He has a really long range breath attack and could hit you 
    from practically anywhere.  He has a nasty get-up attack that makes the best 
    use of his tail.  His B and X throw is very good in juggling enemies in the 
    air and preparing them for your combo.  When you are using him, just make good
    use of his breath attack and the range of his tail.  When you are up against 
    him, don't fight him mid to far range.  He will kill you that way.  Get in 
    close to him and pummel him as much as you can.
    Z button: Sonic Breath (Note: Anguirus doesn't have a projectile attack.)
    --> + A: Uppercuts you with horn
    \/ + A: Pound
    /\ + A: Slams on you with his spines
    <-- + B: Jumps and kicks you with both feet
    --> + B: Does a battering ram
    \/ + B: Bites your leg
    /\ + B: Does a rainbow kick
    <-- + X: Tail Whip
    --> + X: Rolling Attack
    \/ + X: Spinning Tail Sweep
    /\ + X: Does a Spinning Tail while in air
    A + X: Raining Needles
    R then X: Flips then hits with tail
    R then A: Flips then slams with back
    R then B: Cartwheel kick in midair
    Anguirus is the only character that can move forward while his back is turned.
    The good thing about this is that whenever an enemy attacks him physically, 
    the opponent will hurt himself and will be spinning around in agony.  
    This is the perfect time to take advantage of the stunned foe.  He is good for
    beginners who have yet to master the arts of the game.  When he runs, he stays
    very low to the ground and has a better chance of avoiding projectiles than 
    most other characters.
    Z button: Lightning Beam Attack (hold it then release, guide with C-stick)
              Napalm Shot (just tap the z button)
    <-- + A: Backhand
    --> + A: Overhand
    \/ + A: Root Canal
    /\ + A: Uppercut
    <-- + B: Double Kick
    --> + B: Slugger Kick
    \/ + B: Stomp
    <-- + X: Energy Arc
    --> + X: 360 Turn
    \/ + X: Ditch Digging
    /\ + X: Advancing Energy Arc
    A + X: Magnetic Vortex
    L + R: Dig Underground
    R then X: Does aerial drill in midair
    R then A: Drills downward
    R then B: Down kick
    Megalon is quite simple to control unlike some of the latter characters.  His 
    attacks are decently fast and could be executed with ease.  His beam attack has
    very short range and could leave you quite open for a building being thrown in
    your face if your opponent gets away from it.  Also, his Napalm attack could
    not only hurt his opponent but also himself.  If you come to close, Megalon
    gets a taste of his own medicine.  His dig underground attack is more useful
    than you might think.  While Megalon is underground, he is immune to all
    attacks.  It is also good to sneak up under an enemy and throw them.  In order
    to do that, once you get under the enemy, just press either A, B, or X.  The 
    only problem with that is your opponent could easily avoid being thrown by just
    simply running around.  Also, if Megalon stays underground too long, he emerges
    automatically and he is dizzy, leaving you open for an onslaught.
    *|Godzilla 2000|*
    Same attacks as Godzilla 90's.  Just go to his move list.
    Well to do an analysis of Godzilla 2000 is like repeating everything that I 
    have said about Godzilla 90's.  The only difference is that Godzilla 2000 has
    bigger loooking spines in his back, and the color of his beam attack is orange
    rather than blue.  He is also a bit more powerful than Godzilla 90's.
    *|King Ghidorah|*
    Z button: Triple Lightning Beam (hold then release, guid with C-stick)
    <-- + A: Smashes with all three heads
    --> + A: Stabs you with all three heads
    \/ + A: Uppercuts with all three heads
    <-- + B: Floats and kicks you with both feet
    \/ + B: Steps on your feet
    /\ + B: Floats and comes crashing down
    <-- + X: Spins and hits you with tail
    --> + X: Uppercuts with tail
    \/ + X: Sweeps with tail
    /\ + X: Throws a strong gust of wind
    A + X: Does Triple Lightning 360 in the air
    Hold R: Fly
    Hold R + Z: Flies and does his electric attack
    Hold R then X: Throws gust of wind and does damage
    Hold R the A: Lunges with 3 heads
    Hold R then B: Dives with feet
    King Ghidorah is the first flying monster that you get.  He has extremely good
    defense and has incredible breath power.  When he does his electric attack in 
    the air, it cannot be blocked and is very difficult to avoid.  His throws are 
    one of the best and they totally impressed me both in style and in damage.  His
    long neck makes him able to grab the opponent from quite a distance, but has 
    some draw back.  He also has a back throw that is used for any unsuspecting 
    idiot who thinks that they could sneak up behind him.  Ghidorah also has high 
    resistance to any attack that would otherwise knock a monster in the air, so he
    cannot be easily knocked down.  But like all flying creatures, if he is hit in 
    the air, it would hurt really badly.  (Doesn't the sound that he makes scare 
    you?  I mean it makes you wonder why a monster that big emits a roar that 
    Z button: Laser Beam (hold then release, guide with C-stick)
              Multiple Laser Beams (just tap Z)
    <-- + A: Sweeps you with blade
    --> + A: Hacks down at you
    \/ + A: Uppercut
    /\ + A: Hits you with both blades
    <-- + B: Kicks you like a wrestler
    --> + B: Rams into you
    \/ + B: Steps on your feet
    /\ + B: Jumps and kicks with both feet
    <-- + X: Draws back and hacks at you
    --> + X: Spins around with blades
    \/ + X: Rolls then hits you with spike
    /\ + X: 
    L + R: Teleport
    A + X: Spins with blades much longer
    R then X: Glides with stomach drill
    R then A: Slashes down
    R then B: Kicks in air
    Beginners would find that Gigan is hard to control.  Most of his attacks take a
    long time to execute hence leaving him open for faster opponents.  You need
    good timing to hit a fast opponent with Gigan.  The only fast move that he has
    is his Teleport.  It is very good in getting him out of a jam and putting him
    behind his opponent.  His spinning blade attack does more than decent damage
    especially if the ending hack hits.  His grab is very slow, even slower than
    Ghidorah.  You can literally see him draw back, giving his opponent ample time
    to anticpate and counter.  His throws are very poor in damage and I think you 
    shouldn't waste your time in doing them.  Overall, if you have good timing,
    Gigan would be especially deadly in your hands.
    Z button: Plutonium Breath (hold then release, guide with C-stick)
              Plutonium Burst (just tap Z)
    <-- + A: Wing Dash
    --> + A: Side Headbutt
    \/ + A: Wing Uppercut
    /\ + A: Wing Slam
    --> + B: Double Spinning Kick
    <-- + B: Footsweep
    /\ + B: Rainbow Kick
    \/ + B: Downward Kick
    --> + X: Dashing Wing Sweep
    <-- + X: Wing Blast
    \/ + X: Dashing Sweep
    /\ + X: Dashing Somersault Kick
    A + X: Spinning Plutonium Blast Burst
    R then X: Loop de Loop Crash
    R then A: Wing Hack
    R then B: Diving Kick
    FOR CRYING OUT LOUD (no pun intended).  This bird just doesn't shut up!  For
    most of Rodan's attacks he screams his big lungs off!  It gets really obnoxious
    after the first scream, but that's beside the point.  He is the fastest monster
    in the game both in air and in ground.  His attacks are also the fastest in the
    game and doesn't require much drawback (except for Loop de Loop Crash).  His
    grab has the most distance because he leaps in order to grab you.  So don't be
    surprised if you think that you are in safe distance then all of a sudden, you
    are between his toes being thrown like a rag doll.  The only problems about him 
    is that he has REALLY low defense, and I mean LOW.  If he's in a fight with a 
    strong offensive character like Orga, he's done for.  Being the fastest
    character in the game, his flying ability is quite hard to control, and at times
    you find yourself face first at the wall.  Also, when performing his Loop de
    Loop attack, you should have plenty of space before doing it because he draws
    back quite far and could hit a wall before even starting the attack.
    *|Mecha-King Ghidorah|*
    Same moves as King Ghidorah.  Only differences are:
    Z button: Taser (just tap Z button)
    Hold Y button: Produces barrier
    Mecha-King Ghidorah is a bit different from Ghidorah.  Besides from looks, his
    defense skyrocketed to a whole different level.  Like Ghidorah, it is not easy
    to just knock him in the air.  His Taser attack could only be done 3 times, but
    could be increased by grabbing an energy powerup.  The taser attack temporarily
    stuns his opponent while putting their energy bar to zero, and also making 
    MKG's energy bar go up faster.  His new barrier absorbs damage and converts it 
    back to his own health.  But it drains energy the longer that you hold it.  
    (At least the roar he makes now suits his size...)
    Z button: Oxygen/Lightning Breath (hold and release, guide with C-stick)
              Oxygen Absorber (just tap Z)
    <-- + A: Down hack with fist
    --> + A: Hits you with wings
    \/ + A: Uppercut
    --> + B: Uppercut Knee
    \/ + B: Step on feet
    /\ + B: Jump and kick with both feet
    <-- + X: Hit with tail
    --> + X: Laser blade advance
    \/ + X: Sweep 3 times with laser blade
    /\ + X: Hack downward with laser blade
    A + X: Oxygen Destroyer
    R then X: Uppercuts with tail
    R then A: Punches downward
    R then B: Kicks upward
    Two words that describe Destroyah; all offense.  This guy has immense attack
    power, and if you don't believe me, try getting hit with one of them.  His 
    laser blade attack is extremely efficient in plowing through your enemy.  Plus,
    it's unblockable!  Destroyah's Oxygen Absorber is extremely useful in making
    those enemies that keep running away from you to come close.  Although it can
    be easily dodged, once you are caught in it, you are slammed to the ground and
    under the mercy of his laser blade.  Even if you are too late in escaping, it
    is still possible to block it.  Although you sustain the damage, you are still
    going to be dragged in, and be open for a throw.  His breath attack, although
    short ranged, is extremely deadly.  Once you are caught in it, you get dragged
    closer and closer to Destroyah.  Although you can block his breath attack, the
    continuos onslaught of oxygen would break it and hence you would get hit anyway.
    (Note: If you have seen Godzilla vs. Destroyah, he flies in that one.  But in 
    the game he can't.  I have confirmed it and don't ask why he can't.)
    Z button: Laser Beam Eyes (hold and release, guide with C-stick)
              Rocket (just tap Z)
    <-- + A: Double fist downward
    --> + A: Hammerfist
    \/ + A: Uppercut
    /\ + A: Spinning Punch
    <-- + B: Double Kick
    --> + B: Fake Kick/Roundhouse
    \/ + B: Stomp
    <-- + X: Plasma Laser (back)
    --> + X: Flying Ram
    \/ + X: Sweep
    /\ + X: Plasma Laser Up
    X: Plasma Laser
    A + X: Weapon Assault
    R then X: Rams downward
    R then A: Punches downward
    R then B: Kicks downward
    Mechagodzilla is like the Godzillas jacked up in steriods.  His defense rose so
    much that when hit with a single punch you can't even see the damage.  His 
    Rocket attack, like Mecha-King Ghidorah, can only be done 3 times.  But can do
    a significant amount of damage when done in the right range.  He is a little 
    slow, but his ability to fly more than makes up for it.  Like the Godzillas, he
    has awesome range on his laser attack.  He can also do it in the air.
    Z button: Beam Cannon in Shoulder (hold and release, guide with C-stick)
              Green Acid Spit (just tap Z)
    <-- + A: Backfist
    --> + A: Double-handed uppercut
    \/ + A: Backhand Downward
    /\ + A: Double-fist slam
    <-- + B: Double Kick
    --> + B: Trip
    \/ + B: Step on foot
    /\ + B: ----*
    --> + X: Head Ram
    <-- + X: Back Slam
    /\ + X: ----*
    \/ + X: ----*
    A + X: Energy Frenzy
    R then X: Body Slam
    R then A: Fist Slam
    R then B: Diving Kick
    *Note: Orga doesn't have these moves.
    Orga is the newest vilian of Godzilla (More like Godzilla 2000).  For those who
    don't know who he is, he appears in the newest movie, Godzilla 2000.  Out of 
    all the monsters in GDAMM, he has got to be the most plain looking.  I mean, 
    the only thing that stands out in him is that hole in his shoulder that blasts 
    his "breath attack".  But don't let his plain looks fool you.  He has strength
    of attack to make you shut up.  All his attacks are powerful and would blast
    any light monsters like Rodan all the way across the screen.  He includes his
    body for most of his attacks ranging from his head to his carapace.  His Green
    Acid Spit stuns the opponent for a few seconds.  It requires a lot of energy,
    but it can't be blocked.  He has long arms and has good reach for throws.  He 
    is perfect for close range fighting and is pretty easy to handle for such a
    late character.
                                     Adventure Mode
    Welcome to Adventure Mode, where a monster goes against 8 other monsters to
    save the Earth from the aliens.  Each monster faces different combinations and
    no two are the same.  Some are harder to do than others depending on who you
    know how to use.  Just let me tell you something, button mashing in Adventure
    Mode will get you to some extent.  But if you are really good, you will know 
    how to execute your monster's moves at the right time and at the right place.
    In other words, the one who knows how to do the moves gets farther than the 
    button mashers.  All monsters grow in difficulty as you progress so, how good 
    are you really? One more thing.  These tactics below are what I used to defeat
    the monsters.  It worked for me and I don't know if it will work for you.  If
    you have your own way of defeating these guys then feel free to use them.  So
    please, don't scream at me if my way doesn't work. 
    (Note: These monsters are in Medium Difficulty)
    *|Godzilla 90's|*
    1st Match: Anguirus
    This battle is pretty simple if you know what you are doing.  Don't try to
    attack Anguirus directly or he will try to block you using his back.  Keep
    your attacks nice and low because he stays very low to the ground.  Try to
    throw his as much as possible because he will start to block most of your
    attacks as the battle progresses.  Use Godzilla's breath attack if he ever 
    tries to come too close to you.  Use Godzilla's B throw to uppercut Anguirus to 
    the air and right before he comes down, hit him with an attack.  In my opinion
    I like to use Godzilla's uppercut to send him sprawling.  Just don't get caught
    by his breath attack.  Once you are hit, you become dazed.
    2nd Match: Megalon
    Oh man.  This battle just doesn't get any easier.  Megalon is, in my opinion,
    the simplest monster to go against.  Just don't get caught in his little tactic
    of throwing you, digging, and then the second you get up, you get thrown again.
    Most of the battle, he will try to get under you, and hence use his digging a
    lot.  This could prove to be a good thing and a bad thing.  It's a good thing 
    because all you have to do when you see him do it is run around until he runs
    out of energy.  It's a bad thing because as you run around, you will destroy
    some buildings and that could tick off the humans and try to freeze you.  But
    the advantage cancels out the disadvantage.
    3rd Match: King Ghidorah
    If you are into button mashing, there is no way in heck are you gonna get past
    this guy.  And if you do, in my opinion, you just got a lucky break.  Ghidorah
    blocks an awful lot, and cannot be easily blasted away.  He merely flinches when
    you try to attack him with your uppercut or your ramming headbutt.  Try to use
    your sweep attack to get him stunned and throw him.  Throws do quite good damage
    to him rather than attacking him directly.  Don't get caught by his breath
    attack.  It will give you a world of pain.  He will fly quite often to try to 
    avoid you.  Just nail him with your breath attack or your fireball to bring him
    down.  Also, throw a building at him whenever you get the chance.
    4th Match: Gigan
    In terms of movement, Gigan is much faster than Godzilla.  But in terms of
    attacks, you are faster.  Use that to your advantage and try to not let Gigan
    get the better of you.  He will use his Teleport to try to get behind you and
    then attack you in midair right before he lands.  Block when you see him about
    to attack you.  But don't block immediately or he will throw you.  Don't get
    trap between any building when Gigan does his Multiple Laser Beams.  It will hit
    you multiple times and that's quite painful.   Block often and look for an 
    opening.  Remember, Gigan has drawback in his attacks both in execution and 
    5th Match: Rodan
    He is the fastest opponent that you will face.  And unlike the other flying
    monsters, Rodan is extremely fast in the air is quite hard to hit.  He will try
    to take the offensive for most of the battle so you will be doing most of the
    blocking.  Like what I said about Rodan, he has EXTREMELY low defense.  If you 
    throw a building at him, that takes away a good 1/8 of his health.  Throws also
    deal quite a great deal of damage to him.  Try to do your most damaging attacks
    like anything involving Godzilla's claws.  Your breath attack could also cause
    him some pain.  The longer you charge it, the more pain you give him.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    Destroyah is the start of your road to difficult battles.  Every time you lift
    a building near him, he will stop you by using his breath attack.  Also, he will
    use his energy blade attack often so keep your distance from him.  Keep in mind
    that you cannot block any of his energy blade attacks, and being that they have
    quite a range behind them, don't try dodging or you will be hit.  Although he
    doesn't have a back throw like Ghidorah, you should still watch out for it when
    he uses it.  It has long range and fast execution.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    This battle is as tough as it gets.  If you had trouble beating Ghidorah then 
    you will have hell against this guy.  His defenses are in a greater scale than
    of Ghidorah.  His new block, that absorbs your attacks and converts them to his
    own health, will have to be something to be watched about.  He will blast his
    Taser at random, and if you don't watch carefully, you will find yourself being
    drained of your own energy.  Throw him as much as possible to cause maximum 
    damage to him.  When you get a chance, throwing a building would help an awful
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    Woah Nelly!  This guy is both the definition of cheap attacks and strong ones.
    His defenses are unimaginable so this battle will take awhile.  When you start
    off, you are inside a ring surrounded by a barrier.  BREAK THE BARRIER ASAP.
    The longer you stay in there, the less likely that you are going to win.  Once
    you do break the barrier, stay as far away as you can from him and resort to 
    throwing buildings at him.  I know that this could sound cheap but it's the best
    tactic against him.  Unless you are very confident in your skills with Godzilla
    then be my guest and attack him head on.  Mothra will help a considerable lot in
    this battle hacking away at his health.  But don't count on her appearing,
    because as I battled Mechagodzilla with Godzilla 90s not ONCE did I see the
    Mothra powerup, so it's very rare.
    1st Match: Megalon
    Does this bug ever give up?  Megalon will use his dig technique quite a bit in 
    this battle.  Fortunately for you, Anguirus runs faster than Megalon's digging.
    Run him out until his energy goes to zero and punish him for his stupidity.  Use
    Anguirus's low attacks so you can trip him.  For some apparent reason, when I
    use anything involving claws, teeth, and blades, it does more damage to him.
    Use anything of Anguirus that involves all those things and you should come out
    2nd Match: Godzilla 90's
    This battle could be both hard and easy at the same time.  It is hard because
    Godzilla has a longer reach than you.  It is easy because you are faster than
    him, and if you run at the right moment you can dodge his initial breath attack.
    He will try to pound your head, but if you have good timing, you will block that
    and will have Godzilla spinning around in pain because of your spikes. (Remeber?
    whenever Anguirus blocks, he uses his back as the block.)  Throw him using 
    Anguirus's X throw.  Then run up to him and when he's going to do his sweep
    get-up, block low and throw him again.  Rinse and repeat.
    3rd Match: Gigan
    All this guy will do is attack you.  Time your block well and he will be at your
    mercy.  Again, use Anguirus's low attacks to sweep him off his feet.  If you
    manage to get your hands into a building or whatever, throw it at him for 
    additional damage.  He will also use his teleport and try to get behind you.
    Watch him very carefully when he does this because sometimes he will attack you
    immediately the second he teleports behind you-attack you in mid-air I mean.  He
    should be blasted away the minute he dives in on you.
    4th Match: King Ghidorah
    Unless you know how to control Anguirus well, then resort to throwing buildings
    and using your breath attack.  Ghidorah is a bit different from the rest because
    whenever he attacks you, and you use your block, he will not be affected by your
    spines.  He won't spin in agony, unlike others, he will just be pushed away.
    He is also very resistant against most of your attacks, so be prepared for a 
    long battle.  Throws would be your best shot at this.  A Mothra powerup would do
    you a world of good.  His breath attack is extremely long-ranged and could prove
    quite difficult to dodge.  When you see him start to use up his energy, run as 
    fast as you can away from him and get behind a building.  This will safeguard 
    you against it.  He will fly quite often so try to hit him while in mid-air with
    your uppercut.
    5th Match: Rodan
    First off, Rodan is much faster than you are.  The execution of his attacks are
    both fast and deadly.  He will take the offensive for most of the battle, so if
    you don't get some timed blocks and attacks in there, you will lose.  Don't 
    panic though.  If you resort to button mashing, you will make matters worse.
    Remember that Rodan has really low defenses.  If you manage to get in one of
    your stronger attacks or combos, you could really give that bird hell.  Even
    if you have to attack once every 10 blocks, do it that way.  Be patient.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    I have said it once and I will say it again; Destroyah's laser blade attack 
    CANNOT be blocked.  He will use his dashing blade attack quite frequently in 
    this battle.  The fact that the stage that you battle him in is quite tight will
    have to force you to minimize your mistakes.  Luckily he doesn't use his oxygen
    absorber attack in this one.  Try to get some distance between you and him and
    only attack him when you think its right.  Destroyah is quite slow and you can 
    outrun him if you need to.  His breath attack packs quite a punch but has little
    range.  No matter what you do don't get caught in it.  Again, be patient and 
    don't be frustrated.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Like Ghidorah, MKG will still have the same advantage over Anguirus.  He will
    not be hurt by Anguirus's block.  Especially if he is almost all steel.  If you
    chose to attack him directly, don't make your attacks look so obvious.  This guy
    will use his absorb shield and just merely absorb your attack.  Your throws and
    buildings will be the best bet agains this guy if you think that your attacks
    are not doing enough damage.  Also watch out for his Tasers.  If you see some
    little silver things come out of him, RUN.  Do you want to get your energy taken
    away?  Also, if his wings start to pulsate with lightning, he is preparing his
    breath attack.  Run away as far as you can to dodge it, and try to get behind a 
    building if you can.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    I hope that you still have your 3 continues intact for this battle.  You are
    going to need them all.  First thing you must do is BREAK THE BARRIER.  I made
    the fatal mistake of staying in there and I was annihilated within a matter of 
    minutes.  If you don't get out of there, his finger missile attack will have a 
    less chance of missing and a VERY high chance of hitting you.  If all those 
    missiles manage to hit, watch your health go down.  I had to sacrifice my own 
    body to break the barrier.  None and I mean none of my attacks seem to do any
    damage to this metallic brute.  I had to resort to building throwing and Rage
    powerups to get me through the battle.  But like what I said, if you are VERY
    sure that you are good enough with Anguirus, then go with him toe to toe.  I
    higly recommend against it though for going toe to toe with him is like making
    a pact with death; you just won't win.  Again, if you have to resort to throwing
    buildings at him then do so.  Rather be safe especially if you have 1 or no 
    continues left.
    1st Match: Godzilla 90's
    You start off with a tough match.  Godzilla has longer ranged breath than you do
    so if you think that charging fully is a good idea, then prepare to eat atomic
    energy.  He has longer reach than you do so if you decide to go claw to claw 
    with him, do some low blocking.  His tail has some reach so be careful when he
    does his get-up attack.  When you do see him do it, jump up and do your diving 
    attack.  This would help you do damage while avoiding his attack.  Use any move
    involving Megalon's drills to do some maximum damage.  Your dig underground 
    is quite useful if you feel like avoiding him.  His napalm attack could help a
    lot by stunning this guy and prevent him from breaking your head.
    2nd Match: Anguirus
    Since Anguirus stays quite low to the ground, your napalm attack will do some 
    good here.  Just make sure that when you do it, don't come close or you will be
    burned.  Don't bother using your dig underground for throwing Anguirus because
    he can run faster than you.  Unless you manage to knock him down to the ground
    or you just need to get away from him, then use it.  Besides from that, this 
    battle should be an easy one.
    3rd Match: King Ghidorah
    This battle could be a tough one depending on whether or not you know how to use
    Megalon.  If you choose to go toe to toe with this behemoth then here's my
    suggestion.  You can trick him by using your drill down attack.  It looks like
    his drill forward and could have Ghidorah block upward instead of down.  Also,
    Megalon's uppercut IS capable of knocking Ghidorah off his feet.  Take this
    advantage by using your napalm attack once Ghidorah is on the ground, or fully
    charge your electric attack.  Another good attack that you can do is once you
    uppercut him, use your dig underground attack, wait for him to get up, then
    throw him.  If you are near a building that can be grabbed, be my guest and use
    that too.
    4th Match: Gigan
    Gigan is a bit faster than you are so watch out for this.  Watch out for any
    attacks that involve Gigan's claws.  It will do more damage to you than usual
    and hence could cost you the match.  Especially watch out for his double kick
    in the air.  Stay on the offensive at this match and don't let him get at you.
    If he decides to teleport behind you, turn around quickly and try to uppercut
    him.  Then, if he is in range, hit him with a fully charged electric attack.
    5th Match: Rodan
    Now this is unfair.  You can beat Rodan by using your strength against his weak
    defense, or he can beat you by his amazing speed.  Block often because he will
    take offensive a lot throughout the match.  If you have the temptation to throw
    a building at him, DON'T.  Wait for an opening when he is on the ground or 
    flying about.  If you don't, he will see you lifting it and attack you right 
    away with his breath attack.  Once you see an opening, attack using your X 
    button combo.  If you manage to block one of his incoming attacks, an uppercut
    does a great deal amount of damage to him so use it whenever you can.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    When I entered this battle I was playing all defensive.  I didn't know how to 
    use Megalon too well so I was a little on the safe side.  But if you think that
    you know Megalon's moves pretty well, then go right ahead and attack him.  I 
    must warn you about his laser blade attack though.  It is unblockable and is 
    quite painful.  This is what I did; I kept my distance from him and waited.
    When he started to approach me, I started to charge for my electric attack.  The
    minute he was close enough, I released it.  Don't charge for too long or else
    he will also charge for his breath attack.  It's also possible to dodge his
    laser blade advance.  Make sure that Megalon targets him and watch Destroyah.
    Right after he starts to bow his head down to do it, side step to his left or
    right.  Just time it correctly and you should be able to avoid it.  But if you
    wanna be in the safe side, if you see him do it; just run.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    There will be tasers flying about in this match.  Don't use any of Megalon's
    attacks that take some lag to do.  That will just give MKG more time to
    anticipate you and use his absorb shield.  This guy will waste a lot of his
    energy flying and using his breath attack.  If you see him flying try to knock
    him down, if you see him charging, STOP HIM.  Given that you are close enough
    to attack him.  If you are not, get behind a building.  If he chooses to block
    most of your attacks, convert to throwing him around.  Here's a good way of 
    dealing him good damage.  When you are near the green barrier, throw him to it.
    When you see him fly towards you, use your uppercut before he gets too close,
    or before he touches the ground.  It's a good way of juggling him around, and 
    if he does bounce back to the green barrier after you hit him, try to hit him
    a second time!  Repeat this and you will be victorious.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    BREAK THE BARRIER.  I can't stress this enough.  If you wanna stay in there and
    show off by fighting him, then this is what you do.  If you see him draw back
    to use his missiles, run close to him just the second he releases them.  It will
    just skin you, but pass you harmlessly.  Once you do that, throw him.  After
    throwing him, run up to him immediately and block.  Wait for him to use his 
    get-up attack, and once you block that, throw him again.  Rinse and repeat.  Do
    this fast because the small ships that blast lasers at you will hack away at
    your health.  If you want to fight him outside the barrier where this is more 
    room, then throw him to one of the generators.  If you throw him and it doesn't 
    break, you threw him the wrong way.  You know it is the right way when he slams
    at it, and the generator collapses.  This will shut down the barrier and you can
    run around.  First look for a building to throw and start the battle that way.
    Napalm him if he gets too close and uppercut him to send him flying.  Time your
    attacks well, and prepare to block more often than you should.
    *|Godzilla 2000|*
    1st Match: King Ghidorah
    If you would like to stay offensive in this battle, follow these simple rules.
    Since Ghidorah is quite resistant to your attacks, throw him as often as you 
    can.  I don't know what else to say because Godzilla 2000 and Godzilla 90's are
    pretty much the same.  If you are still having trouble, consult Godzilla 90's
    guide on how to defeat Ghidorah.
    2nd Match: Megalon
    This battle is also quite simple.  Stay on the offensive if you want this battle
    to go by quickly.  Attack Megalon with your up A or down A attack to cause some
    critical damage to him.  If he digs, you know what to do.  Experiment with him
    and try all kinds of things that your mind could conjure up.
    3rd Match: Anguirus
    I know that I should have said this earlier, but better late than never right?
    In my opinion, Godzilla 2000 is somewhat more powerful than Godzilla 90's.  I
    used whatever I can that can pound him senseless.  Since he blocked more often
    than not, I defeated Anguirus by simply throwing him, and using my uppercut
    right before he fell.
    4th Match: Gigan
    Bad cyborg.  Use combos against him to prevent him from relentlessly attacking
    you.  You are a bit bigger than Godzilla 90's because of the huge spines on your
    back.  Being aware of this, you should watch out for his laser burst attack.  If
    you are pinned to the ground, or trapped between buildings, you will be bounced
    around like a rag doll and will be hit multiple times.
    5th Match: Rodan
    Most monsters that Rodan go up against are WAY more powerful than him.  Keep 
    this in mind and you will win the battle.  Almost all of your attacks do good
    damage to Rodan.  Just don't let his overwhleiming speed take advanatage of you.
    Start to block if he starts to attack relentlessly.  Countering Rodan's attacks
    could prove lethal to him, and would give you the match.
    5th Match: Orga (2nd Time after beating Adventure Mode with all the monsters.)
    Godzilla 2000 is the only monster that will allow you to battle Orga in 
    Adventure Mode.  Orga is gargantuan and is hard to miss against.  He has slow
    attacks, but pack quite a punch.  He also have long reach so anticipate his 
    attacks and block early when you need to.  His grab is long range and is hard to
    read.  Watch out for this.  His defense is quite high so expect a long battle.
    If he grabs a Rage powerup, just stay as far away as you can.  After he does his
    initial rage attack, he will follow up with a shockwave similar to your rage
    attack, but not as ranged.  If you can, throw him in the lava, so it can help
    you hack away at his health.  While he is stuck there, charge for a full breath
    attack and nail him with it while inside.  If you can pick up a rock, heave it
    at him for some extra damage.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    You have a choice of either going offensive or defensive.  If you want to be
    offensive keep one thing in mind; Laser Blade. You have to watch out for this
    or else you will pay for it.  Don't give Destroyah a chance to use it or it will
    be unstoppable.  When he is using his advancing blade, keep your distance and 
    hit him with a breath attack or a building.  Jump backwards or sideways in order
    to avoid it if you think that it is too late.  If you want to play defensive,
    stay far away from him and heave buildings at him.  Simply put.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Keep in mind that MKG will use his absorb shield block a lot in this battle.
    You can't keep using high attacks because it won't get you anywhere.  Mix up
    your attacks to keep him guessing.  If he does block your attack try to throw
    him immediately after your attack has been absorbed.  Watch out for those tasers
    especially if you need your breath attack.  A good attack to keep you on the 
    upper hand is Godzilla's tail sweep.  Instead of knocking MKG in the air, it 
    will make him spin around, giving you an opening to attack him.  Like what I 
    said, don't use that attack too often or he will eventually catch on.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    I don't have to tell you what to do once this battle begins.  You should know by
    now.  This guy doesn't flinch when you hit him with the first two attacks of 
    your combo.  Unless you are using the X button combo then that's a different
    story.  Use his tail sweep to knock him in the air.  If you see the missiles
    coming right for you, just run away.  I found out that those missiles do home
    in on you so be very careful.  Once you get out of the barrier, you should be 
    able to safely fight him then.
    *|King Ghidorah|*
    1st Match: Godzilla 90's
    Use your range as an advantage.  Whenever he tries to whip at you, block it, and
    grab him.  Ghidorah has a long reach grab and could reach him from there.  He
    uses his head charge attack quite often.  When you see him do this, use
    Ghidorah's blunting winds to drive him back.  Don't use physical attacks too
    often because he can block and counterattack quite fast.  If he tries to get
    behind you, use your back throw to cast him away.
    2nd Match: Anguirus
    You are not affected by Anguirus's block.  Instead of spinning in pain like the 
    other monsters, you just flinch backwards.  Anguirus gets grabbed really quickly
    so use throws whenever you get the chance.  Since he stays low on the ground, use
    your aerial stomp, or any low type attacks.  Use his lightning breath on him and
    you should come out victorious.
    3rd Match: Megalon
    As if battles don't get any easier.  No matter what kind of attack Megalon throws
    at you, it just seems to just tickle you.  If he ever tries to dig underground,
    just fly and hover there.  The minute he emerges, he will be dizzy so either hit
    him with your stomp, or electrify him to death.  If you really want to end the
    battle fast, use anything that involves Ghidorah's body.  For example, his stomp
    attack should deal the maximum damage that you are looking for.
    4th Match: Rodan
    You are slower than Rodan, so keep this in mind.  If you try flying while he's 
    flying, you are an open target for him.  Try to force him to stay on the ground.
    The less he flies, the more your chance of winning.  Unlike the other monsters,
    Rodan can get damaged by your blunting winds.  So if he ever tries to approach
    you, hit him with it.  All your attacks do good on this bird so use whatever you
    want against him.  Just watch out for his rainbow kick.  This can knock you up
    in the air compare to some uppercuts of other monsters.
    5th Match: Gigan
    You are strong against most of Gigan's attacks.  But this doesn't mean that you
    should block all day.  Take every opening you can get or else he won't give you 
    one.  If you plan on fighting as a counterpuncher, block his attacks, then throw
    him.  He has a lot of lag after the execution of an attack.  If he ever tries to
    teleport behind you, use your trusty back throw to make him pay for his mistakes.
    If you think that he is getting too close for comfort, use your blunting winds to
    drive him back.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    Use your lightning attack on him.  Since he is a huge target, it will be able to
    hit fully on him. (His flying lightning attack I mean).  Be prepared to use your
    blunting winds a lot in this battle because Destroyah will use his advancing blade
    quite often.  If you manage to knock him down, don't come near him immediately.
    He has a quick, nasty get-up attack, so unless that you have fast reflexes, I
    suggest that you wait.  Be especially careful of his oxygen absorber.  You can't
    fly as fast as Rodan, so in order to escape it, just run away and don't fly.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    This is great; you are going against yourself.  This counterpart of yours is a
    tad more powerful than you are.  If you go on an attacking frenzy, he is going to
    use his absorb shield and reduce you attacks to mere tickles.  Your attacks will
    do next to nothing against this metallic behemoth.  The trick here is just watch
    his attacks.  Block and try to throw him as often as possible.  A good combo that
    can take a chunk of this monster's health is the X throw-and-electrify combo.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    You are a huge lumbering target for those missiles, and if all of them hit, the
    battle is already over before it started.  It is quite possible to beat him in
    the ring while the barrier is up.  You just have to work fast, or the little
    ships will make quick work of you.  Throws are the best way to go at this battle
    along with your energy attacks.  Don't try to grab him too obviously or he will
    start dodging you.  If you are not that confident, or you are lacking sufficient
    health to continue, feel free to break the barrier.
    1st Match: Rodan
    You may be more powerful than Rodan, but he sure is a lot faster than you are.
    His attacks have a much faster execution than yours, and if you are not careful
    you are going to be beaten by sheer speed.  The good thing is that all your
    attacks will harm Rodan quite badly.  Teleporting behind him when you see him
    charging up for his breath attack would not only save your hide, but give you an
    advantage over him.  If he starts to go on an attack frenzy, block.
    2nd Match: Godzilla 90's
    Oh man this was a tough match.  Especially for me because I have no idea how to
    use Gigan.  Either stay on the offensive, or go all defensive.  He has range, so
    you try to use your teleport more often than not.  If you decide to stay on the
    offensive, a good technique to use is to knock him down, and aim your shotgun
    blast downward.  This does very good damage, and it bounces him around.  Also,
    your laser beam rivals the range of his atomic breath.  If you see him charging
    up, stop him by just charging lightly and hitting him with it.  If you want to 
    stay on the defensive, use your teleport a lot and look for an opening when he 
    gives it to you.  Throw a building in there too.
    3rd Match: Megalon
    Blunt attacks will do very well against Megalon.  The only problem is that Gigan
    lacks them.  But don't fret, you still have your throws.  Gigan has a nasty one
    that can cause great damage to the stupid bug.  And yet another problem arises.
    Gigan has a slow grab animation so use it sparingly.  Megalon will catch on and
    start jumping away from it.  If you see him use his dig attack, just simply jump
    or use your teleport at the last second.
    4th Match: King Ghidorah
    This three-headed menace is always a problem.  Block often or you will find your
    body sprawled against a building.  Although normally I would recommend using your
    teleport, don't use it in this battle unless you have to.  Ghidorah has a back
    throw, and if you decide to go teleport happy, he will catch you with and end up
    being flung halfway across the screen.  Your uppercut can knock him up though.
    Use the same tactic against him like the one you used versus Godzilla 90's.  Once
    you uppercut him and lands, run up, aim your shotgun burst downwards, and you
    should cause significant damage on him.  Try to get two in there if you can.
    5th Match: Anguirus
    Although you might think that Gigan won't be harmed by Anguirus's block because
    of his blades, you are dead wrong.  Keep your attacks nice and low so you can
    avoid his block.  Anguirus has a slight weakness to energy attacks so get your
    laser beam in there.  He's not quite as big as Ghidorah so your shotgun tactic
    probably might not work on him.  But if you can make it work, be my guess and go
    for it.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    This target can't get any bigger.  If you manage to knock down Destroyah use
    that "shotgun" tactic against him.  This would give you the edge.  But you still
    have to watch out for his laser blade attack.  When he starts advancing on you,
    teleport and get out of there.  Don't let him trap you between buildings or your
    life is over before you know it.  When you see him charging for his breath attack
    don't be stupid and try to approach him.  His oxygen breath could possibly be
    the most powerful in the game.  The good thing about it is that it is close 
    range, so use your own if you want to stop him.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    This guy will barely flinch at your attacks.  No matter what you do, it does 
    little damage, or he just simply uses his absorb shield.  Try to get him down
    and use your "shotgun" tactic.  If you can't get him down, resort to throwing 
    him.  Also watch out for those tasers.  Like Ghidorah, he has a back throw, so
    don't use your teleport unless you really have to.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    This battle is a nightmare.  None and I mean none of your attacks could inflict
    and damage to him.  Everytime you try to attack him, he simply blocks it and 
    kicks you.  Your grab is so slow that he dodges more than half of it.  To top it
    all of, he can fly.  If you do manage to grab him and throw him, use your 
    "shotgun" tactic to cause decent damage to him.  Throws are the best way to go
    at this, and I know that it is easier said than done.  Try to trap him between
    buildings and then grab him.  He has less room to avoid it and the better your
    chances of grabbing him.
    1st Match: Anguirus
    First of all you have to keep one thing in mind.  You are now playing as the 
    weakest character in the game based on defense.  All attacks will do a good heft
    of damage on you.  You might have no choice but to block a lot, especially in 
    this battle.  You have to especially watch out for any of Anguirus's kick attacks.
    Your best bet in this battle is to fly as often as possible.  You have speed and
    is your advantage against him.  Like Ghidorah, you can use your breath attack
    while flying.  If you decide to fight him on the ground, your best bet is to use
    your uppercut.  It is one of his strongest moves and should be used frequently.
    2nd Match: Megalon
    This battle is quite safe to fight in the ground so you can take your chances.
    Using your X attacks on him will turn the tides of battle.  Any blunt attacks will
    do maximum damage on him.  Anything involving slamming him with your body or wing
    can do the best.  If he starts digging, don't bother flying unless you want to 
    taunt him.  Just simply hover above him, and upon emerging, hit him with your 
    breath attack.
    3rd Match: King Ghidorah
    Be especially careful here.  Ghidorah has very powerful attacks and should not be
    treated lightly.  Don't go on an attack frenzy or you will find yourself hitting
    nothing but blocks.  Fly frequently and use your loop de loop whenever you can.
    Your uppercut will not knock him up, but your rainbow kick will.  This is a good
    setup for you and should be followed up by a charged breath attack.
    4th Match: Godzilla 90's
    Use your speed advantage to win this battle.  Both of you have range in your
    breath attacks and should be something to be kept in mind.  Your throw, unlike 
    others, have very far range.  Rodan jumps to grab you giving your opponent less
    room to jump back.  If he is coming to close to you, fly, and use your breath
    bursts to keep him back.  If that doesn't work or you simply have not enough 
    energy, use your wing blast similar to Ghidorah's blunting winds.  Just watch
    out though for Rodan approaches the enemy first before executing the attack.
    5th Match: Gigan
    Block often in this battle.  Gigan has a tendency of going on an attack frenzy,
    and in your case, that is not a good thing.  Watch out for his teleportation for
    the fact that he immediately attacks right afterwards.  To take some damage off
    of him fast, use your breath attack bursts.  Since Gigan has drawback after the
    execution of his attacks, block it, and throw him.
    6th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Like Ghidorah, the only way you can knock this baby up is to use your rainbow 
    kick.  Use your fast attacks because if you use your slow ones, he will block it
    with his absorb shield, and will not get you anywhere.  Be especially wary of the
    tasers for you need you energy for flying to get yourself out of there.  If you
    need to "stun" him, use low attacks to make him spin around.  If he starts to 
    block frequently, throw him.
    7th Match: Destroyah
    Go defensive.  I mean it.  This guy will take away your health like there is no
    tomorrow.  His laser blade and all his other attacks will hurt you badly.  When
    you see him do his laser blade advance, jump back or fly away.  Watch carefully
    for his oxygen absorber that he will blast every now and then.  Use distance to
    fight him, for coming close will result in your downfall.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    If you don't know what you are doing, you are simply dead.  Don't even bother 
    struggling for it is just avoiding the inevitable.  Break the barrier so you can
    fight him safely.  Don't try to play courageous for you are just being stupid.
    Your uppercut will knock him up though, so if you do manage to get in his 
    onslaught, it is a good setup for a combo.  He can fly like you, but still not
    as fast.  Use your speed to your advantage to get through this battle.
    *|Mecha-King Ghidorah|*
    1st Match: Destroyah
    This is just great.  You start of your battle with one of the toughest enemies
    in the game.  Just be wary that you still have your blunting winds attack if he
    ever comes too close to you.  You are about as slow, if now slower, than he is.
    Prepare to use your absorbtion shield quite a bit in this battle.  But remember
    that your block, even your shield, cannot protect you from his blade.  It is 
    unblockable.  Try to keep Destroyah's energy low by using your tasers.  If you 
    keep his energy low, he will be forced to use his physical attacks, and that is 
    where your shield comes in handy.  Sometimes he tries to use his blade even if he
    is out of energy.  Take this opportunity to attack him head on.
    2nd Match: Anguirus
    This guy just gets down right annoying.  Even though you are not affected by his
    spines, you are not going to get anywhere just whacking him senselessly, and him
    blocking constantly.  Remember that your grab has quite a range, but has a slight
    drawback.  Also keep in mind that your defense is much higher than your old self
    so don't be afraid to take some hits if you have to.  Use your breath attack if
    you want to deal good damage against him.  Use MKG's /\ + B attack to put down
    that pest-literally.  Your uppercut also is a good setup for a combo.
    3rd Match: Godzilla 90's
    This battle could be tough so be prepared to use your shield quite often.  Either
    you take the offensive or he will.  If he is starting to bug you with his energy
    attacks, use your taser to bring it down.  Just don't fly too often or he will
    try to shoot you down from the sky.  Use short combos to make him block, and when
    he does, throw him.  If he does manage to get behind you, you still have your
    back throw.  Edged attacks do quite well against him.
    4th Match: Gigan
    You are strong against edeged attacks, and since Gigan bases most of his attacks
    on edged, this battle should be a breeze to you.  He will use his teleport to get
    behind you when he senses that he is in trouble.  Sometimes, after he teleports,
    he will attack you immediately from the air.  You can either be daring and take
    the chance of using your back throw, or blocking when he teleports behind you.
    It is completely up to you.  Another thing that you should watch out for is his
    shotgun burst attack.  You are quite big, and if he does manage to knock you down,
    or you get hit by this.  Kiss your health goodbye.  Just don't let him knock you
    5th Match: Rodan
    This battle is like using Ghidorah.  Try not to fly too often or you are an open
    target for him.  You are still slow in flight, but don't worry about flying in
    this match.  In order to prevent him from flying all the time, use your taser
    to knock his energy down, thus preventing him to fly.  He is extremely vulnerable
    in the ground, especially to your attacks.  Use combos to punish him and to bring
    his health down quickly.  Use all of you attacks since Rodan is weak against all
    6th Match: Megalon
    You are probably asking why he is so late and Destroyah is so early in Adventure
    Mode, right?  It makes no difference now for you can still beat him quite easily.
    It's pretty common sense on what you should use against him.  Bugs get squished
    so use blunt attacks on him.  Especially your diving kick.  That causes a lot of
    damage to him.  If he decides to dig under you, don't waste your energy by 
    flying.  Simply jump at the last minute and he will totally miss you.  Plus, he
    will be wide open for your attack.
    7th Match: King Ghidorah
    This is great; a mirror match.  When you are playing against yourself, you should
    know your own weaknesses and strengths.  You have higher defenses than your 
    counterpart, and hence take more punishment.  When Ghidorah goes on a combo
    frenzy, take some of the hits, and then hit him back, or throw him.  Since he
    will make an attempt in flying, use your taser to drain his energy, or if you
    want to knock him down, use your jumping tailwhip or your breath attack.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    This match ought to be interesting; metal to metal.  Both of you can take damage
    and both can barely cause any to each other.  This will be a long match unless 
    someone decides to step up.  I hope that it is you.  Do not, I repeat, do not get
    hit by his missiles.  You are huge, and at least one or two of those things will
    hit you.  If all of them hit, there goes half your health.  He is smarter than
    most of the monsters and will dodge your tasers if you use it too frequently.
    Since he doesn't feel edged attacks, blunt and energy are the way to go.  If he
    tries to fly, you fly up too and hit him with your breath attack.  That should 
    send him sprawling.  If you can get your tailwhip in there, time it and whack him
    with it.  Throw him whenever you can.
    1st Match: Anguirus
    Destroyah is the definition of all offensive.  Keep this in mind and don't be
    afraid to go all out.  The only problem with you is that you are slow and
    Anguirus is fast.  You are a big target, he isn't.  He will try to stay away
    from you especially if you go blade happy.  If he decides to stray off to far,
    use your oxygen absorber to bring him in.  Then use your downward laser blade to
    get damage in there.  Use your tail also because it has quick execution and has
    huge range.
    2nd Match: Rodan
    Your oxygen absorber might not be useful here, unless you can anticipate where
    Rodan is going to fly towards.  He can avoid your absorber by simply flying away.
    If he does fly towards you, use your downward laser blade to keep him from
    advancing.  Once in the ground, use all types of attacks to knock him around.
    If he decides to run away from you, use your absorber.  If you can get a charged
    breath attack in there, Rodan is as good as dead.
    3rd Match: King Ghidorah
    Ghidorah could be a bit of a pain.  Your attacks do decent damage, but he can
    take a lot of it.  He is going to block a lot of your attacks, hence throw him if
    he does.  A good way to deal some damage is to use your "tail" throw.  Turn your
    back to a green barrier and throw him at it.  Once he bounces off, turn around
    quickly and nail him with an uppercut.  If by chance that he bounces back, hit 
    him with another one!  Once on the ground, approach him and use your downward
    blade, or if you want to be brutal, charge up for a full breath and nail him.
    Be quite careful though, for Ghidorah's get-up attack is fast and ranged.
    4th Match: Megalon
    Use blunt attacks in this battle.  Especially your Forward + A.  If he attempts
    to dig, run away.  But if you are aiming in defeating him as quickly as possible,
    just stand there and wait for me.  When he is near you, simply jump up and you
    will avoid being grabbed.  Plus, he is wide open for a nice attack.  Remeber that
    once he digs in, he cannot be affected.  So don't bother using your absorber.
    Don't forget about your laser blade attack.  It cannot be blocked so use it if
    he is right in front of you.
    5th Match: Gigan
    Gigan is much faster than you are.  Plus, he will try to get behind you since you
    don't have a back throw.  Try to keep him in front and attack him continously.
    If he does teleport, try to turn around as fast as you can so you can block if
    he decides to attack, or move away if he attempts to grab you.  If he tries to 
    use his spinning blade attack, block all of it, then use your laser blade.
    6th Match: Godzilla 90's
    Now this could be trouble.  Godzilla has much more ranged attacks than you, much
    faster than you, and much smaller than you.  He is actually on of the smarter
    opponents to try to block your absorber.  If he does, don't worry about it.  He
    will still be dragged in, and once close enough to you, grab him and throw him.
    If you manage to knock him down, be careful of his tail.  If you want to approach
    him, make sure that you block downward, or else you will be swept off your feet.
    Use you laser blades if he starts to block your attacks.  Don't go on a breath
    duel with him.  Although yours is much more powerful, his is much more ranged.
    If you are caught in the doing your breath attack, you are dead.
    7th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Do not be too reliant on your energy attacks in this battle, or you will see them
    drained.  If your energy does get drained, resort to throwing him.  Or you can
    simply go toe to toe with him.  If he starts to block that, throw him.  If you
    think that your normal attacks are not cutting it, and your running low on energy
    use a building.  If you can get your hands on an energy powerup, you are going
    to be victorious.  Get him trapped between buildings and charge your breath
    attack as long as you can and release.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    It is very possible to beat this guy inside the barrier with barely any health
    drained.  If you want to know then read on.  Start the battle with an absorber.
    Then once pinned, nail him with two downward blade attacks.  After that, start
    to block, and once he gets up throw him.  Rinse and repeat.  If you can't do this
    then break the barrier and fight him there.  Mechagodzilla is stupid and will
    try to get through you by destroying buildings.  If he does do this, charge for 
    a full breath and nail him with it.  He will not be able to escape, plus he will
    be slammed at the buildings.
    1st Match: Anguirus
    This ought to be an easy match for you.  Only problem is that Anguirus is match
    faster than you are, and firing your missiles senselessly will get you nowhere.
    A good way to start of the battle is to use your Forward + X attack.  It is his
    ramming headbutt and a good way to cause damage.  After you ram him successfully,
    use your Down + X to blast him away.  Keep your attacks low, and if he starts to
    block, throw him using your X throw.  Mechagodzilla's B throw is utterly useless
    plus, it wastes energy and doesn't even do great damage.
    2nd Match: Gigan
    Gigan is going to get killed in this battle.  Most of his attacks are edged, and
    Mechagodzilla is VERY resistant against them.  So don't be afraid to take some 
    hits in order to get one in there.  The only thing is that Gigan is much faster 
    than you are.  (You are going to here this a lot because most of the monsters are
    much faster than Mechagodzilla.)  If you are getting annoyed with his constant
    attacking, use your Down + X to blast him away.  Be warned that if you caught in
    Gigan's shotgun burst, you are in for a beating.
    3rd Match: Rodan
    Don't be too confident when you get in this battle.  Rodan is one of the few
    monsters that can knock you off your feet.  Being the slower one, you are open
    to his uppercut, unless you can anticipate it.  Be especially careful of his
    breath attack.  It's execution is much faster than yours, and can stop you in
    an instant.  Your missiles is useless here because Rodan can just simply fly to
    get away from them.  But if you manage to knock him down, fire them immediately.
    He will get killed in an instant if all those missiles hit.
    4th Match: King Ghidorah
    Now this battle is where your missiles come into play.  Remember that they home
    in on the enemy as long as they don't move to the side of them.  Use them only
    when you knock Ghidorah down, or he will run away from them.  Ghidorah has some
    level of resistance to both edged and blunt attacks.  Throws are the way to go in
    this battle.  If you would like to go toe to toe with him, your ramming headbutt
    is a good bet.  Afterwards, use your back laser to blast him away.
    5th Match: Megalon
    This battle should be a walk in the park for you.  Mechagodzilla has quite an 
    ample amount of blunt attacks, and that is just what Megalon is weak against.
    Your ramming headbutt ought to do maximum damage on it, or use anything that 
    involves Mechagodzilla pounding you.  When Megalon does his digging attack, jump
    to avoid it, and then nail him with your missiles.  When you plan to hit him with
    it, make sure that you have ample distance between you.  If you don't the missiles
    will simply pass Megalon harmlessly.
    6th Match: Destroyah
    Regardless of your strength against most attacks, you still cannot be protected
    against his laser blade.  Your attack execution is a bit slower than Destroyah
    and must be kept in mind.  It is wise to wait for him to run out of energy first
    before attacking him head on.  That is, if you choose to attack him that way.
    Like against all huge opponents, try to knock him down.  Aferwards, use your
    missiles the minute he slams.  That ought to make him think twice.
    7th Match: Godzilla 90's
    It's the fleshy version of yourself.  ( I will make you bleed!)  Don't go on a 
    breath contest against this guy.  Mechagodzilla's breath attack, or should I say,
    "eye" attack, is utterly useless.  It's just a thin piece of string compared to
    Godzilla 90's.  Use it only when you have to stop him from doing his.  He is 
    much more flexible and your missiles might not work unless you trap him between
    a building or knock him down.  That is, of course, easier said than done.  He
    might start blocking on you if you decide to go on a frenzy.  Attack by bursts,
    and if he starts blocking, use your throw.  (Just don't use your throw that does
    your eye laser.  That causes very poor damage, plus a waste of energy.)
    8th Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    The alien's secret weapon is...Mecha-King Ghidorah?!  What's up with this?  It
    should be me!! Oh, never mind.  Get your vengance for betraying you.  You can 
    choose to either battle him inside or outside the barrier.  I defeated him in the
    barrier.  When you choose to do this, don't hit him immediately with your missiles.
    Try to throw him first then use it.  He is bigger than you so hitting him with
    it should not be a problem.  Don't worry about getting hit by his taser, and 
    getting your energy drained.  You are not going to need it.  Unless you need to 
    fly away, or you are low in health.  I highly doubt the latter half.  If he get's
    too close to you, use your back laser to cast him away.
    1st Match: Megalon
    This is going to be interesting.  Orga is the king of blunt attacks and Megalon
    is weak against them.  Only drawback is that you are REALLY slow.  If you are 
    not careful, you can get caught by his digging attack.  But beside from that, 
    you will dominate him.  Hit him with your strongest blunt attack to speed up 
    your win of the battle.  I don't suggest using your green acid spit attack since
    it wastes too much energy it really doesn't stun the enemy too long.  A nice
    combo is to use your throw that slams the opponent downward and then use your
    uppercut, or whatever that you desire.
    2nd Match: Rodan
    You need not worry about the overwhelming speed that Rodan has over you.  This
    can easily be countered by your overwhelming defense.  Since Rodan will be all
    over the place flying, you will just have to wait to attack him.  If you do wait
    you will be rewarded.  An attack from Orga will render Rodan's health to near
    death.  If you see him coming for you, block and hit him with your hardest.  Use
    your uppercut if you have to.  Your "breath" attack could prove extremely lethal
    to Rodan if charged enough.
    3rd Match: Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Depending on your level of skill, this battle could be easy or hard.  It could
    be easy for you if you know all of Orga's moves.  It will be hard for you if
    all you do is button mashing.  Some of Orga's moves can actually knock MKG all
    over the place.  Knowing this, hack at him with everything.  Since the only 
    thing that your energy is used for is to use your shoulder beam attack, don't 
    worry about it being drained by the taser.  If MKG starts blocking your upper
    attacks, start attacking low or start throwing him.
    4th Match: Destroyah
    This battle will be quite difficult for the reason that you can barely move, let
    alone run.  It will be quite a chore to try to avoid his laser blade attacks so
    watch out for them.  Try to anticipate him when he is about to use his advancing
    blade attack.  If you don't, you are not nimble enough to avoid it at the last
    minute and you will be hit.  Being that his breath attack is quite short-ranged,
    and yours is quite long, use a fully charged one when he is charging for one.
    Wait for him to run out of energy then attack him with everything.  Then once
    he recovers wait until he drains it again before continuing your onslaught.
    5th Match: Gigan
    Gigan is a master of edged attacks, but it is still nothing to be worried about.
    You still have quite a resistance to them so don't be afraid to take some hits
    if you have to score just one.  Also, watch out for his shotgun burst attack.
    Because of your size, you can get hit with it quite easily.  And if all of it
    connects, be prepared for pain.  Keep your attacks medium to low to connect more
    often.  Try to anticipate his throw early.  Even though his drawback to grab you
    may be slow, your ability to dodge it is even slower.
    6th Match: Godzilla 2000
    You face Godzilla 2000 rather than Godzilla 90's because he is Orga's opponent.
    But this doesn't mean that he should be treated lightly.  He packs a bit more
    power than Godzilla 90's both in melee and in energy.  G2000 is also a bit slower
    than G90's and this is where you come in.  You may have to block a lot before you
    can find an opening.  Once you do get one, grab him, and use your slam throw.
    When he is in midair, hit him with your uppercut or something strong.  Be careful
    of his range for he might beat you that way.  Don't use too much of your attacks
    that require lag time to execute.  Stick to the ones that are much faster.
    7th Match: King Ghidorah
    This battle is similar to MKG.  The only difference is that he has lower defense
    than him.  He can still be knocked around especially by your stronger attacks.
    Block when you see him charging at you and then use your slam throw combo.  Like
    his metallic counterpart, don't go in a beam war with him.  He has longer range
    than you and then it could be a waste of your energy.  Like what I said earlier
    block most of his attacks instead of running away from them.  You are still slow
    and an open target.  If he flies, try to knock him down with your uppercut and
    then try to uppercut him a second time.
    8th Match: Mechagodzilla
    Be careful of his missiles.  If you don't anticipate them early enough, or you 
    are too late to stop him from doing it, you are as good as dead.  You can barely
    run away from them, and hence you have a higher risk of being hit by them.  If
    you are not comfortable fighting him inside the barrier, then break it.  In my
    opinion, fight him outside it.  If you stay inside, the little ships will just
    hack away at your health and giving Mechagodzilla a better chance of winning
    against you.  Since edged attacks do not do well against him, your specialty of
    blunt attacks will come useful in this battle.  Still, I recommend doing your
    slam throw combo whenever you get the chance.
    These are the 20 battlegrounds that you can choose to duel in.  Many cities are 
    available for the choosing ranging from the City of Angels to the place that
    started it all, Tokyo.  You can also choose to battle at day or at night in 
    each stage.  All stages vary from room to roam, buildings and other 
    paraphernalia to pick up and throw, and hazards.  I will be judging on how much
    room, buildings, and hazards there are in each stage by giving them "stars"
    1 being the least and 5 being the most.  You get them by beating Adventure Mode.
    Some monsters, will give you two stages because they don't unlock another
    monster. (Note: Hazards are things like freeze tanks, exploding objects, etc.)
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: **
    N. Seattle
    How to get: Already available
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: **
    S. Seattle
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Ghidorah
    Roaming Area: ****
    Pickups: **
    Hazards: *
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Roaming Area: **
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: **
    Tokyo 2
    How to get: Already available
    Roaming Area: **
    Pickups: ****
    Hazards: **
    Tokyo 3
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Godzilla 90's
    Roaming Area: *
    Pickups: *****
    Hazards: **
    San Francisco
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Mechagodzilla
    Roaming Area: *****
    Pickups: **
    Hazards: *
    N. San Francisco
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Anguirus
    Roaming Area: ****
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: *
    E. San Francisco
    How to get: Already available
    Roaming Area: *****
    Pickups: *
    Hazards: **
    Los Angeles
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Destroyah
    Roaming Area: ****
    Pickups: **
    Hazards: **
    Los Angeles 2
    How to get: Already available
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ****
    Hazards: **
    Los Angeles 3
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Gigan
    Roaming Area: ****
    Pickups: *
    Hazards: *
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Rodan
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ****
    Hazards: **
    London 2
    How to get: Already available
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: *****
    Hazards: ***
    London 3
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Megalon
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ****
    Hazards: **
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Orga
    Roaming Area: *****
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: ****
    E. Osaka
    How to get: Already available
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: ****
    W. Osaka
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Godzilla 2000
    Roaming Area: ***
    Pickups: ***
    Hazards: **
    Monster Island
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Rodan
    Roaming Area: *****
    Pickups: ****
    Hazards: **
    How to get: Beat Adventure Mode with Mechagodzilla
    Roaming Area: **
    Pickups: *****
    Hazards: *****
                                Unlocking Other Monsters
    You start off with 3 monsters when you first begin the game.  You have Godzilla
    90's, Anguirus, and Megalon.  You get the others by beating Adventure Mode.
    Godzilla 90s ---> Godzilla 2000 ---> Destroyah
    Anguirus ---> Gigan ---> Rodan
    Megalon ---> Ghidorah ---> Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Rodan + Mecha-King Ghidorah + Destroyah ---> Mechagodzilla
    Godzilla 2000 (after getting all the monsters) ---> Orga
    ||Please Read This||: I know that some of you heard that Space Godzilla is a 
    secret character.  I am sorry to disappoint all Space Godzilla fans out there, 
    but he isn't playable.  He doesn't even exist in the game.  Whatever you have 
    heard on a site or something is nothing but false. I've tried everything and he
    cannot be unlocked nor be playable.  The question mark that you see in the
    monster selection screen is nothing but Random Select.  Again sorry to 
    disappoint all fans there. 
                                    Gallery Pictures
    Well, ATARI decided to cut you a break and give you a treat by showing you some
    nice pictures of all the monsters doing all kinds of stuff.  Hope that you like
    them!  You can unlock the pictures by going to Adventure Mode on Normal or Hard
    difficulty.  Every once in a while, after knocking down a building, you will see
    an ATARI symbol.  Pick that up and you should unlock a picture!  Collect them
    all! (Note: You don't have to beat Adventure Mode)  Also, these pictures is how
    I viewed them.  A picture is worth a thousand words so you may have a different
    interpretation than me.  Don't send me anything that involves saying that I have
    viewed one of these pictures wrong.
    1st Row (left to right)
    Anguirus in different poses, and a wireframe picture
    A close up of Anguirus roaring
    Destroyah in different poses
    Godzilla 90's(?) looking on as Mechagodzilla falls on a building
    Advertisement poster of GDAMM
    Godzilla 2000(?) having a nice walk on top of buildings
    The back cover of the GDAMM Japanese version
    Godzilla ripping through a building behind a dozen scared civilians
    2nd Row (left to right)
    King Ghidorah in various poses, and a wireframe picture
    Godzilla 2000 showing his Atomic Breath
    Side view of Godzilla 2000
    Front view of Godzilla 90's
    Godzilla 2000 in different poses, and a wireframe picture
    Ghidorah, Godzilla, Mechagodzilla, and Gigan under the GDAMM title
    Another side view of Godzilla 90's
    Front view of Gigan
    3rd Row (left to right)
    Billboard of GDAMM
    Storyboard of Godzilla 90's vs. Ghidorah
    Picture of freeze tank
    Front and back view of Mechagodzilla
    Civilians running away from Godzilla
    Storyboard of opening movie scene
    Front and back view of Gigan
    Cartoon drawing/layout of Monster Island
    4th Row (left to right)
    Front view of Mechagodzilla
    The boss alien
    Early GDAMM battle preview
    Drawing of Mechagodzilla punching Godzilla
    Drawing of Godzilla uppercutting Mechagodzilla
    Drawing of Godzilla and Mechagodzilla grappling
    Drawing of Godzilla lifting Mechagodzilla
    Drawing of Godzilla throwing Mechagodzilla
    5th Row (left to right)
    Godzilla 2000 in background while UFO beams an object
    Front picture of Godzilla 2000
    Godzilla 2000 tail-whipping Mechagodzilla
    Mechagodzilla using his Eye Beam on Godzilla 2000
    Godzilla 2000 using his Atomic Breath on Mechagodzilla
    A miniature Destroyah
    A miniature Mecha-King Ghidorah
    Anguirus roaring                    
    These are some codes that you can use to "cheat" a little on GDAMM.  Just make
    sure that you don't use them unfairly. ;-)
    Press and hold L, B, and R and then release B, R, and L in that order to open
    up the cheat menu.  Then enter the number combinations below.
    567980 - Black & White Mode 
    661334 - Technicolor mode 
    760611 - 11 Coninutes in Adventure Mode 
    986875 - P1 is micro monster (1/3 norm. size) 
    971934 - P2 is micro monster 
    895636 - P3 is micro monster 
    795735 - P4 is micro monster 
    174204 - All Players are micro monsters 
    843901 - P1 is damage-proof 
    706149 - P2 is damage-proof 
    188522 - P3 is damage-proof 
    286552 - P4 is damage-proof 
    505634 - All players are damage-proof 
    511012 - P1 deals quad (4x) damage 
    815480 - P2 deals quad damage 
    212454 - P3 deals quad damage 
    286552 - P4 deals quad damage 
    817683 - All players deal quad damage 
    492877 - Health regenerates 
    756287 - All buildings and Objects become throwable 
    112122 - All buildings become in destructible 
    316022 - All monsters are invisible 
    650867 - One time energy (Energy doesn't recharge over time, but energy weapons 
    do more damage) 
    649640 - P1 Always in Rage 
    122224 - P2 Always in Rage 
    548053 - P3 Always in Rage 
    451242 - P4 Always in Rage 
    256806 - Turn Military On/Off 
    135984 - Player Indicators always On 
    677251 - Super Energy (Constant Full energy ball) P1 
    435976 - Super Energy P2 
    603696 - Super Energy P3 
    291680 - Super Energy P4 
    562142 - No health power-ups 
    134615 - No Mothra power-ups 
    413403 - No energy power-ups 
    119702 - No rage power-ups 
    841720 - No freeze tanks 
    225133 - Unlock Godzilla 2K 
    616233 - Unlock Gigan 
    877467 - Unlock King Ghidorah 
    104332 - Unlock Rodan 
    537084 - Unlock Destoroyah 
    557456 - Unlock Mecha King Ghidorah 
    131008 - Unlock Mecha Godzilla 
    696924 - Unlock all monsters except Orga 
    480148 - Unlock all cites 
    443253 - No Status HUD 
    097401 - Display version of game and time of completion in the Options 
    176542 - View Credits 
                                  Questions and Answers
    Q. How do you beat ______ in ______'s Adventure Mode?
    A. Look under that monster's name.  It will tell you how to beat all the enemies
    that they encounter in Adventure Mode.
    Q. I heard from a site that you can play as Space Godzilla and some other guys.
    Is this true?
    A. Don't you look up there?  First of all, Space Godzilla cannot be playable
    regardless on what a site says.  Second of all, whatever monsters you see above
    are the only ones that are playable.
    Q. How do you get ______?
    A. It is all there under the Unlocking Other Monsters section.
    Q. I have some information that is not in your FAQ.  Can I send it in?
    A. Of course you can.  But if the information that you send me is already in my
    FAQ, then you simply don't know how to read, and obviously haven't passed 1st 
    grade yet.
    Q. May I post your FAQ on my site?
    A. You have to email me to get the answer to this question.
    I wish to give thanks to the following:
    ATARI for creating such a great game.
    NINTENDO for releasing GDAMM in the best system ever.
    GAMEFAQS for giving me the inspiration to write this FAQ and posting this up.
    PEOPLE IN THE MESSAGE BOARDS where I got how to get Team Battle.
    THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL on how to do the moves of each monster.
    MY BROTHER in letting me play this awesome game.
    GOJIRA64 for correcting my mistakes and offering a simpler way of unlocking all
    the monsters.
    DETHMINIONSLN for recommending me that great site where I could get a good ASCII
    art for my FAQ.
    GUY WEARING BLACK for the other way a monster taunts.
    XANIMAL for the codes that he posted on the GDAMM Codes and Secrets.
    FOR ALL THE OTHER GUYS that I forgot to give credit to.
    Thanks for reading my FAQ and I hope that this will help you.  So long everyone
                Copyright 2002-2003 ViciousBreaker. All Rights Reserved

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