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    Rodan by Joe the Destroyer

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    Presented by Joseph Shaffer (Joe the Destroyer)
    For play on Nintendo Gamecube and Microsoft Xbox
    Version: 1.2
    Last Updated: 9/1/03
    Phase: Technically Complete
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    for Rodan  just now as well.
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    Reference credit goes to:
    Instruction book- Used to get a good number of the moves
    Contents According to Joe
    Section 1: Introduction
    1A: About G:DAMM
    1B: Rodan Bio
    1C: Ups/Downs
    Section 2: Using Rodan
    2A: Moves
    2B: Strategy and Battle
    2C: Tips
    Section 3: FAQ
    Section 4: Legal Bit
    Section 5: Thank You and Goodbye
    From the early Commodore 64 to even PlayStation, Godzilla fans were delivered
    games that  were merely half-baked in both concept and gameplay.  For the most
    part, we were either  treated to just monsters battling or just destruction.
    Half the time, it seemed that the  developers had either never actually paid
    close enough attention to a Godzilla movie or  they just didn't care and were
    taking a chance on making a cheap license title that would  make them a quick
    Infogrames (oddly enough) and Pipeworks, however, were among the first to truly
    deliver  the fans something they've wanted; A combination of monster battling
    and destruction,  with great detail and gameplay.  Thus, Godzilla: Destroy All
    Monsters Melee was born.   The company did a great job not only animating the
    creatures to near visual precision,  but placing in the trademark roars and
    attacks that each creature did.  Everything from  Godzilla's heat ray to
    Megalon's burrowing ability; From Gigan's massive sawblade stomach  to
    Destoroyah's high-pitched screech.
    The main reason I chose to do a FAQ on Rodan is that he can be one of the best
    and worst  characters to play.  He's best if you know what you're doing, but
    worst if you play him  like any other creature in this game.  He's not a
    brawler, plain and simple.  You don't  take him right into the fray and bash
    away maniacally.  This is more of a "get some  distance between you and the
    opponent, then unload anything you can" type of kaiju.
    WARNING: This bio contains ***SPOILERS*** to some Toho films.
    -Showa Series-
    Rodan first made his appearance in his own film, appropriately titled Rodan
    (pronounced  Raiden in Japan, named after one of the old Japanese gods.
    It all began with nuclear testing on Pacific Islands.  Scientists would explode
    large  nukes all around the sea, testing to see just how devastating their new
    toys were.  No  one realized the effect this would have on some of the
    petrified life on one such Pacific  Island.  In Kyushu, a small mining
    community, many miners began to turn up dead in the  mines.  People eventually
    found that the culprit was a prehistoric insect called a  Meganuron,
    resurrected by the nuclear testing.  Local officials worked hard to try to
    stop these vicious beasts from claiming more lives.  One miner ventured further
    into the  mine to find that a giant, winged reptile was feasting upon the
    Meganurons in the cave.
    The man was eventually found alive.  After much therapy, he was able to tell
    his story of  the beasts.  At the same time, a huge flying creature was spotted
    all about the world,  attacking planes and even claiming the lives of a young
    couple who were spending time  near the top of one of the mountains in Kyushu.
    Time revealed that there was not one,  but two of these flying creatures.  They
    were called Rodans (or Raidens).  They could fly  at super sonic speeds and
    generate powerful gales by flapping their wings.  It seemed  that there was
    nothing anyone could do to stop them.  However, a military plan eventually
    defeated them.  The female Rodan was struck down by military weaponry and
    landed in hot  lava as the volcano the Rodans inhabited was errupting.  Having
    fallen into the lava, the  female Rodan burst into flames.  Not being able to
    bear the loss of his mate, the male  Rodan followed suit by plunging into the
    lava to join his soulmate.  The two Rodans died  together.
    Many debate as to whether or not one of the Rodans survived or a new one all
    together  came to be, but some time after the first film, Rodan appeared yet
    again (in the film  "Ghidora, the Three-Headed Monster").  This coincided with
    a prophecy given to earth from  a woman possessed by the spirit of a Martian.
    Not long after, Godzilla also appeared.   The two behemoths eventually met and
    began a long, even battle.  The two fought to  practically a stalemate when
    Mothra interfered.  Mothra's reasons were that a new monster  called King
    Ghidorah had appeared and threatened to destroy Earth.  Mothra, still in her
    caterpillar form, failed in convincing Godzilla and Rodan that they should
    help.  She  then tried to challenge KG on her own.  While King Ghidora was
    mopping up the floor with  her, Godzilla and Rodan showed up to assist the
    bravehearted caterpillar.  Within a few  minutes, they had driven King Ghidora
    off.  From this moment on, Rodan would not only be  an ally to Godzilla, but
    somewhat viewed as another of the many "defenders of Japan."  Yes, in pro-
    wrestling terms, he had "turned babyface".
    Rodan would eventually go on to make some boring cameos in films like
    Godzilla's Revenge  and Godzilla vs. Megalon.  The only significant roles that
    Rodan would play in the  remainder of the Showa series would be in Godzilla vs.
    Monster Zero, in which Rodan  assisted Godzilla in once again ousting King
    Ghidorah, and Destroy All Monsters, in which  Rodan joined a band of monsters
    controlled by aliens to destroy, and eventually defend  Earth.  In accordace to
    the latter, Rodan retired peacefully on Monster Island, eating  all the
    dolphins he could ever enjoy.
    -Heisei Series-
    Since the timeline was started over, any films involving Rodan were pretty much
    ignored,  meaning Rodan hadn't come to be yet.  However, when Toho made
    Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla  II, they decided to throw Rodan into the film and
    reinvent him.
    A group of researchers go to an island that is said to be massively polluted by
    toxic  waste.  The waste had an effect on a small dinosaur nest.  This resulted
    in a few of the  petrified eggs hatching.  One of the eggs turned out to be a
    pteranodon.  The waste  caused it to not only grow faster, but mutate to a
    powerful lifeform that came to be  known as Rodan (or Raddon as the dubbed
    version called him, sadly).  Rodan caught sight  of the researchers and noticed
    that they stole an egg.  Before he could catch them,  Godzilla appeared and
    made short work of the flying reptile.
    After some time, the researchers found that the giant egg seemed to be emitting
    some  musical notes.  They had a choir sing the notes.  This somehow lead to
    the revival of  Rodan in the form of the super-powered Fire Rodan (think of it
    as SSJ Rodan).  In this  form, Rodan gained a more reddish tint and possessed
    the ability to fire a heat ray kind  of like Godzilla.  Being able to sense
    where the egg was, Rodan chased it down, even  after it hatched and revealed
    itself to be a baby Godzilla.  It was believed that he  expressed interest in
    the egg because the baby contained within was viewed as a brother  by him.
    Rodan was later attacked and defeated by MechaGodzilla; the battle left him
    with  a huge hole in his chest.  Godzilla would also try his hand at MG, but a
    new plan was  initiated to destroy Godzilla's second brain in order to paralyze
    him and eventually kill  him.  After his second brain was destroyed, Rodan
    mustered the rest of his energy and  flew to Godzilla's aid.  He then caused
    himself to disintegrate, giving off massive  amounts of radiation which
    regenerated Godzilla's second brain.  Rodan's sacrifice  allowed Godzilla to
    power up to something like Super Godzilla (again, SSJ Godzilla) and  beat the
    tar out of MechaGodzilla.
    -Millenium Series-
    Rodan made an appearance in only one Millenium film: Godzilla: Final Wars.  His
    origins  here are sketchy, as all we know about all the kaiju in this movie is
    that they were  brought to life by nuclear testing.  Rodan only appears in a
    few key scenes: one in which  he destroys a bit of New York, and another in
    which he teams up with Anguirus and King  Caesar to take on Godzilla.  Even
    with the three of them together, they didn't stand a  chance.  They were all
    easily beaten and left in a crumpled mess.  In a deleted scene of  this film,
    Godzilla even went so far as to incinerate them all simultaneously.  How do
    you like your wings?
    Whether or not you see the advantages to Rodan as out-weighing the
    disadvantages depends  solely on the type of player you are.  If you are more
    about maneuvering and strategy,  then Rodan may just work for you.  Rodan is
    not a brute force monster like that of  Destoroyah.  He's also not a close
    range brawler, like Anguirus.  He's almost strictly a  long-range attacker,
    either using his heat ray or throwing buildings/vehicles.
    -Rodan's throw attacks are quite powerful.  Not only do they have the ability
    to throw a  target a good distance away, but they also cause some great damage
    for throws.
    -Rodan's heat ray comes quite handy when there are no buildings to throw and
    you just  need to get a cheap hit in.  It can also be helpful when your
    opponent is down for the  count.
    -Rodan can cause a bit more damage when throwing buildings.
    2A: MOVES
    It's essential.  No way around it.  If you're going to use someone/thing
    effectively,  you've got to know the moves.  Listed here are the different
    moves for Rodan.
    The one thing I want to make clear is what is meant by "stick towards" or
    "stick away".   Many of you probably know, but just in case, it indicates which
    way you want the analog  stick pointing.  "Stick away" means you want the
    analog stick pointing away from the  opponent when doing the attack, while
    "stick towards" means to hold the analog stick  towards your opponent.
    Many of these moves are also found in the instruction book, so if you need a
    quick  reference, you can check there as well.
    ----Basic Moves----
    Movement- Analog stick
    Block- Y
    Duck- Hold L trigger
    Run- Hold L trigger while moving
    Jump- R trigger
    Grab (opponent, building)- A+B buttons
    Fly- Hold R trigger
    ----A Button Attacks----
    Wing Punch (one hit)- A
    Double-Wing Punch (two hits)- A, A
    Double-Wing Punch and Pounce (three hits) A, A, A
    Delayed Two-Fist Strike- Stick away+A
    Head Smack- Stick towards+A
    Uppercut- Down+A
    Overhead Wing Rake- Up+A
    Aerial Wing Slap- A while flying
    ----B Button Attacks----
    Spin Kick (one hit)- B
    Spin Kick into Knee Smash (two hits)- B, B
    Swing Sweep- Stick away+B
    Three-Point Kick- Stick towards+B
    Stomp- Down+B
    Bicycle Uppercut- Up+B
    Drop Kick- B while flying
    ----X Button Attacks----
    Wing Slap (one hit)- X
    Double-Wing Slap (two hits)- X, X
    Double-Wing Slap into Flapping Smash (three hits)- X, X, X
    Flying Wing Knockdown- Stick away+X
    Flying Windshear- Stick towards+X
    Flying Sweep- Down+X
    Flying Hook Attack- Up+X
    Flying Loop Dive- X while flying
    Grab opponent/building- A+B (can only grab a flashing building)
    Basic throw- A while holding opponent or building
    Spining Throw- B while holding opponent
    Air Loop Smash- X while holding opponent
    ----Special Attacks----
    Uranium Heat Ray- Hold Z trigger and release (use C to guide the beam)
    Flying Heat Ray- Z while flying
    Bird Turret- A+X when in Rage
    Rage Note: Rodan has infinite attack energy when he is in Rage
    Ground Spin- B or X while down
    2B: Strategy and Battle
    The first thing you should know about Rodan is his ability to fly.  Sure, both
    version of  King Ghidorah in this game can fly, but they fly incredibly slow,
    so much to the point  that it's almost not worth using their flight ability.
    Rodan, on the other hand, flies  incredibly fast.  The best part about Rodan's
    flight ability is you can get to power-ups  really easily, since you don't have
    to run around all the buildings.  You can just fly  over most of them.  The
    only tough part is landing.  You have to learn how to let go of  the R trigger
    at just the right time, or learn to maneuver Rodan around to your target.   The
    latter can be more difficult, but possible to pull off.  You may not land
    exactly on  what you're trying to get, but you could at least land near it.
    Be sure to also check out some of Rodan's aerial attacks.  The only one I
    recommend you  avoid is his Aerial Wing Slap.  That only effects enemies in the
    air, plus it doesn't do  much damage.  Both his B and X aerial attacks are
    superlative, since they strike  downward.  The Flying Loop Dive isn't bad.  It
    does a decent amount of damage and flings  the enemy a good distance away.  The
    only downside is that enemies can see it coming and  defend fairly easily.  In
    such a case, I would recommend using the B button aerial  attack, since it's
    much quicker and harder to block.
    If you're going in guns blazing with an all out brawl, guess what.  You won't
    stand much  of a chance.  Not only are Rodan's attacks a bit weaker, but all
    your opponent needs to  do is knock you down once and they can easily tear into
    you and defeat you.  Rodan's  defense is very low, lowest out of the pack in
    fact.  So what you need to do is get some  distance between you and the others.
    There are several ways to achieve this:
    Just because Rodan's attack is fairly low doesn't mean his attacks are without
    meaning.   The Uppercut, for instance, is an awesome hit.  Using it can blow
    your enemy quite a good  distance away.  Learn to use attacks just like it to
    put some distance between you and  your enemy.  Another good one is the three-
    hit X combo.  That last wing flap, should it  land, can send your enemy sailing
    a decent distance.
    -se throws frequently.  Rodan can grab opponents from a further distance than
    any of the  other kaiju (since he adds an extra hop into his grab).  Once this
    has been achieved, use  any of the throw attacks.  I recommend either B or X,
    since B gets good distance and X  does a little better damage with good
    distance.  If you are going to throw, be sure your  opponent doesn't hit the
    wall and land close to you again.  This means you may want to  throw closer
    towards the center if you're close to a wall.
    Run or use flight.  Use Rodan's running only out in open areas.  Flight would
    be  pointless out there since there really isn't anything to fly over (using
    flight also  depletes Rodan's attack energy).  Use flight when you're in a
    cluttered area.  This can  help you to get around all the other obstacles
    around you, as mentioned before, and get a  safe distance from your opponent.
    Once you've reached a good distance, unleash distance attacks.  Use the Uranium
    Heat Beam  to its fullest, but beware your energy level.  If you're getting
    low, either buy some  time for it to replenish or find a power-up.  I
    especially recommend you go for a Rage  anytime you find it.  If you're lucky,
    you can hit the opponent twice with the Bird  Turret attack.  Not only this,
    but you will have unlimited energy when you are in Rage.   That means you can
    unleash all the Uranium Heat Beams you want and fly all you want.
    As a side note of the Heat Beam, remember to use it any time your opponent
    grabs a  building.  Be sure to land the hit before they throw it. This will
    stop a potential  building hit, which can do quite a bit of damage to Rodan.
    Buildings are probably your best allies when using Rodan.  Half the time, you
    may find  yourself doing nothing but throwing buildings.  Not only does this
    temporarily stymie  your opponent when they hit, but it hits for very good
    damage.  Grab any buildings you  can whenever you can (except when you need to
    avoid one that your opponent just threw at  you).
    Your X attacks are decent long-distance strikes.  However, you definitely want
    to be  careful using them.  Should your opponent block, you will be wide open.
    This is why if  such an attack fails, get away as quickly as possible, or do
    anything in your power to  put distance between the two of you.
    Now, does all this mean you shouldn't use up close attacks at all?  No, it
    doesn't.  Use  them in moderation.  It's nearly impossible to fight a battle
    without a few close-range  hits.  Do this only when your opponent persists in
    getting close to you.  Unleash some  good fast hitting attacks and try to
    finish off with something that will give you  distance.  Avoid doing this too
    much.  If your enemy retaliates with heavy hitting  combos, you'll be looking
    at some good damage.  The key is to be quick, hit hard, and get  away.  In
    short, completely cutting out combos and attacks would be fool-hardy.
    If you are caught really close to an enemy, a great way to catch them off guard
    and put  some good distance away is using Rodan's get-up attack.  While you are
    down, hit B or X  to spin around and nail your enemy.  At the same time, do not
    be close to your enemy when  they are down.  If you are, learn to jump over,
    block, or dodge their get-up attack.   This can mean curtains for you
    The game's AI isn't exactly the best.  Take advantage of this.  Whenever you
    see your  opponent just messing around in some remote corner of the game
    screen, give him a nice  assault with your heat ray or a building.
    -Avoiding Attacks-
    When you see your opponent go for a building, be ready to fly. Fly out of the
    way of the  building, that way it won't hit you.  Try not to fly in just one
    direction.  Scramble  yourself around a bit.  When your opponent is charging
    for a beam attack, try to get as  far away as possible.  Use your flight, if
    need be, just to get away.  You're going to  want to conserve every drop of
    life that Rodan has.
    Make good use of your ability to block attacks.  If you opponent throws a combo
    or heavy  hitting at you and it's blocked, that means their wide open.  From
    there, counter-attack  with a throw and get some distance between the two of
    -Staying Aggressive-
    When you're opponent's down, this is a great time to ready your next plan of
    attack.   This is also a great time to go for any power-ups that might be
    laying around.  Before  your opponent can get up, though, you should ready a
    few different attacks.  Wait a  second or two and power up your breath attack.
    Should you release before they get up,  use your C analog to aim the attack
    downward and hit him while he's down.  You can also  pick up another building
    and ready that for a good chucking.  The only other offense you  can pull here
    may not be the best, or even recommended, but still is not a bad plan.  You
    can use your Down+B attack to nail your opponents while they're down.  The only
    downside  to this is that this can cause your opponent get back up more
    quickly, plus it puts you  right near them.  If all else fails, just try to get
    some distance between the two of you  and defend until your opponent is ready
    to attack again.
    -Individual Monster Tips and Strategies-
    I'm not listing all the monsters here.  Mainly the ones that would give you
    trouble  (Destoroyah, for example).
    King Ghidorah
    KG has a lot of attacks that are not only powerful, but have high attack range.
    Learn to  use your heat ray to an advantage when he takes to the skies.  Charge
    up a decent length,  then fire it.  Use the C analog to aim it upward.  This
    can blow Ghidorah out of the sky.  Remember to use buildings whenever you can.
    One way to get a nice advantage on Ghidorah  is to block until he uses one of
    his full force, long-range attacks.  If you block it, he  will be open.  From
    there, grab him and throw.  Just be careful not to over-block, since  he'll
    just grab you if you do.  Also, if you can help it, try not to get behind King
    Ghidorah since he has a throw attack he can do from behind.
    Playing as Rodan against Destoroyah can be one of the hardest battles in this
    game.  The  key here is to be aggressive, but at the same time defensive.
    Avoid, at almost all  costs, brawling with Destoroyah.  Brawling is his
    specialty and Rodan's weakness.  You  can see where that will lead you.  One of
    the best things you can do is constantly throw,  chuck buildings, and use your
    breath.  Don't be too afraid of being near him when he's  down.  Hold your
    block to defend against his tail whip when he gets up.  Since he's  really slow
    about doing this, he's wide open after you block it.  From there, grab him  and
    give him a really good throw, then follow up with either breath attacks or
    buildings.   Do not voluntarily get close in front of him if you don't have to.
    This means he'll  just unleash his horn attack and do major damage to you.  If
    he knocks you down, use your  get up attack.   Of all things, try your
    damnedest to avoid his breath attack.  That  Micro Oxygen Spray of his can be
    quite devastating.
    This battle can be a very tough one.  The whole distance thing can almost go
    out the  window since MG benefits from distance.  His missiles and lasers can
    make him one of the  best long-rangers, but his up close attacks are a bit
    clunky.  Try as hard as you can to  get enough breath shots and buildings in on
    him.  If you want to fight from a long  distance with this guy, use the
    buildings as an advantage.  You can run behind them to  block his lasers and
    missiles.  At all costs, do not let him get the Rage power-up.  He  can do a
    devastating Rage attack with it.  Your best bet would probably be to block and
    counter-attack when he attacks and to disrupt his charge when he's going for a
    laser  attack.  That's the one attack he seems to use frequently, so stopping
    that can be  nothing more than an advantage for you.
    This can be a very tough battle to win.  Plainly put, do not let him get any
    throws in on  you at all.  Orga's throws do tons of damage, especially to
    Rodan.  As well, do not try  to brawl with him.  Orga's attacks are both fast
    and heavy.  Do not spend too much time  blocking to anticipate an attack.  This
    will leave you wide open for a throw (top this  off with the fact that Orga can
    reach farther than most of the other kaiju when he goes  for a grab).  Nail him
    with all the breath attacks and buidings you can.  Your best bet,  though, is
    to throw him and stay on top of him with follow up attacks, all while staying
    somewhat defensive.  One thing that works really well to avoid his long
    reaching attacks  is to jump backwards.  If you're lucky enough to evade an
    attack while you're close  enough, capitalize by throwing him.  I also noticed
    that doing the heat beam from the air  seems to be quite effective on him, as
    well as other aerial attacks from time to time.
    2C: TIPS
    -Since Rodan has the lowest defense out of any of the kaiju in this game,
    you're going to  want to keep his life up.  Anytime--and I mean anytime--you
    see a health power up, go  straight for it.  Since Rodan has flight, you can
    just fly to it if it's within reach.   Pay attention to the next tip when
    flying after power-ups.
    -Learn to time letting go of Rodan's flight ability.  Since he doesn't
    instantly land  when you let go, you're going to have to figure out how to land
    close enough to your  destination and when to release R to do so, or to
    maneuver Rodan around until you reach  your destination.
    -Emphasized again... Do not go into too many all out brawls using Rodan.  He
    isn't a  brawler.
    -Playing off the last tip, keep Rodan at a distance for as much as you can.
    Not only can  he use his breath attack, throwing, and grabbing from a decent
    distance, but his X button  attacks also hit from a distance.  The only thing
    you want to be careful of is being too  close to the enemy when you knock them
    -Use attacks to put distance between you and your enemy.  Either that or throw
    -Grab the Mothra Air Strike whenever you can.  While this may not do a whole
    hell of a  lot of damage, every little bit helps and it really wouldn't hurt to
    grab it.  Not only  that, but if your opponent grabs it, that means you'll be
    losing life when you need to  conserve.
    /  SECTION 3: FAQ  \
    Q: What is a "kaiju"?
    A: This is what the monsters of the Godzilla series, or any others like it
    (i.e. Gamera,  Gappa, Magma, etc.) are referred to.  This is Japanese for
    monster, basically, but if  memory serves me correctly, in direct translation
    it means "mysterious creature".
    Q: Is Kiryu in the Gamecube version?
    A: Nope.  Kiryu is only in the Xbox version.
    Q: What's the difference between the GCN version and the XBX version?
    A: The GCN version has less monsters (no Kiryu).  That's about all I know.
    Q: Why aren't Gamera or King Kong in this game?
    A: They are owned by companies other than Toho, the company that owns Godzilla.
    Gamera  is owned by Daiei, even though Daiei and Toho are somewhat in business
    together (Toho  publishes some of Daiei's films).  King Kong is owned by
    Universal Pictures.  Toho once  already tried obtaining a license for him to do
    a remake of King Kong vs. Godzilla, but  Universal asked for so much that Toho
    decided against it.  Hence, they are not in this  game.
    Q: Will they appear in future titles?
    A: Not likely.  We've had a few Godzilla games since DAMM, and still no Gamera.
    Q: Where can I get [insert film here] on DVD?
    A: Try eBay or use a search engine.
    Q: Is the American Godzilla in this game?
    A: You mean GINO (Godzilla In Name Only)?  Thank God no!
    Q: Do you know if Toho plans to make another Godzilla film?
    A: Not Toho directly, but Legendary Pictures (see also: The Dark Knight, 300,
    Clash of  the Titans, etc.).  I don't know much about the movie beyond that.
    /  SECTION 4: LEGAL BIT  \
    This FAQ is copyright 2010 to Joseph Shaffer, aka Joe the Destroyer or
    JoeTheDestroyer.  Any use of this FAQ for commercial purposes in any way,
    shape, or form without confirmed consent of the author is strictly prohibited.
    This can be used for personal use and freely distributed, as long as there is
    no profit being made off the FAQ without my approval before hand (this includes
    magazines).  This also cannot be posted on any websites without my solid
    approval.  Any failure to comply with said premises can, and probably will,
    result in legal actions.
    Moves taken from the book are copyright of Infogrames/Pipeworks.
    Thanks to you out there!
    HonestGamers (www.honestgamers.com)
    Neoseeker.  Another great site.
    Chris and Cheat Happens.
    Pipeworks for developing this fun little title and Atari for acquiring a
    Godzilla  license.  It's stange that about a year before this was announced, I
    told my friend that  the coolest thing they could ever do is a 3D Godzilla
    fighting game.  Well, here it is!
    Toho for more than 2 dozen great Godzilla films (and some not-so-great, but
    forgivable)  and keeping the Godzilla name alive, even after saying they were
    going to end it at least  2-3 times.
    No thanks to Tri-Star for unleashing that CG piece of crap they called
    Godzilla, but  thanks to Tri-Star for at least releasing the Heisei series on
    Toho Kingdom (www.tohokingdom.com).  Best Toho site out there, and a great
    source for  Godzilla and more.
    (c)Joseph Shaffer 2003-2010

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