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Reviewed: 09/02/02 | Updated: 09/02/02

Great game if you are a fan of F1

F1-2002 allows you to take a driving seat in one of the most glamorous sport in the world. You can take control of your favorite driver and compete in the Formula One World Championship.

The games graphics are not the most amazing graphics you have ever seen but they are not the worst graphics. Lets just say they are acceptable. The cars look good but the track side scenery is rather bland.

A disappointing element of the game is the lack of commentary although there is someone talking to you over the in car radio. The fact is your friend on the radio only seems to speak about once a lap. The sound effects on the other hand are rather good especially the engine noises. There is no in-game music but there is some music during the menu screens. So overall the sound is rather disappointing.

It is a racing game so the gameplay is pretty standard for the genre. There is the usual quick race, Single race and World Championship. There are two types of handling-Arcade and simulation. In order to unlock some of the tracks and game modes you need to complete several relatively easy challenges such as braking and cornering. It provides a great tutorial to the handling physics of the game. There are many different options to tinker such as Fia rules,damage and Difficulty. One of the main problems with this game is the Fia rules. When they are on you can be given a stop-go-penalty. The problem is that the rules are very strict and one of the greatest challenges of the game is trying to survive a race with out a penalty. Another problem is the computer's AI. They are not the most intelligent drivers on the planet. This is very frustrating at the start of the race as they have the annoying habit of coming from nowhere to punt you of the road and as you try to recover you are normally given a stop-go for overtaking under yellow flags. On the plus side I found the game to be a very realistic F1 experience

The greatest challenge of the game is getting used to the difficult but realistic handling of the cars. Once you do get used to the handling you will be carving the field up like Michael Schumacher. With three levels of difficulty it will take some time to master this game.

This game is only for the fans of F1. It you are looking for some easy to pick up and play racing action you may want to look elsewhere as it take time to get used to the realistic handling of the cars.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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