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    Courses/Machines FAQ by john_tv

    Version: 1.4 | Updated: 08/05/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    F-ZERO GX / AX [JAPAN] - Courses / Machines FAQ - Version 1.4
    Created: July 25, 2003, Last Updated: August 5, 2003
    Compiled by John Ricciardi
    F-ZERO GX (C) 2003 Nintendo (C) AMUSEMENT VISION / SEGA, 2003
    F-ZERO AX (C) 2003 Nintendo (C) AMUSEMENT VISION / SEGA, 2003
    This Document (C) 2003 John Ricciardi. All Rights Reserved.
    This is merely a list of courses and machines available in the Japanese
    versions of F-ZERO GX and AX. Nothing more, nothing less. Nothing special!
    NOTE: This list is based on the JAPANESE versions of F-ZERO GX and F-ZERO AX.
    Any changes that were made for the overseas versions of these games (U.S.,
    Europe, etc.) are beyond my control. Sorry!
    Version 1.4: Added a bunch of new info to the Unlocking Stuff section. Also 
    fixed the names of a couple of AX courses.
    Version 1.3: Updated the Unlocking Stuff section. New info on Sonic Oval, etc.
    Version 1.2: Moved Dark Schneider over to the GX list (accidentally had him in
    with the AX machines).
    Version 1.1: Reformatted the machines lists, added the GX courses, and made a
    new section for explaining how to unlock stuff.
       Finish first on STANDARD or EXPERT in the RUBY, EMERALD and SAPPHIRE CUPs.
       Finish first on EXPERT in the RUBY, EMERALD and SAPPHIRE CUPs.
    - DARK SCHNEIDER (hidden machine - no relation to Peer):
       Finish all nine chapters in STORY MODE.
    - BAHAMUT (special machine):
       Bring the license card that was packed in your F-ZERO GX package to the
       arcade and pop it in. You'll need to save your data to a GC Memory Card, of
       course. Bahamut is basically a core body useful for upgrading with parts
       you obtain at the shop. You can check out its data below in the F-ZERO AX:
       MACHINES section.
    - AX COURSES (for use in GX): **UPDATED**
       Place first in an AX course in the arcade and then save your progress to
       your GC Memory Card. The next time you play GX, that course will be
       available to purchase at the Item Shop. Once opened, you can race these
       courses as part of the AX CUP in every mode aside from GRAND PRIX.
       NOTE: Placing first in MUTE CITY: SONIC OVAL will NOT unlock it in GX. See
       below for info on how to make it available in GX.
       Finish all four CUPs in GRAND PRIX mode on MASTER CLASS.
    - AX MACHINES (for use in GX): **NEW**
       Simply choose any of the 10 AX machines as your racer in an AX game and
       finish the race. Doing so will allow you to purchase said racer at the
       GX Shop.
       Finish the GX STORY MODE chapters on VERY HARD difficulty. Although I have
       yet to personally confirm this, I've received dozens of e-mails about it
       from readers with far more patience and skill than I'll ever have, so I'll
       take their word for it. :)
    - AX CUSTOM PARTS (for use in GX): **NEW**
       Purchase these from the AX Shop once you've accumulated enough Pilot
       Points to buy stuff. Pretty simple.
       Finish the GX STORY MODE chapters on HARD difficulty.
    - AX CUP (in GRAND PRIX mode):
       Once you unlock all of the AX courses for play in GX (see above), you can
       play the AX Cup in GRAND PRIX mode as well. 
    - MUTE CITY: SONIC OVAL (for use in GX):
       Place first in the AX CUP in GRAND PRIX mode (any difficulty) to unlock the
       final AX course, MUTE CITY: SONIC OVAL. This course is playable in every
       mode except for GRAND PRIX.
    01 - RED GAZELLE            02 - WHITE CAT              03 - GOLDEN FOX
    Weight: 1,330kg             Weight: 1,150kg             Weight: 1,420kg
    Body:   E                   Body:   C                   Body:   D
    Boost:  A                   Boost:  C                   Boost:  A
    Grip:   C                   Grip:   A                   Grip:   D
    Pilot:  Mighty Gazelle      Pilot:  Jody Summer         Pilot:  Dr. Stewart
    04 - IRON TIGER             05 - FIRE STRINGRAY         06 - WILD GOOSE
    Weight: 1,780kg             Weight: 1,960kg             Weight: 1,620kg
    Body:   B                   Body:   A                   Body:   A
    Boost:  D                   Boost:  D                   Boost:  B
    Grip:   A                   Grip:   B                   Grip:   C
    Pilot:  Baba                Pilot:  Samurai Goroh       Pilot:  Pico
    07 - BLUE FALCON            08 - DEEP CLAW              09 - GREAT STAR
    Weight: 1,260kg             Weight: 990kg               Weight: 1,870kg
    Body:   B                   Body:   B                   Body:   E
    Boost:  C                   Boost:  B                   Boost:  A
    Grip:   B                   Grip:   C                   Grip:   D
    Pilot:  Captain Falcon      Pilot:  Octoman             Pilot:  Mr. EAD
    10 - LITTLE WYVERN          11 - MAD WOLF               12 - SUPER PIRANHA
    Weight: 1,390kg             Weight: 1,490kg             Weight: 1,010kg
    Body:   E                   Body:   B                   Body:   B
    Boost:  B                   Boost:  B                   Boost:  C
    Grip:   B                   Grip:   C                   Grip:   B
    Pilot:  James McCloud       Pilot:  Billy               Pilot: Kate Allen
    13 - DEATH ANCHOR           14 - ASTRO ROBIN            15 - BIG FANG
    Weight: 1,620kg             Weight: 1,050kg             Weight: 1,520kg
    Body:   E                   Body:   B                   Body:   B
    Boost:  A                   Boost:  D                   Boost:  D
    Grip:   C                   Grip:   A                   Grip:   A
    Pilot:  Zoda                Pilot:  Jack Levin          Pilot:  Bio Rex
    16 - SONIC PHANTOM          17 - GREEN PANTHER          18 - HYPER SPEEDER
    Weight: 1,010kg             Weight: 2,060kg             Weight: 1,460kg
    Body:   C                   Body:   A                   Body:   C
    Boost:  A                   Boost:  B                   Boost:  C
    Grip:   D                   Grip:   D                   Grip:   A
    Pilot:  The Skull           Pilot:  Antonio Guster      Pilot:  Beastman
    19 - SPACE ANGLER           20 - KING METEOR            21 - QUEEN METEOR
    Weight: 910kg               Weight: 860kg               Weight: 1,140kg
    Body:   C                   Body:   E                   Body:   E
    Boost:  C                   Boost:  B                   Boost:  B
    Grip:   A                   Grip:   B                   Grip:   B
    Pilot:  Leon                Pilot:  Super Arrow         Pilot:  Mrs. Arrow
    22 - TWIN NORITTA           23 - NIGHT THUNDER          24 - WILD BOAR
    Weight: 780kg               Weight: 1,530kg             Weight: 2,110kg
    Body:   E                   Body:   B                   Body:   A
    Boost:  A                   Boost:  A                   Boost:  C
    Grip:   C                   Grip:   E                   Grip:   C
    Pilot:  Gomar & Shioh       Pilot:  Silver Neelson      Pilot:  Michael Chain
    25 - BLOOD HAWK             26 - WONDER WASP            27 - MIGHTY TYPHOON
    Weight: 1,170kg             Weight: 900kg               Weight: 950kg
    Body:   B                   Body:   D                   Body:   C
    Boost:  A                   Booost: A                   Boost:  A
    Grip:   E                   Grip:   D                   Grip:   D
    Pilot:  Blood Falcon        Pilot:  John Tanaka         Pilot:  Draq
    28 - MIGHTY HURRICANE       29 - CRAZY BEAR             30 - BLACK BULL
    Weight: 1,780kg             Weight: 2,220kg             Weight: 2,340kg
    Body:   E                   Body:   A                   Body:   A
    Boost:  B                   Boost:  B                   Boost:  E
    Grip:   B                   Grip:   E                   Grip:   A
    Pilot:  Roger Buster        Pilot:  Dr. Clash           Pilot:  Black Shadow
    Weight: 2,080kg
    Body:   A
    Boost:  B
    Grip:   D
    Pilot:  Deathborn  
    31 - FAT SHARK              32 - COSMIC DOLPHIN         33 - PINK SPIDER
    Weight: 2,490kg             Weight: 900kg               Weight: 1,100kg
    Body:   A                   Body:   E                   Body:   C
    Boost:  B                   Boost:  A                   Boost:  C
    Grip:   E                   Grip:   C                   Grip:   A
    Pilot:  Don Genie           Pilot:  Digi Boy            Pilot:  Dai-San-Gen
    34 - MAGIC SEAGULL          35 - SILVER RAT             36 - SPARK MOON
    Weight: 1,330kg             Weight: 880kg               Weight: 1,620kg
    Body:   B                   Body:   D                   Body:   B
    Boost:  A                   Boost:  A                   Boost:  C
    Grip:   E                   Grip:   D                   Grip:   B
    Pilot:  Spade               Pilot:  Dai Goroh           Pilot:  Princia Ramode
    37 - BUNNY FLASH            38 - GROOVY TAXI            39 - ROLLING TURTLE
    Weight: 1,414kg             Weight: 1,280kg             Weight: 999kg
    Body:   D                   Body:   B                   Body:   A
    Boost:  B                   Boost:  D                   Boost:  D
    Grip:   A                   Grip:   B                   Grip:   B
    Pilot:  Lily Flyer          Pilot:  PJ                  Pilot:  QQQ
    Weight: 1,080kg             Weight: 1,770kg
    Body:   B                   Body:   B
    Boost:  B                   Boost:  D
    Grip:   C                   Grip:   A
    Pilot:  Phoenix             Pilot:  N/A
    4. F-ZERO GX: COURSES                      DIFFICULTY
    01 - MUTE CITY: TWIST ROAD                 *
    02 - VEGAS PALACE: SPLIT OVAL              *
    03 - SAND OCEAN: SURFACE SLIDE             **
    04 - LIGHTNING: LOOP CROSS                 ***
    05 - AEROPOLIS: MULTIPLEX                  ****
    01 - BIG BLUE: DRIFT HIGHWAY               **
    02 - PORT TOWN: AERO DIVE                  **
    03 - GREEN PLANT: MOBIUS RING              ***
    04 - PORT TOWN: LONG PIPE                  ***
    05 - MUTE CITY: SERIAL GAPS                ****
    01 - FIRE FIELD: CYLINDER KNOT             **
    02 - GREEN PLANT: INTERSECTION             ***
    03 - VEGAS PALACE: DOUBLE BRANCHES         ***
    04 - LIGHTNING: HALF PIPE                  ****
    05 - BIG BLUE: ORDEAL                      *****
    01 - COSMO TERMINAL: TRIDENT               ***
    02 - SAND OCEAN: LATERAL SHIFT             ****
    03 - FIRE FIELD: UNDULATION                ****
    04 - AEROPOLIS: DRAGON SLOPE               *****
    05 - PHANTOM ROAD: SLIM-LINE SLITS         ******
    5. F-ZERO AX: COURSES                      DIFFICULTY
    01 - MUTE CITY: SONIC OVAL                 *
    02 - AEROPOLIS: SCREW DRIVE                **
    03 - OUTER SPACE: METEOR STREAM            ***
    04 - PORT TOWN: CYLINDER WAVE              ****
    05 - LIGHTNING: THUNDER ROAD               *****
    06 - GREEN PLANT: SPIRAL                   ******
    Special thanks to the following fine folks for confirming and providing some
    of the information used in this FAQ:
    - Andrew "sk1px0r" Pfister
    - kaerukun from the GameFAQs boards
    - Everyone who mailed in with info on unlocking AX stuff w/o having to
      actually play AX (far too many to list).
    (C) 2003 John Ricciardi. May not be reproduced or redistributed under any
    circumstances without the permission of the author (that's me). Intended for
    use on GameFAQs.com. I don't plan on posting it anywhere else, so please don't
    ask me if you can. :)
    Thanks for reading!

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