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    Endings FAQ by The Blue Blur

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    ~~F-Zero GX Character Ending FAQ Version 1 by Anton Levchenko~~
    Copyright Anton Levchenko (The Blue Blur on GameFAQs). Do not steal this FAQ ©
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    Wow, my first FAQ. Hope you enjoy. Any questions, comments, or concerns send to
    And yes, I got all my ending legitimately.
    ~~Version History~~
    Version 3: Fixed somethings up.
    Version 2: Fixed up some grammar/spelling and added ratings.
    Version 1: The first (and hopefully last) version.
         |1.Introduction                 |
         |2.Character Endings            |
         |3.Conclusion and Thanks        |
    This FAQ was made to describe the ending FMV sequences for the character of
    F-Zero GX. Incase you forgot, to view these sequences you must beat any Master
    Mode cup with that character in their original craft. That means no customs. To
    view sequences you’ve already seen, open that character’s profile and press Y.
    ~~Character Endings~~
    Racer #xx: Character Name
    Movie Name
    Movie Description
    Rating: 1 star is the worst. 5 stars are the best.
    Racer #01: Mighty Gazelle
    Mighty Gazelle, Transform!
    It starts off with Mighty Gazelle showing off a few poses. He then starts to
    charge up and lightning runs through him. His arms and head start to spin and
    retract toward the center of his body, and you see a wheel pop out. You then
    see a shot of his head. Handlebars pop out where his “ears” are supposed to be.
    The camera pans out and show a little Mighty Gazelle motorized scooter. Mighty
    Gazelle revs his motor and slowly drives away.
    Rating: **** Pretty funny and a good ending.
    Racer #02: Jody Summer
    Jody Summer’s Cosmic Dance
    The movie is basically Jody Summer dancing among the planets with one of those
    rhythmic gymnastic things (long ribbon at the end of a small baton). Instead of
    a ribbon, there’s a trail of stars. She dances around with it for a while then
    starts twirling it above her head. The camera closes in on her face as one of
    the stars from her baton falls and hits her on her noggin.
    Rating: ** This movie is kind of boring but the ending is OK.
    Racer #03: Dr. Stewart
    Dr. Stewart’s Image Training
    This is a very strange movie. It looks a lot like Dr. Stewart on an acid trip.
    He’s dancing in a meadow while rose petals fly from his hands. He jumps up and
    starts flying. It suddenly becomes nighttime and a rainbow appears behind him.
    He flies for a bit then gets back to his senses. It’s daytime in the meadow
    again and Dr. Stewart falls from his flight as a bird flies by.
    Rating: **** Strange yet funny in it’s own way.
    Racer #04: Baba
    Baba’s Secret Training “Ooh, No Peeking!”
    Start with Baba running on a canyon. He supposedly jumps the canyon. The camera
    pans out and shows that he jumped over a puddle. Baba is then climbing a cliff
    and slips. The camera pans out again and shows that the cliff is just taller
    than Baba himself. He’s then holding up a huge boulder with one finger while
    posing. The camera pans out yet again and shows that a crane is suspending the
    boulder. Baba then showers, in the canyon, after his long day of “training”.
    The shower curtain gets blown away as Baba covers himself up and yells like a
    Rating: ***** One of my favorites. Definitely a must-have.
    Racer #05: Samurai Goroh
    Moonlight Outlaw Samurai Goroh
    Samurai Goroh is in a racing simulation against a CPU. Goroh pulls up against
    the opponent and takes out his samurai sword. After swing it above his head, he
    puts it up to the opponent’s necks. The opponent slows down to a stop and Goroh
    continues to race. He then slams on the break. Silver Neelson is slowly
    crossing the road. Just as he put his cane in front of Goroh, Goroh floors it
    and hits Neelson’s cane. Goroh drives away laughing as Neelson is spinning. It
    closes in on Goroh’s face as he drives away. Silver Neelson was chasing Goroh.
    Neelson jumps up onto Goroh and whacks him on the head with his cane.
    Rating: **** The first of the racing sim movies. Might look strange since they
    don’t use cars. Has a humorous ending.
    Racer #06: Pico
    Pico Polishing Up The License To Kill
    Pico is in an outdoor shooting range with a rifle as two bad-guy targets pop
    up. Pico shoots them in the forehead. More bad-guy and civilian targets pop up
    as Pico switches to two handguns. He shoots the bad-guys and misses the
    civilians. Pico reloads as 3 bad-guy and 1 civilian target pop up. He shoots
    the 3 bad-guys and hits the civilian target just over the head. As he walks
    away, the camera goes behind the civilian target and reveals a Black Shadow
    with a hole in his forehead.
    Rating: ***** Another must-have. Has a very awesome ending.
    Racer #07: Captain Falcon
    Close Call! Captain Falcon
    Mrs. Arrow’s baby is on train tracks as a train comes speeding toward it.
    Captain Falcon pulls up near the tracks, jumps on then, picks up the baby, and
    jumps toward Mrs. Arrow. As he lands, his pants rip. Mrs. Arrow takes the baby
    as Captain Falcon covers up his behind. Mrs. Arrow laughs and Falcon smiles.
    Rating: **** It’s a funny movie but my only thought is, why is there a train on
    tracks? Wouldn’t it hover?
    Racer #08: Octoman
    Octoman Exuberant Posing
    Octoman is in a bodybuilding contest. He poses and flexes his arm as suction
    cups pop out of it. He gets on OK rating. He poses and flexes some more and his
    rating starts to go down. The crowd boos and his rating gets really low. He
    gets angry, grabs some of the audience member, and swings them around.
    Rating: *** The first of the bodybuilding movies. An OK movie. It’s just
    strange seeing an octopus in a Speedo.
    Racer #09: Mr. EAD
    Mr. EAD’s Baking Class
    Mr. EAD dances around as he whips batter. He then frosts a cake. He juggles
    some strawberries then adds them to the cake. He lifts the cake as the camera
    pans out and shows many more mass-produced EADs lifting cakes. They take turns
    eating their cakes. The camera zooms in on one of the Mr. EADs and he nods and
    Rating: ***** Very good movie. Funny how the first few shots are close-up of
    his behind.
    Racer #10: James McCloud
    Night Fever! James McCloud
    James is dancing on a neon disco set as a crowd cheers. He dances for a while
    as pyrotechnics appear behind him. He then attempts a back flip but falls on
    his back. He gets up and the crowd boos as he bows.
    Rating: **** A pretty good movie. I’m not a fan of disco, and would’ve given it
    a lower rating, but I liked the ending.
    Racer #11: Billy
    Jungle Fever Billy
    The movie starts with Billy running through the jungle. He jumps on a tree and
    starts to climb. When he gets to the top he grabs a vine and starts to swing.
    One of his small monkey friends appears behind him, also on a vine. They land
    and start banging their chests, Tarzan style. Billy, trying to impress the
    small monkey, jumps on the nearest banana tree and proceeds to climb it. Before
    he can grab the banana bunch, the tree falls due to his weight. He lands with
    the on top of him. The small monkey is happy that Billy got the bananas. The
    camera goes to Billy and shows him with stars over his head as he has arm and
    leg spasms.
    Rating: **** A good, comedic movie. Shows Billy’s good-humored side.
    Racer #12: Kate Alen
    Wild Super Model Kate Alen
    Kate Alen is at the begging of a model show runway and starts dancing/posing.
    She then proceeds to walk down the runway. The camera switches angles a few
    times and show Kate in different outfits. It pans out and shows many Kates on
    the runway. They go back through the runway entrance. The last Kate (the
    original one) turns around, as the camera closes in on her face, and she smiles.
    Rating: ** Not a humorous movie. In fact, it’s a very strange movie.
    Racer #13: Zoda
    Arise Zoda II! Zoda’s Road To World Domination?
    Starts out with shots of Zoda’s laboratory. The camera moves to Zoda as he’s
    working. He smiles as the camera moves behind Zoda and reveals a Zoda-ish Mr.
    EAD in front of him. He pushes a button and the Zoda/EAD comes to life.
    Zoda/EAD walks toward Zoda Frankenstein style. Zoda/EAD trips over a box and
    falls on Zoda. Zoda lies there with Zoda/EAD struggling on top of him.
    Rating: *** Strange movie. Shows how psychotic Zoda is. Note that the Zoda/EAD
    looks strangely similar to Dr. Robotnik from Sonic Team.
    Racer #14: Jack Levin
    Jumping Jack Levin! The Superstar
    Jack Levin walks through the doors trying to get to the stage of his concert,
    but his fans block the way. He squeezes through everyone and slides down the
    railing of some stairs. The camera goes to Jack standing on stage with curtains
    in front of him. The curtains open and the crowd cheers. Jack starts dancing
    and singing. He jumps of stage as a pyrotechnics explosion (part of the show)
    occurs behind him and the crowd cheers.
    Rating: *** An average movie. Shows what Jack did before he raced.
    Racer #15: Bio Rex
    Bio Rex Eat Or Be Eaten
    Bio Rex is in his house cave. He lights a fire and put two huge steaks over it.
    His mouth waters as the steaks cook. He grabs them, starts to dance and goes to
    take a bite. Just as the meat was about to be bitten, the camera goes to a
    dreaming Bio Rex biting the hindquarters of a wooly mammoth. Bio Rex wakes up
    and runs with the mammoth chasing him.
    Rating: ***** Another must-have.
    Racer #16: The Skull
    The Resurrection Of The Skull
    The Skull is lying on the floor, having spasms, during a storm. Skully gets up
    and proceeds to shake, but his arm falls off. He grabs it and reattaches it.
    Then is skull head falls off. He gets on to his knees and fumbles around
    looking for it.
    Rating: **** A funny, strange movie. Very good ending.
    Racer #17: Antonio Guster
    Fighting Mid-Lifer Antonio Guster
    Antonio enters a Laundromat and puts his clothes in a washing machine. He sits
    there, with his boxers on, waiting for his clothing to wash. He yawns as he
    gets up to get his clothing. He opens the washing machine door, but his clothes
    have vanishes. He sees a girl walk away with a basket full of pink clothes.
    One’s of the girl’s dresses falls from her basket. Antonio puts on the dress
    and tiptoes away.
    Rating: **** The first of the Laundromat movies. Very funny ending.
    Racer #18: Beastman
    Go Beastman!
    You see the view of a city with Beastman standing on one of the skyscrapers
    lightning/transmission rod. Beastman jumps off and runs down the building. He
    jumps off the side and lands on the roof of another building. He jumps off and
    attempts to land on another rooftop. His jump is short and Beastman falls to
    the ground. A crowd is standing around his landing spot. The camera zooms in on
    Beastman and reveals that he fell through the ground leaving an outline of his
    body. He gets up from the hole and scratches his head.
    Rating: **** This movie uses comic type animation. An average movie with a good
    Racer #19: Leon
    Highway Star Leon
    Leon is in a driving simulation against an opponent. They race for a bit. Leon
    jumps out of his “car” and lands on a sim-skateboard. They continue to race for
    a bit. Leon stop as the opponent speeds away. He picks up a cat that was in a
    box on the road.
    Rating: *** Another racing sim. An average movie. Nothing special.
    Racer #20: Super Arrow
    Magnificent Guitar Hero Super Arrow
    Super Arrow is rocking on his guitar on a stage. The shot changes to him
    running then flying. It goes pack the guitar scene. He jams some more, and then
    the camera zooms in on his face as Super Arrow smiles and flexes his arm.
    Rating: ***** Gave it 5 stars because I like his song. This is a must have
    movie for rock fans.
    Racer #21: Mrs. Arrow
    The Charm Of Mrs. Arrow
    Mrs. Arrow is in a bodybuilding contest. She poses a bit and gets an OK rating.
    She blows a kiss to her husband, and the rest of the crowd, and poses and
    flexes again. She gets a better rating and blows another kiss. She poses/flexes
    yet again as the crowd looks on. She gets a perfect rating. She turns to the
    camera smiling as the crowd is fighting with Super Arrow.
    Rating: *** The second bodybuilding movie. An average movie. I’m just not a fan
    of buff women.
    Racer #22: Gomar & Shioh
    Best Buddies Gomar and Shioh
    The movie starts with a Gomar & Shioh coo-coo clock going off. The pair gets
    out of the same bed and they stretch and hug in unison. They walk to the
    bathroom and brush each other’s teeth. They are then at the breakfast table
    fighting over what look to be bread or cheese, and each take a sip of coffee.
    The dry each other’s faces and precede to the toilet. They both sit down on it
    and dance as the door closes.
    Rating: ***** Wow! What can I say? A VERY strange movie. Yet, very amusing.
    Racer #23: Silver Neelson
    Shadow Boxer Silver Neelson
    Neelson is shadow boxing on the street. He does so for 2 rounds until Michael
    Chain comes along. Neelson gives him a punch in the gut and a cracking sound
    occurs. Neelson walks away as Chain is gloating.
    Rating: *** An OK movie. Average with a pretty good ending.
    Racer #24: Michael Chain
    Hard Luck Bodybuilder Michael Chain
    Chain is in a bodybuilding contest. He flexes and gets on OK rating. He
    continues to flex, but the rating goes down a bit. He continues to flex and get
    a little better rating. Michael, still flexing, starts to turn red and steam.
    He falls over as his rating drops to zero.
    Rating: **** The last of the bodybuilders. This is the funniest of the
    bodybuilders. I’m amazed he doesn’t pop any veins.
    Racer #25: Blood Falcon
    Tragedy In The Laundromat Blood Falcon
    Blood Falcon enters a Laundromat and puts his clothes in the washing machine.
    He sits there waiting for his clothes to wash. He gets up and puts his clothes
    in a basket. He starts to put them on but notices they’ve shrunk. After
    dressing, he stands in front of a mirror. His pants and shirt have become biker
    shorts and a belly t-shirt.
    Rating: ***** The second of the Laundromat series, and in my opinion, the best.
    Hilarious ending.
    Racer #26: John Tanaka
    Cyberdancer John Tanaka
    John is dancing Britney Spears style. He picks up a red rose from the ground
    and continues to dance. Captain Falcon and Jody Summer walk by, holding hands.
    John offers the rose to Jody, but she doesn’t accept it. Falcon and Jody walk
    off the screen, and John takes the rose and breaks it over his knee.
    Rating: *** Strange seeing a man dancing like Britney Spears. I feel sorry for
    both John and Jody. John for being rejected and Jody for having to see John
    Racer #27: Draq
    F-Zero Fanatic Draq
    It starts off with a race of Draq, in his Mighty Typhoon, Little Wyvern, and
    Red Gazelle. They continue to race. Draq pulls up next to Mighty Gazelle and
    bumps him. As the Red Gazelle flies off screen, Draq gets ahead of James
    McCloud. The Mighty Typhoon then breaks down and falls to the ground as the
    Little Wyvern crosses the finish line. Draq gets angry and punches what seems
    to be the camera. The camera pans out, revealing that Draq had punched his TV.
    Draq is sitting there with his fist through the screen, holding a controller,
    with a Gamecube in front of him.
    Rating: ***** My absolute favorite movie. Just shows how hard this game is.
    Good to know that the creators and designers know.
    Racer #28: Roger Buster
    Occupation: Deliveryman Roger Buster
    Roger is driving his 18-wheeler (or should I say no-wheeler) delivering a
    package. The camera zooms in on Roger’s face as he crashes. He steps out of the
    truck. The camera zooms out and reveals that Roger had crashed into the house
    of his delivery. He steps over the wood from the wall. He rings the doorbell
    and the door falls.
    Rating: **** A short, funny movie with a good ending.
    Racer #29: Dr. Clash
    Castaway’s Blues Dr. Clash
    Dr. Clash is on the beach as his mechanical arms massage him. He gets a ring
    floatie and runs to the water. He lays there as one of his mechanical arms hold
    an umbrella and the other a paper fan. A fly lands on the Doctor’s face. The
    arm hold the fan drops it and smacks Dr. Clash in the face, trying to get the
    fly. He passes out and continues to float.
    Rating: ***** A must-have. Very well made ending.
    Racer #30: Black Shadow
    Black Shadow Bloopers
    This movie is the bloopers the Story Prologue/Intro Movie. The first blooper is
    when Deathborn is holding Black Shadow and throws him to the ground. Black
    Shadow hits the ground hard and hits the camera. He gets up and starts to cry.
    Deathborn tries to comfort him, but Black Shadow walks away. The second blooper
    is the same scene. This time, Deathborn actually chokes Black Shadow and cuts
    off his air. Black Shadow steps of a platform and they walk off together. The
    third, and final, blooper is the scene where Black Shadow emerges from the
    broken down Black Bull, holding his shoulder. However, Black Shadow trips over
    a piece of the Black Bull and falls to the ground. He gets up, starts caressing
    his knees, and walks off screen.
    Rating: ***** My second favorite movie. Definitely a must have. Show the two
    most evil characters’ soft side.
    Racer #31: Don Genie
    Ruthless Hitman Don Genie
    Don Genie is standing with his cane. He takes out a gun and shoots. The camera
    pans out and reveals a carnival. Shioh (tall guy form the pair) comes up and
    takes away his gun. Shioh points to the shooting carnival booth. Shioh walks
    away as Don Genie nods.
    Rating: *** An average movie. The ending is very confusing.
    Racer #32: Digi-Boy
    Got it all figured out! Genius Digi-Boy
    Another racing simulation movie. Digi-Boy is driving as his opponent comes up
    next to him and bumps him. Digi-Boy snaps his fingers and digital screens pop
    up. He does some calculation as he races. He stops his car and the opponent
    drives by waving. Letting him get ahead, Digi-Boy casually continues to drive.
    He comes up to his opponent standing next to Phoenix getting a speeding ticket.
    Digi-Boy waves and continues to drive away.
    Rating: **** The last of the racing sim movies. Very well made ending. Plus, it
    features my favorite character, Phoenix.
    Racer #33: Dai San Gen
    Enter the Dai San Gen
    Dai, San, and Gen are training their karate. They practice nun-chucks, and
    breaking sticks and boards. They then light a stack of boards on fire. They try
    to break them but they burn themselves. They pose and yin-yang symbols fly out
    of them.
    Rating: *** An average movie. Very bizarre.
    Racer #34: Spade
    Spade How To Prepare a Delicious Dinner
    Spade is stirring in his cauldron and put a lizard on the frying pan. He
    finishes cooking the lizard and adds it, as well as a frog, to his cauldron. He
    does some abra-kadabra over it and the cauldron explodes. The fire resides
    revealing a platter of salmon steak, rice, and soup. Spade breaks the
    chopsticks and starts to eat.
    Rating: **** Very good movie. Disgusting at times, it’s still amusing.
    Racer #35: Daigoroh
    Daigoroh’s Samurai Dojo
    Daigoroh and his father (Samurai Goroh) are training in their dojo. Goroh
    throws a piece of paper in the air, whips out his samurai sword, and cuts up
    the paper. Paper shards and a small paper man doll fall to the ground. Daigoroh
    repeats but instead of cutting up a paper man doll, he make a sexy woman paper
    doll. He snatches it from the air and smiles.
    Rating: ***** Yet another must-have. I love the ending on this one.
    Racer #36: Princia
    My Princia, Mandala Dance
    Princia dancing in front of fireworks. Camera zooms in on her face and she
    Rating: *** Very basic movie. I just like Princia. ~_^
    Racer #37: Lily
    Lily This Ain’t The Bathhouse
    Lily enters a Laundromat. She takes off her clothes and puts them into the
    washing machine. She sits there, in a towel, waiting for her clothes to wash.
    Taking them out of the washing machine, she notices they’ve shrunk. She puts on
    the tight clothes, does a few kicks, and poses.
    Rating: **** The last of the Laundromats. This movie may be the single most
    controversial FMV ending. Has close-ups of her rump and high kicks with the
    super-tight shorty-shorts.
    Racer #38: PJ
    PJ the Funky Taxi Driver
    PJ is dancing as the world moves behind him. He starts off in New York, and
    goes to Arizona, then Hollywood, across the ocean, into China, India, and stops
    in Egypt. He takes off his hat and bows, as a UFO flies behind the Great
    Rating: **** I like PJ, but this was one strange movie. Still, it was amusing.
    Racer #39: QQQ
    QQQ’s Dangerous Vacation
    QQQ is at the beach drinking some tropical oil. It gets into the water and
    swims around. A shark starts to chase it. The shark jumps up and is about to
    bite QQQ. QQQ touches the shark and electrocutes it. The dead shark sinks in
    the ocean. The camera zooms in on QQQ as he scratches its head.
    Rating: ***** A must-have. I love this little guy.
    Racer #40: Phoenix
    I’m The Hero! Phoenix
    Phoenix flexes and jumps up and flips. He runs and starts to spin causing a
    tornado. The camera pans out revealing that Phoenix had won the Action Hero
    Show. He continues to pose as the crowd cheers him on.
    Rating: ***** Definitely a must-have. Another comic animation movie that shows
    Phoenix’s “awesomeness” and funniness.
    Racer #00: Deathborn
    Deathborn’s Assault
    The movie starts with a huge Deathborn rampaging through a city. He starts to
    crush any F-Zero cars he sees. The camera zooms out and reveals a movie
    theater. Deathborn gets up from his seat and starts to laugh as the rest of the
    moviegoers leave the theater.
    Rating: **** Very good movie with a nice ending.
    ~~Conclusion and Thanks~~
    This was my first FAQ and I’m proud of it. I’d like to thanks CJayC for making
    such a wonderful message board. I’d also like to thank the GameFAQs member who
    told me to write this. I’d finally like to thank Nintendo for making a great
    game, and many more to come, I hope. Good Bye, everyone! Thank you for reading
    my F-Zero GX Character Ending FAQ.

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