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"Reaction Time is a MUST"

It might seem strange that a review for a video game appears four years after its initial release, but a few words on this game is worth it until its next installment. I've been a F-Zero fan when I first played the first game on a Super Nintendo. F-Zero X was really great, but GX is better, just ONE thing missing. Overall, it's the best high speed racing game.

Graphics: 10
It's past a step up from the N64 version. They didn't miss any details as far as background scenery like a giant worm thing eating a shark in sand ocean, the track details look like it was built in that area, and not to mention your pilot actually in the machine while racing. Just look at the replays, they react to how you react. I don't know anything about the frames per second thing, but the simulation of speed is very lifelike at these speeds.

Music/Sound: 9.5
All of the planet themes were either remixed or completely changed. You sometimes can't hear it past some of the louder noises. Each of the machines have a unique boost sound and you can even tell when an opponent is about to overtake you. Before then you have the instinct to destroy their machine.

Gameplay: 10
First of all: everyone who played this game the first time probably screwed up and destroyed their machine thinking they'll never get any better. After a while they notice they can get to first with enough energy to overtake them some more. It's like playing against yourself in the other racing games that you're a master at, except they are harder and there's 28 more of them (which adds up to 30 racers in total).

This is the part where my tagline comes in. The tracks might look easy at first, but when you actually race on them, there might be obstacles you didn't see that you might run into and eventually destroy your machine. This game might be the best for improving reaction time in general.

Once you get used to the frame rate you start picking out machines that are suitable. You only get to pick from the original four machines, then, when you win some money ("tickets" in this game), you get to buy machines that you can race.

But it doesn't stop there, there is a customize mode where you can make up to four machines from custom parts from the shop. You can even change the color and add some emblems to make it yours.

A story mode in this game tells the reality of F-Zero: money, gambling, more racing, and the glory of being the champion and what comes with it.

The only thing missing is a random track generator from the N64 version.

Replay Value:10

If you think you just beat this game, you're wrong. There are many things to unlock that you want more.

Rent or Buy?: Buy. Definitely.

It's a definite buy for anybody looking for a challenge- that is until the F-Zero on the Wii comes up.

Last Words

Some of the Mario games are kinda hard, like Paper Mario, but they have a slight aura of childishness. F-Zero GX is hard already when you play it the first time.

Exact score: 9.5
Rounded out: 10

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 09/18/07

Game Release: F-Zero GX (Player's Choice) (US, 12/31/04)

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