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"WILL make you drop your controller."

F-Zero. Ah. Just the name brings back memories of my favorite video game moments. I can recall countless hours playing the first two, but will GX live up to it's expectations? That's the question that was ringing in my mind when I went to pick this up from my local Gamestop. I brought it home, took off the plastic and popped it in my Gamecube. Then, my question was answered.

Graphics 10/10

Right from the opening sequence I was blasted with color, texture, and mind-blowing speed and I knew right from the get-go that I was going to LOVE this game. From the beautifully designed tracks right down to the racers in the cockpits, F-Zero GX is one heck of a game to look at. And when put together with the furious framerate it gives you the ultimate racing experience, and the lighting? Oh boy. Though this game's streets are dark, the animations are brilliant as the moonlight shines down. COMPLETELY mind-blowing.

Controls 9/10

One thing I noticed about this game from the start are the great controls. Everything is set up perfectly. The shoulder buttons control the skidding, the x button controls boosts, and the A button accelerates you. For most every racer the turns are pretty comfortable, but you run into a few that get pretty tedious to round those bends. Occasionally you'll bump into a wall or another racer and you could be done for with your short power bar as your ''health''. But all in all I think you should be able to get used to this game's controls pretty well.

Gameplay 9/10

One word to describe this games gameplay: furious. It is so fast that you feel like you're actually in the game. However, sometimes the speed can actually slow you down. How? Other racers. On each race in 1 player mode there will be 30 racers and sometimes you might bump into someone... and fly off course! Sometimes it can get pretty frustrating trying to dodge through all of the cars. But those of you used to futuristic racers should be used to this, however.

Replay value 10/10

There is SO much to do in this game. Story mode, Grand Prix, Vs. Race, customize, shop. You and your friends are gonna have a blast on Vs. mode, and with SO many racers to unlock, you'll be playing this jewel for a long time.


In to racing games? Buy this game. Not into racers? Buy this game. There is a little something in it for every gamer.

Overall: 9/10

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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