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"Fantastic gameplay and endless replay value in the fastest racing game ever."

13 years ago, Nintendo released F-Zero for the Super NES. F-Zero was the fastest racing game of its time and featured fantastic gameplay, plenty of replay value, high difficulty, and catchy music. Nintendo followed up with several games including F-Zero 2 for Super NES, F-Zero X for Nintendo 64, and F-Zero Maximum Velocity for Gameboy Advance. None of them were as successful as the original F-Zero until Nintendo and Sega released F-Zero GX. F-Zero GX takes everything that was great about the original and improves upon it.

Graphics and Sound - 10/10
In my reviews, this category is reviewed first and has the least effect on the overall score. F-Zero GX's visuals are spectacular, with extreme detail and special effects. The music consists of an excellent blend of rock and techno. The music is loud and intense, but it rarely becomes annoying.

Replay Value - 10/10
F-Zero GX is saturated with various modes and features. First off is the standard Grand Prix mode in which you can compete in four cups that contain 5 tracks each. In Story mode the player must complete difficult tasks to progress. There's Practice mode for perfecting your skills on each course. You can use those skills on Time Trial mode to try to attain the lowest time possible on a track. In Vs. Mode 2-4 players can compete in specified tracks. In Grand Prix mode, Story mode, and Time Trial mode you can earn tickets that can be used towards unlocking machines, items, and Story mode chapters. They can also be used towards buying parts for custom machines in Garage mode.

Gameplay - 10/10
F-Zero GX is insanely fun. When you first turn on the game, you will be welcomed by an experience so great that it's orgasmic. It will never get old (at least not anytime soon). It is fantastic both for one player and in multiplayer. The controls are tight, effective, and easy to operate, allowing the player to focus on the insanely difficult game and not the controls. There is absolutely no slowdown at all, allowing for uninterrupted racing.

Overall - 10/10
F-Zero has come a long way from the classic SNES game to the purely excellent GCN game. Everything that made the original great was improved drastically to provide a stunning experience in F-Zero GX. If you are trying to decide between all of the excellent games released recently, F-Zero GX will be more worthwhile than any other.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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