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"Rush right out and buy this game now!"

Graphics 10/10: Incredible. Beautiful. The different worlds you'll be visiting while racing the F-Zero GX circuit are as diverse as they are gorgeous to behold. Imaginative and fun comes to mind when viewing these places. On some tracks the surface is polished and reflective giving you a very futuristic high-tech feeling. Other courses offer even more stunning scenery that simply can't be given justice in this review.

Sound 10/10: The music is awesome. The sound effects are top notch. The music is a huge improvement over the N-64's dreary death metal noise. The GameCube version offers a much more sophisticated and mature sound that doesn't assault your ears or infect your soul.

Control: 10/10 Control is what this game is all about. After a minimal amount of practice you will begin to feel as one with your machine. A big part of this is due to the superior design of the GameCube's controller and the designers of this game made great use of incorporating it into this game.

If you're a fervent F-Zero fan, buy this game now. Casual fan, buy this game now. Curious onlooker trying to decide which system to own? Get a GameCube and buy this game now. It's that good. This game allows you to create your own racing machine complete with a paint and graphic scheme of your own design and then you get to take your craft out onto the circuits and see how you do! You are even able to take your memory card to the Arcade and upload your custom machine into the F-Zero game there and race it! Plus you can win upgrades at the Arcade that you can save to your memory card and bring home to your console. Wonderful! Some of the courses offer jumps that give you breath-taking air time... In depth character Bios (each with their own theme music) Time attacks with your own personal Ghost racer to compete against. Instant replays of races that you can save for future viewing. I haven't explored all this game has to offer. There is much more and with the ability to take this game to the Arcade and back again, I have a feeling that the future is definitely now and the place to be is F-Zero GX, whether at the Arcade or home, and now even both. This game is going places FAST!

Overall 10/10 This game is innovative and trend setting. Buy it or be left behind!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 08/28/03

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